The Hagshama Department was established in January 1998, with the aim of placing the fulfillment “Hagshama” of the Zionist vision high on the agenda of young Jewish adults (18-30).

The Hagshama Department encourages young people to embark on a journey designed to empower participants in an ongoing process, in which the individual develops a sense of belonging and responsibility to the broader community. Hence, we envision the expansion of the person’s growing commitment from the personal to the Jewish communal and to the State of Israel.

The Hagshama Department identifies key stages in the journey, in the form of a Hagshama process:

Education and study –> Developing awareness –> Identification –> Developing a sense of responsibility –> Developing a sense of commitment –> Taking action –> Joining and becoming a member of organizations within the Jewish community –> Activism within the organization and the community –> Assuming leadership roles within the community –> Aliyah.

The process is not linear, rather each stage continues and is deepened as the person moves on to the next stage.

Practically speaking, the staff and educators of the Hagshama Department will identify the stage(s) in which the group is at, and seek to advance it to the next stage in the Hagshama process.

For those who are not yet ready for the Aliyah stage, assuming leadership roles in their community, placing Israel high on their agenda and being active contributing members of their society are part of the Hagshama process.

Aliyah to Israel, followed by successful social, political and economic integration are the final (though ongoing) stages in the Hagshama process.