Zionist Federation of New Zealand

The mission of the Zionist Federation of New Zealand is “to facilitate the growth of Zionist activity through extensive Hasbarah, access to educational programs in New Zealand and Israel, and non-negotiable solidarity with Israel.” The Federation intends to provide exceptional programs and activities that will form the cornerstones of a more involved, more informed and more committed group of future leaders of the New Zealand Jewish community.

The Zionist Federation’s current priorities are to promote youth leadership and continuity, Israel programs and activities, and information/Hasbarah for the community. In order to ensure continuity of the objectives of all Zionist organizations within New Zealand, the Zionist Federation and all existing Zionist Societies now operate as one. The new Zionist Federation has a nation-wide reach. It operates with a single national president (currently based in Auckland), with subcommittees in Auckland and Wellington, each headed by a Vice-President. Auckland Federation committee members each hold portfolios matched with a counterpart in Wellington, with the view to having a high level of communication and cooperation between the two centres.

First youth program group this summer heads to Israel

December 19, 2015 by  

40 young adults from all over Australia and New Zealand have travelled to Israel on the first organised program during the Australian summer season.  [Read more]