Respecting the Challah…writes Rabbi Michoel Gourarie

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When we make the Friday night Kiddush the two Challot are covered. One of the reasons for this practice is about the treatment of the Challah. Read more

Beach Shabbat

February 11, 2015 by  
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Over 150 community members from many different cultures and backgrounds attended OBK’s Shabbat on Sydney’s Tamarama Beach. Read more

On the beach

January 18, 2015 by  
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Following the success of previous Tamarama beach Shabbat experiences, Our Big Kitchen will again host this year’s biggest Shabbat dinner under the stars.  Read more

Shabbat under the stars

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Our Big Kitchen will once again hosting this year’s biggest Shabbat dinner under the stars on Sydney’s Tamarama Beach. Read more