Religious pluralism won’t be achieved in the courts

Reactions to this week’s Israeli Supreme Court ruling about recognizing the validity of conversions to Judaism by non-Orthodox denominations are all out of proportion to its actual significance in terms of the number of those affected by the decision. Read more

A gag about Israel and vaccines is more than a bad joke

February 24, 2021 by  

A comedian telling a bad joke that hurts someone’s feelings isn’t news. Or at least it didn’t use to be. Read more

What is it that Jews actually value?

February 14, 2021 by  

We already knew that the Genesis Prize was not really the “Jewish Nobel Prize” as its public-relations flacks have trained so many journalists to call it. Read more

Will a Palestinian election matter?

This once would have been the sort of gesture that would have inspired hope for peace in the Middle East, as well as gestures of support and friendship from the U.S. government. Read more

Unity or deprogramming? How about defending free speech?

January 21, 2021 by  

Inauguration Day is a moment when it ought to be possible for both the winners and the losers in America’s political battles to set aside their enmity and at the very least pay lip service to the notion of national unity. Read more

There’s no such thing as an acceptable violent riot

A day after Americans were shocked by the horrifying images of a mob assaulting the nation’s Capitol, questions about the event abounded. Read more

When the rule of law breaks down, no one is safe

What happened at the Capitol on the day both Houses of Congress assembled in a joint session to certify the votes of the Electoral College in the 2020 presidential election was a disgrace. Read more

The COVID vaccine blood libel against Israel

The headline in The Guardian showed why so many people think Israel is the sum of all evil and deserving of international opprobrium. Read more

The most consequential Jew of 2020: Jared Kushner

December 31, 2020 by  

He and his wife have been warned never to return to New York. Read more

The verdict of history and Benjamin Netanyahu

As far as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s most ardent supporters are concerned, those preparing his political obituary are again wasting their time. Read more

Is there something wrong with a program that encourages in-marriage?

December 20, 2020 by  

What’s the point of programs that were designed to encourage young people to embrace their Jewish identity? Read more

Stop pretending that anti-Zionism isn’t anti-Semitism

In case you haven’t heard, people who want to eliminate Israel are very interested in stopping anti-Semitism. Read more

Biden makes the Netanyahu-Gantz divorce necessary

December 6, 2020 by  

This isn’t what Israelis want to hear right now, but it’s nonetheless true. They need to hold another election. The prospect of a new administration in Washington is cause for concern, even if it may not prove to be the end of the world. But the challenge that this will pose requires Jerusalem to speak with one voice. Read more

The foreign-policy establishment strikes back

Their sigh of relief was heard around the globe. The foreign-policy establishment’s nightmare is finally over, and the keys to the American government are back in the usual hands. Read more

Conspiracy theories and political insanity

There was a time when conspiracy theories were confined to the fever swamps of American society. Read more

Can Democrats finally repudiate ‘The Squad’?

Not everybody in the Democratic Party is in love with “The Squad.” Read more

The personal diplomacy delusion

There are some ideas that are so seemingly logical and reflective of our best hopes about human nature that it doesn’t matter how often they are proved wrong. Read more

Should we care if Biden cools off relations with Saudis?

It’s the greatest of ironies. It wasn’t that long ago that Saudi Arabia was thought of as an implacable enemy of Israel and the Jewish people. Read more

A man who exemplified what it meant to be a Jewish leader

You didn’t have to agree with everything Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said or wrote to understand the value of what he was trying to teach. Read more

What a Biden presidency could mean for Israel

For some supporters of President Donald Trump in both Israel and the United States, the prospect of a President Joe Biden is a scenario they never wanted to contemplate. Read more

Is there a way back from a broken political culture?

Many Americans are anticipating a return to normalcy once the votes have been counted and the presidential election determined. Read more

A conformist media is no friend to freedom

He’s exactly the sort of person conservatives and some of Israel’s most ardent supporters despised. Yet today he’s being lionized by supporters of the most pro-Israel president in history and attacked by left-wingers who once idolized him. Read more

Will Trump’s pro-Israel moves stand the test of time?

For President Donald Trump’s Jewish supporters, these last moves are just the icing on the cake. Read more

When journalists become cheerleaders, it usually ends badly

According to The Times of Israel, I misrepresented Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s feelings about Israel. Read more

Trump’s inappropriate question still requires an answer

It was one of those moments that summed up so much of both the good and the bad of the Donald Trump presidency. Read more

Can one criticize George Soros without being an anti-Semite?

It happened again last weekend. Someone said the word “Soros” and triggered an avalanche of criticism from much of the Jewish world about encouraging anti-Semitism. But is it fair to claim that every such mention is proof of Jew-hatred? Read more

Why Israel chose to aid an ailing enemy

It’s the kind of story that drives a lot of friends of Israel nuts. One of its chief opponents, Palestinian Liberation Organization senior leader Saeb Erekat recently fell ill with COVID-19. Read more

Dumbing down the ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’

Did the Jewish people really need their own Nobel Prize? To the three wealthy Russian Jewish business “oligarchs” who endowed the Genesis Prize with $50 million in contributions, the answer was “yes.” Read more

Two different Jewish tribes choose different candidates

October 18, 2020 by  

Among the least surprising poll numbers to be published recently were the results of the Pew Research Center survey that reports a sizable 70% of American Jews say they are voting for former Vice President Joe Biden, while 27% are planning to cast their ballots to re-elect President Donald Trump. Read more

Ban Holocaust denial? Yes. Political censorship? No.

The applause was nearly universal. After a determined campaign on the part of the Anti-Defamation League and a broad coalition of Jewish groups and other organizations, Facebook has agreed to ban posts that contain Holocaust denial on its ubiquitous site. Read more

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