Terrorist killed in attack was nephew of PA’s chief negotiator

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Ahmed Erekat, the terrorist killed on Tuesday while carrying out an attack in the outskirts of Jerusalem, was the nephew of Saeb Erekat, Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and chief negotiator with Israel. Read more

Girlfriend of fallen IDF soldier calls for revenge, as father laments only son

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In an interview with reporters on Tuesday, the girlfriend of an Israel Defense Forces’ soldier killed during an arrest operation near Jenin when a resident threw a cinder block at his head, recalled his love for his country and demanded that the government avenge the death of her boyfriend. Read more

IDF soldier killed during operation by rock thrown by terrorist 

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An IDF soldier on Tuesday morning was killed by a terrorist who threw a rock and hit him in the head while his unit was operating to capture terrorists in the Jenin area. Read more

Palestinians celebrate International ‘Anti’-Women’s Day

The Palestinian Authority celebrated International Women’s Day last month by praising and honouring terrorists who murdered women. Read more

Netanyahu has no chance to form a government, says rival Gideon Sa’ar

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Likud Knesset member Gideon Sa’ar attacked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, saying the Likud leader would not be able to form a government even with a third round of elections. Read more

Father of murdered Israeli teen to be discharged from hospital, says ‘we are strong’

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Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, 46, the father Rina Shnerb, who was killed in a bomb attack last week in Judea and Samaria, is set to be released from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Read more

Argentina orders freezing of Hezbollah assets, effectively designating it a terror group

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Argentina ordered the freezing of Hezbollah assets yesterday, effectively designating it as a terrorist entity, being the first Latin America country to do so. Read more

5 soldiers wounded in attack, terrorist captured

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An Arab terrorist on Saturday night rammed his car into a group of soldiers operating near the Arab town of Hizmeh, north of Jerusalem, injuring five of them. The terrorist was captured several hours later. Read more

Poway Chabad rabbi: ‘Fight darkness with light,’ urges Moment of Silence in schools

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The founding rabbi of Chabad of Poway in Southern California spoke at the White House on Thursday, less than a week after his synagogue was attacked, with one woman killed and three others injured. Read more

Poverty isn’t the cause of terrorism, so let’s stop blaming it

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It turns out that the Islamist terrorists who slaughtered more than 350 people in Sri Lanka came from one of that country’s wealthiest families. Read more

Hamas and PFLP embroil USA and EU in plans to destroy Israel

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Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs has issued a 79-page report exposing a network of members of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) embedded in Pro-Palestinian non-Government organisations (NGOs) based outside Israel that openly operate in the USA and European Union (EU). Read more

One dead, two wounded, in terror attack north of Jerusalem

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One Israeli was killed and two were injured in a stabbing attack in the Jewish settlement of Adam, a few miles north of Jerusalem. Read more

Victims of Palestinian terrorism speak out about Israeli government’s ‘pay to slay’ backtracking

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The Palestinian Authority pays terrorist prisoners and families of martyrs and wounded nearly $1 million every day. According to the P.A.’s 2018 projections, 7.5 percent of its annual budget will go to terrorism, a little less than the 14.5 percent of the annual budget received from foreign aid…writes Eliana Rudee/JNS. Read more

Terror victim’s funeral includes calls to legalise the Samaria outpost he lived in

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Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Rabbi Raziel Shevah, a resident of the Samaria settlement outpost of Havat Gilad who was killed in a drive-by shooting terror attack near his home Jan. 9. Read more

Israeli father of 6, MDA volunteer medic killed in drive-by shooting terror attack near Nablus

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The victim, 35-year-old Raziel Shevah, was pronounced dead at Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba in central Israel shortly after arriving there. Read more

Israeli lawmakers approve preliminary bill on death penalty for terrorists

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Israeli lawmakers yesterday approved a preliminary piece of legislation easing the threshold for military courts to carry out executions of convicted terrorists. Read more

Rosh Hashana 5777: Gratitude and Optimism…writes Isi Leibler

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We are confronted by a multitude of security threats and diplomatic challenges but the prophets of doom and gloom are selective and masochistic. Read more

Islamist group suggests attacks on shopping malls

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Westfield have responded to a report that a Somalia-based insurgent group has posted a video on the internet suggesting attacks on shopping malls mentioning  “the 100 or so Jewish-owned Westfield shopping centres dotted around the Western world.” Read more

For victim Adele Biton, Palestinian rock-throwing is murder, not ‘resistance’

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Parents in Israel are in mourning over the death of their child at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Read more

ADC condemns Tel Aviv bus attack

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Australia’s B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission has strongly condemned this week’s terrorist attack on a bus line in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian man from the West Bank in which 13 Israelis passengers were injured. Read more

Child victims of terrorism celebrate Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

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Israel’s President Reuven and First Lady Nechama Rivlin, have held a Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebration, at the President’s residence for 50 children… victims of terrorist attacks. Read more

Warning lights flashing…writes Michael Kuttner

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In recent weeks there seems, according to current politically correct thinking, to have been an outbreak of lone wolves roaming and attacking, plus an epidemic of mentally deranged individuals escaping from institutions and rampaging in various locations. Read more

Another car killing attack in Jerusalem

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A terrorist car attack in Jerusalem has killed one and injured nine. Read more

Netanyahu sends condolences

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sent condolences to the family of 3-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun murdered in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem and met the policeman who killed the perpetrator.  Read more

While he was Sleeping….writes Gabsy Debinski

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We went to sleep last night with the sad knowledge that an 18-year old Israeli soldier, Eden Atias, had been stabbed by a Palestinian youth while he slept on a bus stopped at Afula’s central bus station. Read more

Steering clear of terrorism talk…writes Gabsy Debinski

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The world has been rocked by tragedy over the past week.   Read more