New Zealand votes to fund unprecedented attack on Israel

January 20, 2022 by  

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution establishing an ongoing Commission of Inquiry which has unprecedented scope to demonise Israel. Read more

UN Security Council president: Israelis and Palestinians need to ‘get back to negotiating table’

January 20, 2022 by  

She helped lead the backchannel effort to get Israeli and Palestine Liberation Organization leaders in the same room to hash out an interim agreement that was to serve as a basis for peace. Read more

Israel: a check on the political temperature

January 20, 2022 by  

Suddenly, there are two issues that have arisen which have the potential to shorten the life of the Israeli coalition government. Read more

Plea bargains should not be for prime ministers

It’s the sort of story that makes you wonder about who is doing the leaking and why. Read more

Shabbat Yitro: Jethro in 13

January 20, 2022 by  

The most important feature of this week is arguably Judaism’s greatest contribution to the world, the so-called, Ten Commandments. Read more

There’s no cure for health-authority pig-headedness

January 19, 2022 by  

It’s time for health authorities in Israel and abroad to stop vilifying the medical experts who’ve been issuing a reassuring message as to where the coronavirus pandemic is headed. Read more

EU tries to twist international law to fight eviction of Sheikh Jarrah squatters in Jerusalem

January 19, 2022 by  

Israeli authorities on Monday morning attempted to evict the Salhiya family, Arab squatters living illegally since the 1950s in a home in the Shimon HaTzadik neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem. Read more

Together against hate

January 19, 2022 by  

We all anxiously followed the unfolding on Saturday of the tragic hostage event at the Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. Read more

A Jewish majority is insufficient to protect Israel

January 17, 2022 by  

After their claim to be the peace camp exploded into a million pieces in a hundred suicide bombings, Israel’s left reinvented itself as the Zionist camp. Read more


January 17, 2022 by  

This week’s cartoon. Hate is a many splendoured thing. Read more

UN Security Council incites Jew-hatred thanks to Obama & Biden

January 17, 2022 by  

The Obama-Biden administration’s failure to veto UN Security Council Resolution 2334 on 23 December 2016 – as President Obama was vacating the White House to hand over the reins of power to President-elect Donald Trump – has seen that Resolution being weaponized for the last five years to incite Jew-hatred worldwide – with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres firing the bullets. Read more

Ancient synagogues were decorated with art. Why?

January 17, 2022 by  

Ask the rabbi? Read more

On the other hand

January 16, 2022 by  

In at least one crisis, Israel is not alone. Read more

The emergence of Arab Zionism?

While Western liberals and the U.N. Human Rights Council double down in their determination to demonize, delegitimize and destroy Israel, support for that beleaguered country is coming from a surprising direction. Read more

Fair dinkum

January 14, 2022 by  

Non-Australians may be baffled by this expression therefore an explanation provided by Dr Google could help to clarify it. Read more

Do not trust princes

January 14, 2022 by  

I was born during the Second World War when it seemed that Hitler was going to conquer the world. Of course, had he, I would not be here today. Read more

This week’s parsha: Beshalach – Ups and downs

January 13, 2022 by  

Life has its ups and downs. Just look at this week’s Torah reading. Read more

Under economic and geopolitical pressure, Erdoğan attempts to make nice with Israel

January 12, 2022 by  

In a virtual discussion held by the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET), Turkish scholar and former politician Aykan Erdemir said Jews should be wary of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s outreach efforts towards Jews and Israel. Read more

Politics and combating antisemitism don’t mix

At a time when antisemitism is on the rise around the globe, the office of the U.S. State Department’s Special Envoy for Combating and Monitoring Antisemitism ought to be filled. Read more


January 10, 2022 by  

This week’s cartoon…DiploLunacy. Read more

Israel & Jordan need to negotiate on Trump 2020 Peace Plan

January 10, 2022 by  

It is regrettable that Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz and Jordan’s King Abdullah did not discuss the possibility of Jordan-Israel negotiations on former US President Donald Trump’s 2020 Peace Plan for allocating sovereignty in Judea/Samaria (West Bank), Gaza and parts of Israel (Trump’s Plan) – when they met in Amman on 5 January. Read more

What should a synagogue do if a gay member of the community applies for membership?

January 10, 2022 by  

Ask the rabbi. Read more

Biden administration remains ‘deeply blind’ to inherent flaws of UNRWA, say Mideast experts

January 9, 2022 by  

The U.S. State Department’s Population, Migration and Refugees Bureau ended 2021 with another payment to the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), a move some experts have criticized as wrongheaded and in line with an eagerness to blindly reverse policies put forth by the Trump administration. Read more

Has the time come to bribe the unvaccinated?

January 9, 2022 by  

“How can we as a society stand by and watch people die when a simple shot could prevent a life-threatening illness?” That was the agonised question asked by a group of nine healthcare providers in Minnesota who took the unprecedented step of publishing an advertisement in local news outlets begging people to get vaccinated last weekend. Read more

Emma Watson is right

“Free Palestine!” says actress Emma Watson.  She’s right. Read more

On the other hand

January 9, 2022 by  

Did you know that Israel has more than six thousand active “startups?” Read more

Shabbat Bo: Blood on the door

January 7, 2022 by  

We are all familiar with the Mezuzah, that we place on the right doorpost of our houses and offices. Read more

Eyes shut and ears closed

January 7, 2022 by  

The new year is only a few days old, and we can already see and hear the same familiar refrains emanating from the usual quarters.

Read more

Harry Potter and the search for fake antisemitism

Jon Stewart tells us he was just kidding. The former star of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” who now has a popular podcast, is involved in entertainment projects as well as supporting various philanthropic causes. Read more

With Bennett watching, Gantz and Lapid are bringing Israel back towards a two-state paradigm

January 7, 2022 by  

Israel may have a right-wing prime minister, but Naftali Bennett is not positioning Israel’s diplomatic priorities. Read more

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