Israeli planting in Negev is ‘Mansour Abbas’ most significant test,’ Islamic movement says

January 13, 2022 by  
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The clashes in the Negev resumed Wednesday morning and continued for the second day in a row. Residents of the unrecognized Bedouin villages worked to prevent the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) tractors from preparing the land for planting. Read more

Political life after the budget

November 11, 2021 by  
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For the first time in three years, the State of Israel has a budget. Read more

Israel’s dysfunctional Government cannot survive

June 6, 2021 by  
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An amalgam of eight leaders trading insults and denigrating each other – whilst their parties have adopted policies that are totally irreconcilable on critical issues – is not the foundation for any stable Government – especially in Israel – whose enemies will become increasingly emboldened following the announcement of a cobbled-together Israeli Government comprising very different bedfellows. Read more

How will we know who won the war?

May 24, 2021 by  
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Maybe one day, we will discover that the impetus for Hamas’s latest onslaught against Israel wasn’t the pending Israeli Supreme Court decision about whether or not to respect the property rights of Jewish landlords in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood.

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