Recovery from Netanyahu withdrawal won’t be easy

If the tone of discourse in the Knesset during the session in which Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and his “government of change” were legally confirmed seemed intemperate and unnecessarily hysterical, it’s hardly surprising. Read more

Will you defend the right of your opponent to denounce you?

It turns out that there is at least one person in Israel who actually believes in freedom of speech. Read more

What can a sceptical world expect from Naftali Bennett?

This isn’t the way he planned on becoming prime minister of Israel. Read more

The growing cost of anti-Israel media bias

For one of The New York Times’ most devoted readers, the front-page spread published on May 28 essentially accusing Israel of murdering Palestinian children was the final straw. Read more

The tragedy of Benjamin Netanyahu

It didn’t have to end this way. In what may be only a matter of days, Benjamin Netanyahu’s unprecedented 12-year-run as prime minister of Israel looks to be coming to an end. Read more

On Emily Wilder, and why no one believes the media

What befell Emily Wilder could not have happened to earlier generations of journalists. Read more

You can’t be ‘even-handed’ about condemning those who hate Israel and Jews

On Thursday, both Democratic and Republican congressional leaders joined with the Anti-Defamation League and the major Jewish religious denominations to hold a Zoom rally against antisemitism. Read more

Left-wing hatred for Israel can’t be detached from antisemitism

Michelle Goldberg is worried. The New York Times columnist has watched as some in the Jewish community and elsewhere have connected the dots between anti-Jewish ideological incitement and anti-Semitic violence. Read more

Is Netanyahu responsible for this latest conflict?

As far as the many critics of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are concerned, there’s very little that goes wrong that can’t be attributed to what they consider to be his malevolent influence. Even the actions of Palestinian terrorist groups. Read more

When Hamas fires missiles at Israeli homes, forget nuance

It’s been almost seven years since the 2014 summer war in Gaza, but the discussion of the current fighting going on between Israel and Hamas seems as if it’s being read from the same script. Read more

How the Biden administration set the stage for a new war with Hamas

America’s European allies don’t get it. Read more

Can Israeli restraint keep the peace in Jerusalem?

After several days of unrest, the government of Israel is once again presented with a dilemma to which there are no easy answers. Read more

The upside of Israel’s electoral mess

If someone in Israel just woke up after being in a coma for the last two years, they’d have a lot of catching up to do learning about what happened while they were asleep. Read more

Israel has no choice but to act on its own to stop Iran

The head of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency and the government’s national security adviser are in Washington this week on an important mission that has failed even before it began. Read more

What Bernie Madoff proved about America and the Jews

On Dec. 11, 2008, one of the worst events to rock the organized Jewish world was revealed on the front pages of newspapers. Read more

Why are Jews and Poles still arguing about the Holocaust?

It’s a controversy in which there are no heroes, as well as one that in a more rational world no one would bother with. Read more

The anti-Semitism permission slip Israel-haters wanted

Did the world need a new definition of anti-Semitism? Actually, no. Read more

Will Biden’s moves bring the Saudis closer to Israel?

President Joe Biden’s foreign-policy team has talked a lot about re-emphasizing diplomacy and re-engaging with allies after what they claim was the trashing of old friends during the presidency of Donald Trump. But that doesn’t appear to include America’s two most important allies in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia. Read more

Religious pluralism won’t be achieved in the courts

Reactions to this week’s Israeli Supreme Court ruling about recognizing the validity of conversions to Judaism by non-Orthodox denominations are all out of proportion to its actual significance in terms of the number of those affected by the decision. Read more

A gag about Israel and vaccines is more than a bad joke

February 24, 2021 by  

A comedian telling a bad joke that hurts someone’s feelings isn’t news. Or at least it didn’t use to be. Read more

What is it that Jews actually value?

February 14, 2021 by  

We already knew that the Genesis Prize was not really the “Jewish Nobel Prize” as its public-relations flacks have trained so many journalists to call it. Read more

Will a Palestinian election matter?

This once would have been the sort of gesture that would have inspired hope for peace in the Middle East, as well as gestures of support and friendship from the U.S. government. Read more

Unity or deprogramming? How about defending free speech?

January 21, 2021 by  

Inauguration Day is a moment when it ought to be possible for both the winners and the losers in America’s political battles to set aside their enmity and at the very least pay lip service to the notion of national unity. Read more

There’s no such thing as an acceptable violent riot

A day after Americans were shocked by the horrifying images of a mob assaulting the nation’s Capitol, questions about the event abounded. Read more

When the rule of law breaks down, no one is safe

What happened at the Capitol on the day both Houses of Congress assembled in a joint session to certify the votes of the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential election was a disgrace. Read more

The COVID vaccine blood libel against Israel

The headline in The Guardian showed why so many people think Israel is the sum of all evil and deserving of international opprobrium. Read more

The most consequential Jew of 2020: Jared Kushner

December 31, 2020 by  

He and his wife have been warned never to return to New York. Read more

The verdict of history and Benjamin Netanyahu

As far as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most ardent supporters are concerned, those preparing his political obituary are again wasting their time. Read more

Is there something wrong with a program that encourages in-marriage?

December 20, 2020 by  

What’s the point of programs that were designed to encourage young people to embrace their Jewish identity? Read more

Stop pretending that anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism

In case you haven’t heard, people who want to eliminate Israel are very interested in stopping anti-Semitism. Read more

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