128 countries reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem

December 22, 2017 by J-Wire Newsdesk
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128 members voted in the United Nations general assembly to reject Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ignoring American threats to remember those voted against Washington.

The U.N. General Assembly hall. Credit: Patrick Gruban via Wikimedia Commons.

The United States and Israel were joined by only Guatemala, Honduras Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Togo in voting against the resolution.

France, German and the U.K. were amongst the 22 EU countries who voted for the resolution..

Australia was one of 35 countries which abstained.

New Zealand voted for the resolution.

The resolution was drafted by Turkey and Yemen.

There could have been a repercussion to the US ambassador Nikki Haley’s threat to note those who voted for the resolution with 21 delegations not turning up for the session.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Israel completely rejects this preposterous resolution. Jerusalem is our capital. Always was, always will be.

But I do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd. So I appreciate that, and especially I want to again express our thanks to President Trump and Ambassador Haley, for their stalwart defense of Israel and their stalwart defense of the truth.”

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder lamented the United Nations General Assembly’s resolution

Lauder said: “Jerusalem has always been the indisputable capital of Israel and the historic capital of the Jewish people, and the United States has every right as a sovereign country to recognize it as such and exercise its veto as necessary. These are facts that will remain true regardless of any international claims to the contrary.

“The World Jewish Congress deeply appreciates the United States’ strong reaffirmation of its support for and friendship with the State of Israel, and for its clear reiteration of its policy regarding this issue,” Lauder added. “As President Trump rightfully said in his announcement earlier this month, Jerusalem is a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all of whom deserve to have their religious sites and historical connection respected. This is too is a fact that will never change.

“It is ironic that the UN General Assembly has chosen the unusual step of holding an emergency session, of which it has convened only 10 of since its creation, to discuss this issue, when there are so many other global matters in need of urgent attention.

“The United Nations has become a hotbed of anti-Israel activity, and its bodies and agencies are routinely being used for political manipulation and bias,” Lauder concluded. “We urge other member states, especially Israel’s allies in the international community, to repel these double standards and support Israel against these irrational resolutions.”

In New Zealand, the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship Church in Hastings voiced its regret and disappointment at the New Zealand vote.

Pastor Nigel Woodley said:  “It seems that our Prime Minister has steered the Foreign Ministry according to her emotions and not according to fact.

Jerusalem has for millennia been the capital of the Jewish People and yet NZ voted with a bloc of very hostile Arab and Muslim countries who refuse to acknowledge the accurate historical record. Apart from that, NZ has determined to tell another sovereign and independent democracy—the United States—what it can and cannot do. This is wrong!”


7 Responses to “128 countries reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem”
  1. Adrian Jackson says:

    The resolution will change nothing as its only words but neurotic Trumps boast that America will not help these countries shows his immaturity. Incidentally help from the USA usually means war and death.

  2. Harry Ark says:

    This is not a forum. Obviously JWire does not believe in free speech. If I simply say that I agree with the UN on this resolution, it will not be posted. Only posts that agree are posted. This is a great insight into the heart of this web site which obviously is only serving hasbara. I have read the rules on posting comments and nowhere does it say that only one side of an argument will be posted.Shame on you for being liars and weak, for you are weak. You cannot withstand a debate. There is no debate, only hasbara. Liars! Filth!

  3. Harry Ark says:

    I am ashamed of Australia for abstaining while the rest of the civilized world voted against Trumps terrible decision. I hope one day Australia will stand with all other nations in opposing America’s stance.

    • david singer says:


      You state:
      “I am ashamed of Australia for abstaining while the rest of the civilized world voted against Trumps terrible decision”

      Nonsense and an outright lie.

      35 Nations abstained:
      Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Benin, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Fiji, Haiti, Hungary, Jamaica, Kiribati, Latvia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, Uganda, Vanuatu.

      21 Nations did not even turn up to vote:
      Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Mongolia, Myanmar, Republic of Moldova, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Zambia.

      What is your motivation in deliberately being so transparently deceptive and misleading?

      I think you need to apologize and admit your statement is false without delay.

  4. john nemesh says:

    65 nations did not vote against USA and Israel.

    That made it around 2-1.

    Not the 90-1 Israel usually gets.

    As for new Zealand—i have had enough of these hypocrite ” do gooders.”

  5. Dorothy Finlay says:

    I am ashamed of my country New Zealand who voted for the UN resolution and were the co-presenters of UNSC 2334 last year. At least Australia had the grace to abstain and God has noted that. In Zechariah 12 v3ff Jerusalem is described as the heavy stone which will break all nations who seek to lift it. It is not so much the declaration of President Trump who spoke the truth, but the fact that God has described Jerusalem as belonging to Him and in Psalm 48 He states that Jerusalem is the city of the Great King-not the city of the Palestinians. I am so grateful that the simple and apparently insignificant Islands of Marshall Islands and Nauru stood with Israel because it was the right thing to do. May Am Israel chai !

    • Adrian Jackson says:

      Is New Zealand really your country? Move to Marshall Islands or Nauru if you are not happy with NZ. Incidentally they are countries not insignificant islands.

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