As in most large cities, Sydney is host to many smaller congregations.  Restrictions of space preclude us from listing them on the front page…but they are listed below and J-Wire will publish any news any of them choose to send us below.


Bina means “understanding”, the uniquely human ability to absorb and internalise information. Bina is the mind’s ability to take a concept and become it.

Bina is a Sydney-based organisation that provides Jewish inspiration for all ages and backgrounds. Our classes and programs bring three thousand years of wisdom to life, applying ancient insights to modern living.

Kehillat Masada

At Kehillat Masada we provide a warm family orientated service suitable for all levels of Jewish Orthodox tradition. We strive to offer a one family service encompassing all the needs of all age groups, offering a comfortable, fun and spiritual service to all members and friends.

Parramatta Synagogue

Parramatta Synagogue
116 Victoria Road, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
PHONE: (02) 9683 5626
email: parrasynagogue@gmail.com




















































Or Chadash

Or Chadash was founded in April 1995 as a Shabbat minyan at Central Synagogue. Our intention was to create opportunities for meaningful participation and involvement in an Orthodox synagogue – particularly for young families and singles.

Or Chadash has grown to become a community-oriented, nusach Ashkenaz shul with an emphasis on personal growth and learning for those at all levels within the community – from the smallest children to the wisest men and women, and from the least to the most observant.

We now offer tuneful and participatory services on Friday nights, Shabbat mornings and every holiday, as well as special activities throughout the year including shiur/lecture series and social events. Whenever possible, we provide specially designed, age-appropriate children’s activities alongside our adults’ activities, so that the whole family can feel part of our community.

Or Chadashoperates under the rabbinic guidance of Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence of the Great Synagogue.