This global health crisis and Passover

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A special message from Prime Minister Scott Morrison for an out of the ordinary Passover. Read more

Passover: We have reason to rejoice…writes Isi Leibler

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Tomorrow, most Israelis, secular as well as observant, will celebrate Passover, the festival of freedom in which we recount our life of slavery and exodus from Egypt and how we became a nation. Read more

This year in a rebuilt and expanded Jerusalem…writes Michael Kuttner

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Winter is over and spring has sprung. Passover preparations are in full swing, the blossoms are blooming and Israel prepares to welcome an influx of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Read more

A Holocaust Pesach diary

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Yad Vashem has published excerpts from a Melbourne woman’s diary chronicling her time in the Gabersdorf Labor Camp in the hope they can learn more about the women incarcerated there. Read more

Teach your children…writes Michael Kuttner

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Every Passover eve Jews worldwide sit down with family and friends to recount the story of the Exodus from Egypt and learn its lessons. Read more

Why is this bite different from all other bites?…asks Tami Sussman

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If the thought of giving up bread, pasta, muesli and Tim Tams for a bit over a week makes you want to pluck your eyebrows off, then have no fear – you are experiencing a normal response to an anticipatory thought of Passover. Read more