ISIS supporters praise Texas synagogue hostage-taker

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Following the hostage situation of four Jewish congregants of Beth Israel Congregation in Colleyville, Texas, on Jan. 15, users of the pro-ISIS server expressed support for the armed assailant, according to a report exclusively shared with JNS by the Media Research Institute’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (MEMRI-JTTM). Read more

In post-caliphate era, does ISIS still pose a risk to Israel?

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In May 2019, ISIS lost its final stronghold in Syria and what was left of its “caliphate”—namely, the territory and population that it had controlled—crumbled. The event was a far cry from its peak in 2012-14, when it controlled entire swaths of Syria and Iraq, and ruled over millions of people. Read more

Israel Air Force strikes and kills seven Islamic State terrorists who infiltrated Syrian border

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The Israeli Defence Forces said it launched an airstrike on Wednesday night, killing seven terrorists from the Islamic State who had infiltrated Israeli territory in the Golan Heights along the Syrian border. Read more

Islamic State claims responsibility for rockets fired at Israel from Sinai

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The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for firing two rockets from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula into southern Israel on Sunday night. Read more

This year in a rebuilt and expanded Jerusalem…writes Michael Kuttner

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Winter is over and spring has sprung. Passover preparations are in full swing, the blossoms are blooming and Israel prepares to welcome an influx of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Read more

Trump and Putin must co-operate to defeat Islamic State…writes David Singer

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President Trump made his intention to destroy Islamic State crystal clear in his stirring address to the Congress on 28 February: Read more

Israeli Citizen Linked to Islamic State Arrested and Charged

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The Israel Security Agency (ISA), in cooperation with the Israel Police has arrested an Israeli citizen following receipt of intelligence information that he had tried recently to go to Syria in order to join the fighting as a member of Islamic State. Read more

IDF preparing for Islamic State attack in Golan Heights

January 1, 2016 by  
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is preparing for possible attacks and infiltration by the Islamic State terror group on its northern border in the Golan Heights. Read more

Situations Vacant…writes Michael Kuttner

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This week has provided yet more proof that in Washington at least the battle against Islamic terror is at best half-hearted and at worst magnificently muddled.
Read more

Don’t mention the war…writes Michael Kuttner

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Do you remember the episode from Fawlty Towers where a group of German tourists was due to visit and Basil, played by John Cleese, warned his staff “don’t mention the war?” Read more

Islam Must Degrade And Destroy Islamic State

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The impassioned plea by the father of a Jordanian F16 fighter pilot captured by Islamic State has shot down attempts by American President Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to distance Islam from the Islamic State (ISIL)…writes David Singer. Read more

Netanyahu tells Ban Ki-moon Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated his claim that Hamas is ISIS and ISIS as Hamas…this time to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Read more