On the other hand

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Students are enjoying their long hot summer vacation and schools, universities, as well as other educational facilities, are taking a well-earned rest. Read more

Tourism: Israel’s 2018 report card

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The Israel Ministry of Tourism has published its 2018 Inbound Tourism Survey Annual Report, carried out by Mertens Hoffman based on responses by 15,000 tourists. Read more

The first International Young Leadership Retreat of its kind.

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30 young leaders from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland have taken part in the first International Young Leadership Delegation of its kind in Israel. Read more

Israel’s Independence Day 2019 report card

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Israel’s population is 9,021,000 as it prepares for its 71st Indnependence Day. Read more

Israel to participate in Dubai’s 2020 World Expo

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Israel will participate in the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Read more

WJC President Lauder decries deterioration in ties between Poland and Israel

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World Jewish Congress  President Ronald S. Lauder commented on the rift between Israel and Poland. Read more

The 2019 Intelligence Assessment: The policy implications for Gaza

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Military assessment warns of high risk of war with Gaza — The Times of Israel, Feb. 13, 2019

Israeli military report predicts high probability of clashes in Gaza … in 2019 — i24News, Feb. 13, 2019

Chief of Staff: Prepare for Gaza conflict — Israel National News, Feb. 13, 2019

Intelligence assessment for 2019: IDF prepares for confrontation with Gaza — Channel 20News, Feb. 13, 2019 Read more

Israeli rescue team in Brazil finds bodies after dam rupture, but no survivors

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More than 100 Israeli soldiers from the IDF Home Front Command who were sent to Brazil to help search-and-rescue teams hunt for hundreds of missing people will be returning home within the next 48 hours, having recovered at least 20 bodies, but finding no survivors. Read more

Call me Harry

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Towards the end of last year, I attended a diplomatic conference in Jerusalem where attendees from the diplomatic corps, media and students of international affairs were present. Read more

Polish Olympian refuses to coach Malaysian swim team due to anti-Israel policy

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Four-time Polish Olympic swimmer Bart Kizierowski has rejected an offer to coach Malaysia’s national swimming team, saying that he would not train the Malaysians after they refused to admit Israeli athletes into the country. Read more

Burundi, a nation in crisis, receiving Jewish assistance

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Philip Feinstein has visited the camps in some of the countries in which Burundian refugees are taking shelter: Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Read more

Israel ousting UNRWA schools from Jerusalem

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Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) has decided to step up its battle against UNRWA’s presence in Jerusalem and will now move to shut down its schools in the capital. Read more

Destination the moon

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Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries first lunar spacecraft began a historic journey to the moon when it was transported in a cargo plane from Ben Gurion Airport to Orlando, Florida, ahead of launching from SpaceX Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station next month.

Read more

Tourist number 4 million to check in next week

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The arrival next week of the 2018’s 4 millionth tourist in Israel sums up a year of record-breaking tourism – with an expected increase of 13% on 2017 and total revenue from tourism exceeding NIS 24 billion (A$9 billion). Read more

Trump must enjoin UN to condemn Hizballah, UNIFIL and Hamas

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President Trump should urgently enjoin the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to condemn Hizballah and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) following Israel’s discovery of four tunnels dug from Lebanon into Israel…writes David Singer. Read more

FIDE cancels chess contest in Riyadh after legal action

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The international chess governing body—the Fédération lnternationale des Échecs (FIDE)—has agreed to strip Saudi Arabia from the right to host a forthcoming chess tournament after a lawyers’ letter was sent by two Israeli nationals. Read more

The lethal error in appeasing Iran

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When the Obama-brokered Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015, one of the many spurious reasons offered for that agreement was that it would help the supposedly moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani draw the sting of the Islamic regime’s extremism…writes Melanie Phillips/JNS. Read more

Jordan-Israel peace agenda trumps PLO-UN war agenda

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Jordan and Israel are becoming enmeshed in a bi-national agenda requiring urgent direct negotiations – which if successfully concluded – could end the 100-years old Jewish-Arab conflict…writes David Singer. Read more

The Prime Minister is treating us as morons

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu displayed his political savvy by avoiding an election as he outmanoeuvred Naftali Bennett and his Bayit Yehudi party, forcing them to blink after Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned. Read more

As Gaza approaches combustible levels, West Bank’s deceptive quiet faces tests

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As tensions mount in the Gaza Strip and Israel following a severe security escalation, the question of whether the West Bank will also flare up remains relevant. Israel’s defence establishment is working quietly around the clock to prevent large-scale terrorist attacks that are being planned by Hamas and other Palestinian factions…writes Yaakov Lappin/JNS. Read more

Chelm is alive and well…writes Michael Kuttner

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Chelm was a mythical Yiddish-speaking town which had a disproportionate share of shlemiels and shlemazels whose mind-boggling stupidity provided an endless source of merriment and mirth. Read more

On the frontline

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The Jewish People have been on the frontline throughout their long three thousand years history…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Trump’s PLO shutdown paves way for Jordan-West Bank reunification

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President Trump’s decision to close the PLO mission in Washington, cancel the visas of the Palestinian Ambassador and his family and order their bank accounts be closed – mark the PLO’s final humiliation for condemning Trump’s proposed peace plan before its contents have even been published…writes David Singer. Read more

Supreme Court rules Israel must admit Hamas relatives for critical medical care

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Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the Israel Defence Forces on Sunday to admit five critically ill women who are close relatives of Hamas terrorists for urgent medical treatment, despite a government ban on providing health care to Hamas relatives. Read more

Israel, this is not who we are

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Orthodoxy should be respected, but we cannot allow the politics of a radical minority to alienate millions of Jews worldwide….writes Ronald S. Lauder. Read more

A message to the Jewish nation from a Druze Zionist friend

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Don’t you understand, without the Jewish nation there would be death and suffering here like in the rest of the Middle East?…writes Atta Farhat/JNS. Read more

Trump should reject PLO and UN propaganda on East Jerusalem

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President Trump’s as-yet unannounced “ultimate deal”  to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict has received a setback following Saudi Arabia’s King Salman reassuring Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas that Saudi Arabia would oppose any Trump peace plan that did not accept the PLO stance on East Jerusalem becoming the capital of an independent Palestinian Arab state. Read more

Maoris apologise to Israel

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History was made on 29 July 2018 when the indigenous people of New Zealand organised a special ceremony to honour and welcome the Israeli ambassador, His Excellency Dr. Itzhak Gerberg. Read more

New poll shows majority of Israelis support the new Nationality Law

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A new poll by the Walla news website shows that most Israelis support the Nationality Law, with 58 percent agreeing with the current language and 34 percent opposed to it. Read more

Banning Israeli 7-year-old, Tunisia may lose right to host world chess tournaments

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Tunisia may lose the right to host world chess championships after refusing to grant a visa to Israel’s 7-year-old chess champion for the 2019 World Schools Chess Championship. Read more

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