Video: Manny Waks in town to cover the Malka Leifer hearing

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Manny Waks gets out of lockdown quarantine after flying from Israel to Melbourne to be present for Malka Leifer’s court case. Read more

Leifer hearings go in reverse

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In the Jerusalem District Court Judge Chana Lomp has accepted the request by Malka Leifer’s legal team to allow them to bring two of the psychiatrists that they previously brought in testify on Leifer’s behalf in order to hear their views on the most recent psychiatric panel’s decision. Read more

Leifer applies for bail

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The day after Rosh Hashana, the case to extradite Malka Leifer who is wanted in Australia to face 74 charges of child sexual abuse, will be in a Jerusalem court again as her lawyers apply for bail. Read more

Manny Waks talks with Henry Greener

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While Manny Waks was in Melbourne recently, he spoke with Henry Greener about his journey as a victim, and now the globe-trotting advocate for justice in the field of child sex abuse….a video report. Read more

Groner event causes distress

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An event to commemorate the 10th yahrzeit of Rabbi Yitzhak Groner has caused distress to victims of child sexual abuse according to The Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Read more

Chabad’s hollow statements on child sexual abuse…writes Manny Waks

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The report of a new public statement by seven (seemingly random) Chabad rabbis calling for the immediate reporting to state authorities of reasonable suspicions of abuse is welcome news, especially their unequivocal announcement that prior rabbinic advice is unnecessary. Read more

Silent no more

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Billed as a night for reflection, understanding, healing and regret, Silent No More is Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre’s response towards the widespread child sexual abuse which has existed in the school system since the 1980s. Read more

On reflection – Manny Waks post the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse yeshiva and yeshivah hearings

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Nearly four years ago, when I publicly disclosed the sexual abuse I endured as a child at Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre, I did not envisage that today so many around the world would know exactly what had happened to myself and so many other children at that institution. Read more

At peace with the Groners

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Manny Waks was a victim of child sexual abuse whilst attending Melbourne’s Yeshivah College when it was under the supervision of the late Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner. He has accepted an apology from Rabbi Groner’s children. Read more

Mikveh Rules

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Tzedek, the advocacy group working against child sexual abuse, has published guidelines for those involved in the operations of a male mikveh, a ritual bath, when boys are involved. Read more

Waks apologises

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The CEO of child sexual abuse advocacy organisation Tzedek Manny Waks has apologised for allegations made about Rabbi Abraham Glick. Read more

Tzedek welcomes jail sentences for failing to report child sex abuse

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Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has introduced new laws giving courts the power to jail those who fail to report to the police  instances of child sex abuse for up to three years. Read more

Melchior to advise Tzedek

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Former Member of Knesset and Cabinet Minister, Rabbi Michael Melchior, has joined the Tzedek Board of Advisors. Read more

David Cyprys – suppression order lifted

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Former security guard at Melbourne’s Yeshivah College David Cyprys has been facing charges in Melbourne’s County Court since last month of more than 40 offences against children in the 198os and 1990s….but proceedings have been subject to a suppression order until today. Read more

Waks in Africa

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Manny Waks is CEO of Tzedek, an advocacy organisation which champions the cause of the cictims of sexual abuse. He has been on a visit to South Africa. Tali Feinberg reports from Cape Town… Read more

The Spirit of Manny

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ABC’s Rachael Kohn has interviewed Manny Waks…the oldest member of seventeen children who was sexually abused as a child attending Yeshiva in Melbourne…. Read more

Kramer sentencing: the aftermath and a repeated apology

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The Rabbinical Council of Victoria has its say, the Yeshivah College apologises again and Tzedek responds… Read more

Now is the time

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The Commonwealth Royal Commission Inquiry into child sexual abuse within organisations has now commenced.  Tzedek, an Australian-based advocacy group for Jewish victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, is uniquely positioned to provide evidence to the Royal Commission about the nature and extent of past and present child sexual abuse within Jewish organisations. Read more

Senior Yeshivah Officials may face tribunal

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The father of child sex abuse victim Manny Waks is taking two senior officials at the Yeshivah Centre to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Read more

Perth Rabbi’s abuse claim refuted

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Perth Rabbi Dovid Freilich told “The Australian” that he believed 95% of Australian rabbis dealt with sexual abuse matters internally…a claim challenged by the Rabbinical Council of Victoria. Read more

Tzedek applies to appear at the Royal Commission

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Tzedek, the Jewish organisation which has been established to end the silence on child sexual abuse within the Jewish community, has made an application to appear at the Royal Commission into child abuse. Read more

…and Manny Waks responds

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Following the publication of the letter to the ECAJ’s letter to the Victorian Government Inquiry into Handling of Child Abuse, Manny Waks, himself an alleged victim of sexual abuse who made a submission to the Inquiry, responds… Read more

Organisations v Community

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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry has written to the Victorian Government Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and other non-Government Organisations criticising a submission claiming that sections of the Jewish community may have been at fault. Read more