US plan not a good deal but Israel accepts it: Netanyahu aide

June 3, 2024 by  
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An aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has confirmed that Israel has accepted a framework deal for winding down the Gaza war being advanced by US President Joe Biden. Read more

Israeli military takes full control of Gaza-Egypt border

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The Israel Defence Forces said on Wednesday it was in full “operational control” of the entire Gaza-Egypt border and has so far located 20 tunnels leading into the Egyptian Sinai. Read more

Israel begins evacuating Palestinians from Rafah

May 6, 2024 by  
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The Israel Defence Forces began evacuating Palestinians in parts of Rafah today, ahead of an expected military advance on the city. Read more

Hamas presses on with Gaza truce talks without Israel

March 5, 2024 by  
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Hamas and Egyptian mediators are pressing on with talks in Cairo on securing a ceasefire in Gaza, despite Israel’s decision not to send a delegation, as Washington pressed again for a truce, the release of hostages and a plan to alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe. Read more

Israel agrees ceasefire framework, now up to Hamas: US

March 3, 2024 by  
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Israel has essentially endorsed a framework of a proposed Gaza ceasefire and hostage release deal, and it is now up to Hamas to agree to it, a day before talks to reach an agreement were to resume in Egypt. Read more

Plan for one-month Gaza truce makes progress

January 24, 2024 by  
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Israel and Hamas have moved closer to an agreement on a 30-day ceasefire in Gaza when Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners would be released, sources tell Reuters, as Israel presses ahead with its assault on southern Gaza’s main city of Khan Younis. Read more

Hamas rejects offer of two-month ceasefire for release of all hostages

January 24, 2024 by  
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Hamas rejected an Israeli proposal for a two-month ceasefire in exchange for the staged release of the 136 remaining hostages being held in the Gaza Strip, a senior Egyptian official told the Associated Press on Tuesday. Read more

Egypt floats ambitious plan to end Israel-Hamas war

December 25, 2023 by  
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Egypt has put forward an ambitious, initial proposal to end the Israel-Hamas war with a ceasefire, a phased hostage release and the creation of a Palestinian government of experts. Read more

Egypt offers to set up tent city inside Gaza

October 24, 2023 by  
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Fearing a mass migration into the Sinai, Egypt offered on Monday morning to set up a tent city inside Gaza for Palestinians displaced by the war. Read more

US reports deal with Egypt to restart aid to Gaza

October 19, 2023 by  
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Egypt has agreed to reopen its border crossing with the Gaza Strip to allow aid to reach Palestinians, the US says, as the humanitarian crisis worsened in the narrow enclave and anti-Israel protests flared across the Middle East. Read more

Egypt border to reopen, work on aid delivery, says US

October 16, 2023 by  
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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the Egyptian-controlled border crossing into Gaza will reopen and the US is working with Egypt, Israel and the United Nations to get assistance through it. Read more

Conditional Friendships

September 1, 2023 by  
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One can always discern when a potential friendship is really a conditional one. Read more

Three Israeli soldiers, Egypt officer die in gunbattle

June 4, 2023 by  
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Three Israeli soldiers and an Egyptian security officer have been killed near the countries’ border, Israel and Egypt say, in an incident whose details remain unclear. Read more

Israelis, Palestinians meet amid West Bank violence

February 27, 2023 by  
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Palestinian and Israeli officials have agreed during face-to-face talks to take steps to build mutual confidence following a rash of deadly violence. Read more

Egypt wants West Bank violence quelled ahead of Ramadan

February 10, 2023 by  
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Egypt has stepped up mediation between Israel and the Palestinians in a bid to tamp down violence in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank and prevent its spread to the Gaza Strip ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Read more

On the other hand

June 19, 2022 by  
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When the Hebrew Prophet, Isaiah, predicted that one day Israel would be a “light unto the nations” his prophecy must have seemed rather far-fetched. Read more

