Timing is indeed crucial…writes Michael Kuttner

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Momentous events in our recent past and also today are more often than not determined by timing. Read more

Palestine – Israel Sheds PLO As Negotiating Partner

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has concluded that completing successful negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on the allocation of territorial sovereignty in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), Gaza and East Jerusalem is a mission impossible to achieve. Read more

A politically-guided tour

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An article featuring Israel and the West Bank entitled “Hope in a Divided Country” by Sandra Hall appeared in the “Traveller” section of Sydney’s Weekend Herald  and Melbourne’s The Saturday Age (October 17-18):  http://www.traveller.com.au/on-tour-in-israel-and-palestine-beyond-the-borders-gk49lk. Read more

WJC praises Netanyahu’s call for resumption of peace negotiations

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The World Jewish Congress (WJC) today hailed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neyanyahu’s call at the United Nations for the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table and lauded Netanyahu’s remarks that Israel and Arab states are cooperating against radical Islam. Read more

Israel-Palestine conflict: NZ FM says both sides share similar goals

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New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully has said that the Israelis and Palestinians share similar goals. Read more

Israel: Rhetoric v Reality

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When discussing matters pertaining to Israel one of the challenges is how to differentiate between rhetoric and reality…writes Ron Weiser. Read more

Lauder appeals to FIFA to reject Palestinian demand to suspend Israel

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The president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) today appealed to the 209 member associations of FIFA to reject a Palestinian demand to suspend the membership of the Israeli Football Association (IFA) in world soccer’s governing body. Read more

A letter to FIFA

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Dr Danny Lamm, President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, has sent a letter to world football organisation FIFA about its intentions to debate  a motion calling for Israel’s suspension. Read more

When the president’s hero is a terrorist: a tale of two societies

The president of a normal, civilized country naturally is anxious to distance himself from any suspicion of ever having had a connection to a terrorist. Read more

We have the will – find the way

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New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has delivered a speech to the General Assembly advocating a return to Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. Read more

No Jews is no news…writes Emily Gian

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For many years, the trend in reporting on world affairs seems to increasingly be that Israel is held to different standards than those which apply to its neighbours. Read more

Soccer and terrorism…writes Stephen M. Flatow

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As part of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) ongoing campaign to isolate and delegitimize Israel, the Palestinian Football (Soccer) Association is trying to get Israel suspended from international soccer’s governing body. Read more

Sydney filmmaker makes an ABC-TV Foreign Correspondent program on Palestinian footballers

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I may as well have a Star of David tattooed onto my forehead…writes  Dan Goldberg. Read more

Palestine – Obama Admits Defeat On Renewed Negotiations For Two-State Solution

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President Obama has finally admitted the death of any renewed negotiations for a two-state solution between Israel and the PLO for the next several years – telling the media on 24 March: Read more

From ANZAC Private to District Commissioner of the Galilee

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An ANZAC who became a British District Commissioner in Palestine  was assassinated in Nazareth in 1937. Mourned and respected by Jews, his biographer now seeks his descendants.

Read more

For victim Adele Biton, Palestinian rock-throwing is murder, not ‘resistance’

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Parents in Israel are in mourning over the death of their child at the hands of Palestinian terrorists. Read more

Getting anti-Semitism wrong at the United Nations…writes Ben Cohen/JNS.org

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You have to hand it to the United Nations, I guess. It’s hard to think of another body that would organise a special meeting on the subject of rising anti-Semitism with anti-Semites not just in attendance, but making speeches as well. Read more

EcoPeace explained

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Sydneysiders thirsting for signs of hope from the Middle East filled Newtown Synagogue’s Community Hall to hear leading Israeli environmentalist Gidon Bromberg, co-director of EcoPeace Middle East, deliver some encouraging news. Read more

Anti-Defamation Commission takes issue with President Carter

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The B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission  has severely criticised as wrong and offensive comments by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter last week that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was one of the contributing reasons for the heinous murders in Paris. Read more

Israel launches campaign to discredit International Criminal Court inquiry

The Israeli government has launched a public diplomacy campaign to discredit the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) recent decision to start an inquiry into what the Palestinians call Israeli “war crimes” in the disputed territories. Read more

Netanyahu rejects ICC’s decision to open preliminary examination

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a decision by the International Criminal Court to open a preliminary examination into the situation in Palestine. Read more

New Zealand at the UN Security Council: “a return to the pre-1967 borders”

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New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United Nations Jim McLay has delivered his first address at the UN Security Council open debate on the Middle East. Read more

Palestinian leader two-faced on suppressing satirists

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Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas denounced as “heinous” the attack on French satirists who mocked Islam…writes Stephen M Flatow/JNS.org Read more

Palestine – Mapping The Truth Erases A Long-running Fiction

January 12, 2015 by  
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The US State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs has featured a map on its website – which both rejects and corrects the misleading use of the terms “1967 boundaries” and “1967 borders” – which have never existed in relation to any territorial subdivision between Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Read more

Islamist terrorism in France accompanied by anti-Israel conspiracy theories

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In a traumatic week for Paris that saw the murders of 12 people at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Porte de Vincennes, and a police officer in Montrouge—all coming at the hands of Islamist terrorists—the violence was accompanied by the usual anti-Israel conspiracy theories. Read more

Australia votes against Palestinian state resolution

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In one of its last acts before vacating its seat on the United Nations Security Council, Australia has voted against a draft resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state. Read more

Israeli-Palestinian peace hopes – the latest poll

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58% of Palestinians believe that Israel wants to extend its borders – 37% of Israelis believe the Palestinians want to conquer Israel.  Read more

Australia opts out of Geneva conference

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Australia boycotted a conference in Switzerland discussing the Fourth Geneva Convention and the situation in the Palestinian territories due to concerns about the conference’s anti-Israel bias. Read more

The Walkleys – more have their say

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Members of Australia’s Jewish community have slammed the Walkleys for awarding the highest journalistic honour in Australia to  Ruth Pollard, John Lyons and an ABC-Four Corners team. Read more

How to win a Walkley…writes Emily Gian

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Step 1: Become Middle East Correspondent, Step 2: Write incessantly against Israel Read more

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