After several hours of quiet, terrorists resume rocket fire on South

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After several hours of quiet that followed a violent night, Islamic Jihad terrorists launched several barrages of rockets at Israel’s south on Monday afternoon. Read more

Facing tensions on multiple fronts, is Israel on the verge of an all-out war?

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The big news in Israel is not that Iran attempted to send kamikaze drones into Israeli territory last week or that Israel targeted that terrorist cell in Syria; these are not completely out of the ordinary or even unexpected. Read more

Israel releases two Syrian prisoners in ‘goodwill gesture’ for return of Baumel

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In a gesture meant to express gratitude for the return earlier this month of the remains of an Israeli soldier killed during the First Lebanon War, Israel released two Syrian prisoners back to Syria on Sunday. Read more

IDF officially shuts down Syrian field hospital

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The IDF announced on Friday that it was shutting down the field clinic it used to treat thousands of Syrians injured in the country’s seven-year civil war. Read more

Syrian rockets land on Sea of Galilee area amid beaches crowded with swimmers

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At least two Syrian rockets hit Israel’s Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) on Wednesday with beaches full of swimmers nearby amid the summer vacation season. Read more

800 Syrian rescue workers flee country via Israel

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Eight hundred Syrians affiliated with the White Helmet civil rescue organisation entered Israel from Quneitra in southern Syria Saturday night. IDF soldiers met the refugees and transferred them to a secure site in northern Jordan. Read more

Trump and Putin focus on Syria-Israel, Arab-Jewish conflicts

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Defusing the Syria–Israel conflict and resurrecting the primacy of Security Council Resolution 242 in resolving the Arab-Jewish conflict have emerged as positive outcomes from the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki this week…writes David Singer. Read more

Can the US and Israel rely on Putin to force Iran out of Syria?

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U.S.  President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin just concluded a bilateral summit in Helsinki, Finland, that proved to be one of the most widely anticipated meetings in years—or, at least, since the meeting with North Korea.writes Sean Savage/JNS. Read more

Syrians flee towards hospitals of the ‘enemy’

The strong winds in the Golan Heights blow pain and come from tent cities in which displaced Syrians are clustered together a few meters from the steel-and-barbed-wire fence with Israel…writes Fiamma Nirenstein. Read more

Mossad operation recovers Eli Cohen’s watch in Syria

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Following a recent secret operation, Israel’s Mossad has returned to Israel the wristwatch of the late Mossad fighter Eli Cohen.  Read more

Analysis: Latest Israeli airstrike in Syria likely stopped new Iranian threat

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The recent missile strike on a military airbase deep in the central Syrian desert looks like the latest installment in a long-standing Israeli campaign to police its red lines against highly dangerous developments to its north…writes Yaakov Lappin/JNS. Read more

Storm clouds gathering over the region…writes isi Leibler

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The volatility of political activity in the Middle East region is dizzying. Read more

Tension rises in Israel’s north as Syria, Iran team to fight ‘Zio-American schemes’

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The IDF struck three Syrian rocket launchers Saturday after five rockets from Syria entered the Israeli Golan Heights earlier that day, and as Iran’s military chief inked an agreement with Damascus pledging to combat “Zio-American schemes.” Read more

America’s Political Mistakes Give Islamic State Big Breaks

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America’s ongoing insistence on wanting Syria’s President – Bashar al-Assad – removed from power -continues to hinder American policy on removing Islamic State as a threat to international peace and security…writes David Singer. Read more

Education without borders

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‘Education Without Borders,’ a special exhibition has opened at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, shows how Israel is alone among Mideast nations in providing continuing education for all hospitalised Israeli children, including Arabs and minorities, and Syrian refugees. Read more

Russia and America Must Jointly Confront Islamic State

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The possibility that Russia and America may at long last be seeking common ground on confronting Islamic State has been increased with US Secretary of State John Kerry revealing that his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov has approached America proposing military talks over Syria. Read more

Russia Demands American Capitulation To Help Eradicate Islamic State…writes David Singer

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called on America to end its attempt to remove Syria’s President Assad from power in return for Russia’s co-operation to militarily confront Islamic State. Read more

Syria Hysteria Dooms Obama’s Plan To Destroy ISIL…writes David Singer

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President Obama’s failed policies in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and the West Bank do not bode well for the success of the President’s current plans to end the threat to world peace posed by the meteoric rise of both the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIL) and the Al-Nusrah Front (ANF). Read more

Strategic Vacuum…writes Michael Kuttner

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We have been informed by no lesser an authority than the President of the United States that he has no strategy formulated for dealing with the pandemic of terror now spreading across the Middle East and soon to erupt in the USA, UK and Europe amongst other places. Read more

Truce does not equal peace…writes Michael Kuttner

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One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face. Read more

Natalie Portman joins Israeli Emergency Aid Operation for Syrian refugees

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Natalie Portman joined Israeli Emergency Aid Operation for Syrian refugees…and so did former Perth resident Leon Schneider. Read more

Saving Syrian Lives…writes Vic Alhadeff

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Israeli hospitals have treated 500 Syrians wounded in the civil war. Vic Alhadeff visited one of those hospitals last week and spoke with a Syrian patient. Read more

Syria – Security Council International Conference Pure Pipe-dream…writes David Singer

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It seems incredible that after 17 months of wrangling, the best the U.N. Security Council could agree on is calling for another International Conference, which has no possible chance of convening –  let alone helping –  to peacefully resolve an end to the 30 months old conflict in Syria. Read more

Syria – London Eleven Need Help From Heaven…writes David Singer

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Only divine intervention now seems likely to justify continuing support for the anti- Assad forces in Syria by the group known as the London 11 – United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Read more

Hide and Seek…writes Michael Kuttner

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At some stage most children have played the game hide and seek where a designated individual closes his/her eyes, counts to 20 or 50 or 100 while the other kids run and hide as quickly as possible. Read more

America’s Isolationism and its Implications for Israel…from Isi Leibler

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There is currently a remote possibility that the Russian strategy will succeed in averting US military action by persuading Assad to hand over his chemical weapons of mass destruction for demolition by the international community. Read more

Syria – Obama Left Red-faced Over Red Line…writes David Singer

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President Obama has tripped over his own red line – leaving the prestige and authority of his Office and America’s reputation in tatters. Read more

Responding to the Syrian Nightmare…writes Isi Leibler

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There are no simple solutions to the horrors unfolding in Syria. Had the West responded sooner, there might have been a remote chance for moderates within the rebel camp to form a functional political authority. Today, that possibility is inconceivable. Read more

Australian ambassador visits Syrian patients in Israeli hospital

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Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma and his wife Rachel, have made an official visit to the Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, visiting Syrian casualties hospitalised in different departments of the hospital. Read more