After several hours of quiet, terrorists resume rocket fire on South

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After several hours of quiet that followed a violent night, Islamic Jihad terrorists launched several barrages of rockets at Israel’s south on Monday afternoon. Read more

Bennett takes office as Defence Minister amid escalating conflict with Gaza terrorists

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Naftali Bennett has begun his term as Minister of Defence as the security situation in Israel presents him with difficult decisions. Read more

The “cycle of violence” continues and New Zealand remains silent

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This past weekend, more than 700 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas. Read more

The rockets’ toll

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President Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin has paid condolence calls on the Prezuazman family, whose son Pinchas Menachem was killed yesterday  by flying shrapnel in Ashdod; the Agadi family, whose father Moshe was killed on Saturday in a rocket attack on Askhelon; and the al-Hamamda family whose father Ziad was killed yesterday in the rocket attack on the factory in Ashkelon. Read more

Palestinian Islamic Jihad started a fire in Gaza

The Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terror organization – the second largest armed faction in Gaza – is responsible for the latest escalation in Gaza and Israel. Read more

On the other hand

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Rockets from Gaza are raining down on Israeli communities in the south of the country…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Israel under fire

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Three people were injured when a mortar fired from Gaza hit a house in the town of Sderot at around 6:30 p.m Saturday evening. Read more

Israelis in the south scramble to shelter under barrage of rockets fired from Gaza

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The residents of southern Israel faced a barrage of rockets from Gaza early Wednesday morning, with 45 rockets and mortars fired at Israeli communities. Read more

Under fire

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From Michael Kuttner at  5:40am  AEST:  40 rockets fired towards Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, Bet Shemesh, Tel Aviv and other cities. Read more

Sane perspectives needed – Not knee jerk reactions…writes Michael Kuttner

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At this time and especially in the aftermath of the murders of the three Israeli teenagers and the Arab youth in Jerusalem with all the collateral activities taking place such as rocket barrages from Palestinian Authority controlled Gaza, it is appropriate that we take a deep breath, look closely at the facts and then sort out our thoughts and conclusions. Read more