Israel to reject jurisdiction of ICC, allegations of war crimes

April 12, 2021 by  

Israel plans to formally reject the International Criminal Court probe into alleged war crimes perpetrated by the Israel Defense Forces against Hamas in Gaza as part of “Operation Protective Edge” in the summer of 2014, based on the fact it lacks authority over Israel, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday. Read more

Popular language-learning app Duolingo launches Yiddish course

April 7, 2021 by  

Duolingo, the world’s most popular language-learning platform, launched a Yiddish course on Tuesday. Read more

PA head Abbas flies to Germany for medical treatment

April 6, 2021 by  

The head of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Mahmoud Abbas has surprisingly travelled to Germany for medical examinations, TPS has learned. Read more

British court sentences Holocaust denier to prison time for ‘baiting Jews’

April 4, 2021 by  

A woman in Britain said to be a virulent anti-Semite has been found guilty of spreading offensive messages and material over the Internet and was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison by a magistrate court. Read more

‘New Yorker’ takes heat for article on Polish complicity during Holocaust

April 2, 2021 by  

The New Yorker is under fire for an article it posted last week that critics claim lays the blame for the murder of Jews in Poland during World War II on the Polish people and not the Nazis. Read more

Biden administration to allocate $90 million in aid to Palestinians

April 1, 2021 by  

The Biden administration has allocated $90 million in aid to the Palestinians, with only a portion of the money being publicly announced, according to a report by the Associated Press. Read more

World-renowned Israeli chef Shalom Kadosh in critical condition after assault

March 31, 2021 by  

World-renowned Israeli chef Shalom Kadosh remains in critical condition on Monday, after being assaulted last week during an attempted robbery in Jerusalem. Read more

Israeli matzah tower breaks Guinness World Record

March 26, 2021 by  

Residents of the Azrieli Palace assisted-living facility in Modi’in broke a world record this week by building a matzah and chocolate spread tower 5.4 meters (17.7 feet) high. Read more

Netanyahu, opponents have no clear path to governing majority, official election results show

March 26, 2021 by  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opponents have no clear path towards a Knesset majority, Israeli election results show, indicating that the country’s political gridlock will continue. Read more

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum finds new names, stories from Nazi death camp

March 25, 2021 by  

Archivist Ewa Bazan at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum discovered new names and stories linked to the German Nazi concentration and death camp. Read more

Initial Israeli exit polls point Netanyahu toward sixth term as prime minister

March 24, 2021 by  

Initial exit polls from Israel’s national election on Tuesday indicate that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with support from his right-wing bloc—if the Yamina Party is included—would have a narrow Knesset majority, giving the Israeli leader an unprecedented sixth term in office. Read more

Memo: Biden administration aims to ‘reset’ relations with Palestinians

March 19, 2021 by  

The Biden administration is looking to hit the reset button with the Palestinians, including the return to a more traditional position on a two-state solution and rolling back several Trump administration positions on Israel. Read more

‘The Guardian’ identifies Arab-Israeli rap group from ‘Palestine,’ not Lod

March 18, 2021 by  

The Guardian in the U.K. falsely claimed on March 11 that an Arab-Israeli rap group from outside Tel Aviv is from “Palestine.” Read more

Study: ‘Big Five’ social-media platforms earn ‘B-’ in tackling hate online

March 18, 2021 by  

An “explosion of hate and lurid conspiracies” proliferating across various social media platforms has been observed this year, the Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Tuesday in announcing the release of its annual digital terrorism and hate report/online study. Read more

Dozens of Dead Sea Scroll fragments with biblical verses discovered in Judean cave

March 17, 2021 by  

Israeli archaeologists announced on Tuesday that dozens of Dead Sea Scroll fragments bearing biblical verses were discovered during a national archaeological operation in the Judean Desert. Read more

Netanyahu: UAE to invest $10 billion in Israel

March 15, 2021 by  

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Thursday that the United Arab Emirates, with which Israel signed a peace deal in September, plans to invest $10 billion in the country. Read more

Netflix to premiere new docuseries about former ‘haredi’ fashion mogul

March 14, 2021 by  

Netflix announced on Wednesday the premiere of a new documentary series about fashion entrepreneur Julia Haart, a former member of the ultra-Orthodox haredi community. Read more

Israeli real-world data shows vaccine is 97% effective

March 14, 2021 by  

The Israeli Ministry of Health, Pfizer and BioNTech said on Thursday that data from Israel’s national vaccination campaign demonstrates that their vaccine is 94% effective in preventing asymptomatic infections. Read more

Blinken says Abraham Accords are ‘something we want to build on’

March 14, 2021 by  

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday complimented the Trump administration for the Abraham Accords that normalized relations with Israel and several Gulf states and Muslim nations. Read more

Residents of TV comedy ‘South Park’ get vaccinated for COVID, courtesy of Israel

March 12, 2021 by  

Just weeks after “Saturday Night Live” aired a “news” segment that said Israel was only vaccinating the “Jewish half” of the country, another comedic television program, “South Park,” is being praised for its take on Israel’s vaccination program. Read more

Israeli boy finds biblical-era figurine in the Negev

March 10, 2021 by  

An 11-year-old Israeli boy has uncovered a rare, 2,500-year-old amulet during a family excursion in the northern Negev Desert, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Tuesday. Read more

BDS groups partner with terrorists from Gaza, Turkey, Iran to fight normalization

March 10, 2021 by  

A coalition of more than 60 anti-Israel and pro-BDS organizations have launched a “Peoples Against Normalization” campaign, simultaneously declaring the year 2021 as the “Year Against Normalization” at an event earlier this year. Read more

Report: Returning to original 2015 Iran nuclear deal would be ‘nearly impossible’

March 10, 2021 by  

A new report by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) details how it would nearly impossible both politically and technically for the Biden administration to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. Read more

Security overpowers knife-wielding man outside Jewish school in Marseille

March 7, 2021 by  

Security forces outside of a Jewish day school in Marseille in southern France stopped an armed, would-be assailant who showed up at the school on Friday before going into a nearby kosher market. Read more

Harris to Netanyahu: America stands against ICC war-crimes probe of Israel

March 7, 2021 by  

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, assuring that the United States stands against the International Criminal Court’s war-crimes probe of Israel. Read more

PA denies accusations of cronyism in vaccine rollout

March 5, 2021 by  

The Palestinian Authority has denied accusations that its vaccine rollout plan was based on cronyism and lacked transparency. Read more

British university accused of ‘absolute failure’ to address professor’s biased conduct

March 5, 2021 by  

The United Kingdom’s Union of Jewish Students (UJS) and Bristol Jewish Society (J-Soc) have accused Bristol University of an “absolute failure of their duty of care” after the school refused to condemn the anti-Semitic conduct of a sociology professor. Read more

Israel points to Iran for causing oil spill, calling it ‘environmental terrorism’

March 4, 2021 by  

Israel’s Environmental Protection Minister Gila Gamliel accused Iran on Wednesday of being behind a major oil spill off Israel’s coast from Feb. 1-2. Read more

Israeli actress Shira Haas to star in new American TV series about Golda Meir

March 3, 2021 by  

Israeli actress Shira Haas, best known as the star of the Netflix four-part series “Unorthodox” and for her role in the popular Israeli TV drama “Shtisel,” has been tapped to play Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in a new American TV series, announced Deadline on Monday. Read more

Petition demands apology from BBC for debate on Jews as ‘ethnic minority’

March 3, 2021 by  

Nearly 1,500 people have signed a petition demanding that the BBC apologize for airing a panel discussion on Monday about whether or not Jews are an “ethnic minority.” Read more

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