Gaza terror organisations to respond to IDF’s operation in Jenin

April 4, 2022 by  
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The Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper reported Sunday that sources in the Gaza Strip say that Egypt and Qatar are acting as mediators and have stepped up efforts to obtain calm, especially in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, following the operation in Jenin in which three Islamic Jihad operatives were eliminated by Israeli Special Forces as they were on their way to carry out a terror attack. Read more

UN, Jordan, Egypt, PLO & Hamas need to return to 5 June 1967

January 24, 2022 by  
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The United Nations (UN), Jordan, Egypt, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Hamas need to focus on the current reality that the two-state solution called for in UN Security Council Resolution 2334 is impossible to achieve: Creating a second Arab State in 5% of former Palestine – in addition to Jordan – which presently exercises sovereignty in 78% of former Palestine. Read more

Egyptian mediation efforts continue as fears of another conflict loom

January 3, 2022 by  
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“Egypt continues to mediate between Israel and Hamas in light of the understanding that the situation in the Gaza Strip is close to exploding and that Israel and Hamas are closer to another round of violence since Operation Guardian of the Walls ended” in May, a source told TPS yesterday. Read more

‘Important interest for Israel’: FM Lapid meets with Egypt’s president El-Sisi in Cairo

December 10, 2021 by  
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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi hosted Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid on Thursday at the Al-Ittihadiya Palace in Cairo for what was described by the Lapid’s office as “a long and warm meeting.” Read more

Egypt’s proposal infuriates Hamas: economic rehabilitation in exchange for long term truce

December 1, 2021 by  
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A Palestinian source has told TPS that Egyptian intelligence had recently offered the Hamas leadership to open economic horizons for it in Egypt and pursue a very generous passage policy at the border crossings, in exchange for a long term ceasefire with Israel, but Hamas sees this as interfering in its internal affairs and as an Egyptian bargaining chip. Read more

Bennett meets with Egyptian President El-Sisi in Sinai

September 14, 2021 by  
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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in Sharm El-Sheikh yesterday. Read more

Visit of senior US official to PA – preparing for resumption of negotiations with Israel?

July 12, 2021 by  
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Palestinian and Arab sources have reported in recent days on accelerated diplomatic activity in preparation for the resumption of the diplomatic process between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli government, mediated by Egypt and Jordan. Read more

Hamas agrees to new mechanism for receiving Qatari money

June 30, 2021 by  
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A new agreement between Israel and Qatar will enable the entry of Qatari funds into the Gaza Strip as early as this weekend, Arab sources confirmed yesterday. Read more

Egypt cleans and removes slums near 1,200-year-old Jewish cemetery

February 24, 2019 by  
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In response to requests from the international Jewish community, Egypt has started eliminating slums near Bassatine Cemetery, in the eastern part of the second-oldest Jewish cemetery on earth, according to those in Cairo and others familiar with the situation. Read more

Trump administration reportedly ramping up Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

August 5, 2018 by  
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The Trump administration is reportedly ramping up preparations for the unveiling of an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, although a timetable for its release remains unclear. Read more

A peace of paper is not enough

February 1, 2018 by  
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In 2018, we will mark 40 years since the 1978 Camp David accords that paved the way for peace between Egypt and Israel…writes Rabbi Dr Danny Schiff. Read more

The enemy of my enemy

October 25, 2017 by  
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The dramatic swing to the right in the recent Austrian elections is likely to have widespread repercussions throughout Europe. It will also oblige Israel to reconsider its current approach to far right-wing groups….writes Isi Leibler. Read more

Israel and Egypt grow closer, but antisemitism remains part of the equation

June 11, 2015 by  
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As the Middle East grapples with the fallout of the so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions and the rise of terror groups like Islamic State, Arab states have sought increased cooperation with Israel in areas such as military and intelligence in order to confront ongoing threats. Read more

Truce does not equal peace…writes Michael Kuttner

August 22, 2014 by  
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One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face. Read more

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