Two cranky old Jews symbolize everything that’s wrong with our political culture

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Apparently, two elderly, wealthy Jewish men aren’t speaking to each other anymore. Who cares? In theory, no one ought to. But when the pair in question are television comedy star Larry David and former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, and a chance meeting between them results in a public scene involving screaming occurs in a popular spot on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s exactly the sort of thing that does get treated as a very big deal indeed. Read more

Trump is not an unindicted co-conspirator

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During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) questioned the legitimacy of the judge’s appointment to the High Court.  Blumenthal said in his opening remarks:  “The president of the United States who has nominated you is an unindicted co-conspirator…”  Senator Cory Booker has also characterised Trump as “an unindicted co-conspirator”…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Why does the Media keep encouraging Hamas Violence?

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If this were the first time that Hamas deliberately provoked Israel into self-defence actions that resulted in the unintended deaths of Gaza civilians, the media could be excused for playing into the hands of Hamas…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Do the Jews control the World?

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Our secret is out.  The Jews control the world!  We own the media. Politicians do our bidding.  Wall Street is a Jewish shtetle.  Hollywood moguls make secret deals in Yiddish.  Jewish professors propagandise their students to support Israel.  Jewish puppet masters pull the strings and their compliant puppets simply follow…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Don’t diagnose President Trump – respond to him

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The 1964 presidential election was the second in which I voted.  Lyndon Johnson who had succeeded John Kennedy, was running against Barry Goldwater…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Debating BDS with Harvard’s Cornel West

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Zionism was the national liberation movement of the Jewish people, not a colonial enterprise. Nor is Israel in any way like South Africa, where a minority of whites ruled over a majority of Blacks, who were denied the most fundamental human rights. In Israel, Arabs, Druze and Christians have equal rights and serve in high positions in government, business, the arts and academia…writes Alan M. Dershowitz. Read more

The conflict over Jerusalem is ALL Obama’s was fault

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The US acted properly in vetoing a misguided Security Council resolution designed to undo President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Why did Flynn lie and why did Mueller charge him with lying?

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The charge to which retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty may tell us a great deal about the Robert Mueller investigation…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

 Forward defends antisemitic cartoon

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When the official newspaper of Berkeley published a color caricature of me as a spider-like creature with one leg stomping on a Palestinian child and another holding an IDF soldier spilling the blood of an unarmed Palestinian, there was universal condemnation of what was widely seen as a throwback to the antisemitic imagery of the Nazi era…writes  Alan M. Dershowitz. Read more

An Anti-Semitic caricature of me generates no criticism from Berkeley hard left

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I was recently invited to present the liberal case for Israel at Berkeley…writes Alan M. Dershowitz. Read more

President Trump did the right thing by walking away from UNESCO

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The State Department announced on Thursday that the United States would be withdrawing from the UN agency UNESCO, citing financial reasons, the need for reform and the body’s “continuing anti-Israel bias”…writes Alan M. Dershowitz. Read more

Trump’s ‘calm before the storm’ is a message to North Korea and Iran

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Reporters continue scratching their heads about what President Trump meant when he spoke of the “calm before the storm” on Thursday as he was hosting a dinner for military commanders and their spouses. It seems clear to me that he was sending a powerful message to North Korea and Iran: change your behavior now, or prepare to face new but unspecified painful consequences…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

The Case for Kurdish Independence

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Over 90% of Iraq’s Kurdish population have now voted for independence from Iraq. While the referendum is not binding, it reflects the will of a minority group that has a long history of persecution and statelessness…writes Alan M. Dershowitz. Read more

Britain and Australia more supportive of Israel than Obama and Kerry

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When the British Prime Minister and the Australians foreign minister both criticise the Obama administration for being unfair to Israel, you can be sure that something is very wrong with what President Obama and Secretary Kerry have been doing…writes Alan Dershowitz. Read more

Metropolitan Opera Stifles Free Exchange of Ideas About a Propaganda Opera…writes Alan Dershowitz

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On Monday night I went to the Metropolitan Opera. I went for two reasons: to see and hear John Adams’ controversial opera, The Death of Klinghoffer; and to see and hear what those protesting the Met’s judgment in presenting the opera had to say. Read more