IDF deploys Super Hercules plane to fight fires

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For the first time in Israel’s history, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) deployed a “Shimshon” C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to fight fires. Read more

PM Bennett visits Israel police and fire and rescue service forward command centre, Defense Minister tries to lease more planes to fight Jerusalem forest fires

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has visited the Israel Police and Fire and Rescue Service forward command centre, near the wildfire in the Jerusalem Hills. Read more

Fire Commissioner: worst blaze in Jerusalem area caused by Man

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The worst blaze to wreak havoc on the forests surrounding Jerusalem in decades was caused by man, firefighting investigators estimate. Read more

Video: Archaeological evidence of earthquake that occurred during Kingdom of Judah, mentioned in the bible – uncovered in Jerusalem

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Archaeological excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park revealed a layer of destruction, including a row of shattered vessels that were smashed as the building’s walls collapsed, apparent evidence of an earthquake that occurred during the days of Uzziah, king of Judah, and that is mentioned in the Bible. Read more

VIDEO: Israelis ascend to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av – Muslims attempt to block them

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Over 1,400 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount during the morning hours of Sunday during the Tisha B’Av, despite threats by Gaza-based terror organizations and despite attempts by Muslims at the holy site to block them. Read more

Jerusalem wall built in the Stone Age exposed

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Archaeological excavations in the City of David National Park have uncovered the remains of the city wall, built during the Iron Age – the days of the First Temple in the Kingdom of Judah, to protect Jerusalem from the east. Read more

US Congress approves budget for reopening of Consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem

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The US Congress’ Budget Committee approved the budget for the implementation of the Biden administration’s plan to reopen the US Consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem. Read more

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Ambassador David Friedman: ‘Trump administration would have given Israel free reign to defend itself’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was dispatched to Israel by U.S. President Joe Biden this week in the direct aftermath of an acute conflagration highlighted by 11 days of indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli population centres and pinpoint Israeli airstrikes on Hamas installations in Gaza in retaliation. Read more

Arab riots challenge private Jewish ownership rights in Jerusalem

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Tension between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem has reached boiling point as Arab riots erupt threatening the postponement of Court-ordered evictions of Arab squatters from Jewish-owned houses in the area known as Sheikh Jarrah. Read more

Jerusalem police arrest 5 Arab rioters in Sheikh Jarrah

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Jerusalem’s police arrested three Arabs in the city on Wednesday night during violent riots in the Shimon Hatzadik neighbourhood, also known as Sheikh Jarrah. Read more

Ahead of 54th Jerusalem Day, capital’s population nears 1 million

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In the runup to Jerusalem Day, which this year falls on May 9, the city continues to be Israel’s largest, with a population nearing 1 million, according to a study by the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research…writes Yori Yalon. Read more

Hamas: Jerusalem Day will be turning point in fight against Israel

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The 28th day of the Muslim month of Ramadan, on May 9, will be the turning point in the “great battle against the Judaization and control of Jerusalem, and the attempt to divide the use of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal threatened. Read more

Jerusalem reborn

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The Jerusalem I first came to in 1958 was a very different and much smaller town than the Jerusalem of nearly one million it is today. Read more

Ahead of Jerusalem Day: capital experiences unprecedented growth

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President Reuven Rivlin received yesterday the 2020 Statistical Yearbook of the Jerusalem Institute for Public Policy (JIPP), which sheds light on the city’s makeup and growth. Read more

Tolerance Museums: A Failing Franchise? 

June 28, 2019 by  
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The monumental US$250-million building for the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem (MOTJ) is scheduled to open sometime in 2020. Read more

Raging at Rabbis: When rights collide in Jerusalem

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This week, the Jerusalem municipality authorized the naming of five alleyways and narrow streets within the Baten Al-Hawa neighbourhood of Silwan after rabbis. Read more

Group raises alarm over UNRWA’s anti-Israel incitement within its Jerusalem schools

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Perhaps unbeknown to many Israelis is the shocking fact that only 12 minutes from downtown Jerusalem by light rail, a neighbourhood exists within the city’s jurisdiction in which Arab children are being taught that they will one day destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state. Read more

2,000-year-old ring found in ancient Jerusalem ritual bath

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A 2,000-year-old ring with a solitaire gemstone was uncovered in archaeological excavations in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem. Read more

Who’s in the running for the next mayor of Jerusalem?

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The late Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek used to say that if one wants to uproot and replant a tree in Jerusalem, it might require the U.N. Security Council. He was not exaggerating…writes Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman/JNS. Read more

Prince William at Western Wall: ‘May the God of Peace Bless this Region’

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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Thursday, as he concluded a a five-day Middle East tour that also took place in Jordan and the Palestinian territories. Read more

UK’s royal ‘settlers’ understanding of Jerusalem

June 22, 2018 by  
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The staff of Great Britain’s Prince William has set off a controversy by listing Jerusalem under “Occupied Palestinian Territories” in the itinerary for his upcoming visit to the region…writes Stephen M. Flatow/JNS. Read more

Prince William itinerary refers to Old City of Jerusalem as ‘Occupied Palestinian Territories’

June 19, 2018 by  
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The itinerary of Britain’s Prince William in his visit to Israel will include a visit to the Old City of Jerusalem, which the document refers to as “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” a characterisation that set off criticism in Israel. Read more

3 Australian innovators selected to attend prestigious global summit in Jerusalem

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Melbourne natives Dean Cohen, Eyal Halamish and Bradley Smorgon have been selected to join over 150 of the Jewish world’s leading young innovators from 29 countries who will convene in Jerusalem this month to connect with other change makers, gain new skills, and find renewed inspiration at the 2018 ROI Summit. Read more

…and now the third

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Paraguay has opened its embassy in Jerusalem following the United States and Guatemala. Read more

The significance of the embassy move

For decades, it was a consensus issue. Israel’s supporters of all political stripes agreed that the refusal of the United States to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was an anachronistic outrage…writes Jonathan S. Tobin. Read more

Australian remembered at new museum in Jerusalem

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The Plugat HaKotel Museum will be opened today by Israel’s President Rueven Rivlin and will tell the story of a group of young heroic Betar members who risked their lives to keep a Jewish spark alive at the Western Wall. Read more

Nations divided over whether to attend opening ceremony of US embassy in Jerusalem

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European nations are lining up on opposite sides of the political aisle as the grand opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem date approaches…but Australia will not be there. Read more

Israeli government approves Tourism Minister’s proposal to invest NIS 200 million in tourist cable car to the Old City

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Israel’s cabinet ha approved Tourism Minister Yariv Levin proposal to invest NIS 200 million  in the construction of the tourist cable car project to Jerusalem’s Old City. Read more

America set to inaugurate embassy in Jerusalem

U.S. President Donald Trump made a campaign promise few thought he would keep. “We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem,” he announced in 2016. Now that promise is about to be fulfilled…writes Israel Kasnett/JNS. Read more

Flashes of Memory

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Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem, has inaugurated a brand new exhibition entitled “Flashes of Memory –  Photography during the Holocaust.” Read more

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