The British Mandate

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The British Mandate of Palestine was established on July 24th, 1922. Read more

PLO-Hamas anti-England, anti-Israel hatred politicises FIFA World Cup

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Hatred against Britain and Israel surfaced in Gaza as England progressed its way through the World Cup to meet Sweden in the quarter finals…writes David Singer. Read more

Prince William visit will advance Jordan-Israel two-state solution

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Kensington Palace’s carefully-crafted tweet announcing that “The Duke of Cambridge will visit Israel, Jordan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the Summer” – could spark a diplomatic war with far-reaching implications…writes David Singer. Read more

Shameful…writes Michael Kuttner

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On 31 October at Beersheba I listened to endless platitudes, mutual back slapping and great sounding sentiments from the Prime Ministers of Australia and Israel and the Governor General of New Zealand. Read more

Balfour at the Knesset

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An international conference discussing the significance of the Balfour Declaration has taken place at the Knesset in Jerusalem…reports Michael Kuttner. Read more

Britain backs Jordan and Israel to end the Arab-Jewish conflict

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Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has acknowledged that Jordan and Israel represent the only viable “two state solution” that can end the Arab-Jewish conflict. Read more

B & B – Beersheba and Balfour

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Two momentous anniversaries coincided within a few days of each other…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Year zero: the Palestinians and the Balfour Declaration

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For the Palestinians, the year zero is not 1948, when the state of Israel came into being, but 1917, when Great Britain issued, in the November of that year, the Balfour Declaration—expressing support for the establishment of a “Jewish national home” in Palestine…writes Ben Cohen/ Read more

How Balfour explains why the peace process failed

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It was a minor news story when it broke in the summer of 2016. Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas announced he was suing Great Britain over the Balfour Declaration, issued on Nov. 2, 1917…writes Jonathan S. Tobin/ Read more

Missing in action

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Celebrations are an ideal opportunity for friends to gather and join in showing solidarity and friendship…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Balfour Declaration Centenary shames Arab and UN deniers…writes David Singer

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The continuing Arab refusal – aided and abetted by the United Nations – to recognise the international legitimacy of the Balfour Declaration 100 years after it was first issued on 2 November 1917 – remain the greatest obstacles to resolving the Jewish–Arab conflict. Read more

Palestine – Israel Sheds PLO As Negotiating Partner

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has concluded that completing successful negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on the allocation of territorial sovereignty in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), Gaza and East Jerusalem is a mission impossible to achieve. Read more

Palestine – Falk’s Failed Philosophy Guarantees Continuing Conflict

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Professor Richard Falk – United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967 – has returned to world headlines with another controversial annual report…writes David Singer. Read more