Henry Greener zooms with Rabbi Nir Gurevitch

September 21, 2020 by  

Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation’s Rabbi Nir Gurevitch was born in Israel, moved to New York when he was 12, studied to be a Rabbi and met his wife, Dina Abeshouse, who is from Sydney, while she was studying in New York. Read more

Alexandra Silver talks with Henry Greener

September 18, 2020 by  

New CEO of NCJW Vic., Alexandra Silver zooms in to introduce herself to our community as the lady to take the National Council of Jewish Women (Vic) to the next level of achievement in the field of women’s empowerment and advancement. Read more

Danny Lamm talks to Henry Greener

September 17, 2020 by  

Community Stalwart Dr Danny Lamm is now an elder statesman of the world’s Jewish community, having held many top positions in numerous Zionist organisations in Australia and abroad. Read more

Meet Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff

September 13, 2020 by  

Kabbalah Teacher Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff is Spiritual Director at the Neshama Life Organisation. She talks with Henry Greener. Read more

A chat with Dov Farkas

September 11, 2020 by  

Caulfield Shule’s Cantor Dov Farkas leads the Caulfield Hebrew Congregation in their prayer, with a magnificent tonal voice that is virtually rapturous. Read more

A chat with Jeremy Leibler

September 6, 2020 by  

On Zoom from his home study, president of the Zionist Federation of Australia Jeremy Leibler discusses with Henry Greener the latest news coming in regarding the historic first flight (over Saudi Arabian airspace – also a first!) of an El Al aeroplane from Tel Aviv to Abu Dabi. Read more

Dunera 80th anniversary

September 4, 2020 by  

Dunera Association’s President Ron Reichwald is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the landing of the Dunera in Sydney with over 2,500 German and Austrian Jewish male refugees, destined for internment as enemy aliens at camps in Hay (NSW), Loveday (SA) and Tatura (Vic), after being selected in England, where a German invasion was imminent. VIDEO. Read more

Meet Gideon Rozner

August 31, 2020 by  

Director of Policy at the Melbourne Institute of Public Affairs, Gideon Rozner, has an important role to fulfil at the free-market think tank that is involved in Research of every political, social and economic facet of Australia. Read more

Henry Greener talks with Sam Gross

Personal Trainer Sam Gross set up her Melbourne Flex Training Studio in 2015 at the age of 19. Read more

JNF’s Virtual Gala

Ilana Maizels, Executive Director of JNF Vic. and Steven Salamon, President of JNF Vic. zoom in together to tell Henry Greener about their annual fundraising event, which this year will be conducted online on September 1…a video report. Read more

He’s Australian from Laotian parentage…but he loves Yiddish

Akarin Siriamphone loves Yiddish…he talks with Henry Greener. Read more

Exploring Chabad’s history in Victoria

Mottel Feiglin’s role as Executive Producer of a 2-part film tracing his family history has created a digital comprehensive document of the origins and life’s work of Mottel’s grandfather who, with a few other Chabad families established the Yeshivah Centre in Hotham Street East StKilda. Henry Greener talks with him. Read more

The Shtick on J-Wire: Wellbeing in COVID-19 times

Melbourne nutritionist Talitha Newton is also a Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Life Coach, who advises her clients on how to deal with their health challenges, be it mental, physical or spiritual. Read more

Henry Greener talks with Bren Carlill

ZFA’s Public Affairs Director Bren Carlill is the media liaison connector between our local community and Israel. Read more

The launch of “Power Broker: Mark Leibler – an Australian Jewish Life”

Edited video excerpts from Julia Gillard and Noel Pearson’s speeches at the launch of Michael Gawenda’s book “Power Broker: Mark Leibler An Australian Jewish Life”, published by Monash University Publications. Read more

Cinema and COVID

Queen of The Classic Lindy Tamir discusses with Henry Greener cinema in the times of COVID, as the entire industry struggles to adapt to the lockdown. Read more

Meet Danny Ben-Moshe

Henry Greener interviews award-winning documentary filmmaker Danny Ben-Moshe who established Identity Films in 2006. Read more

Meet Rabbi Gabi Kaltmann

Henry Greener talks with the Ark Centre’s Rabbi Gabi Kaltmann who has been appointed the AFL Multicultural Ambassador as well as becoming a White Ribbon Australia Ambassador. Read more

Meet the Frydenbergs

June 23, 2020 by  

Bariatric Surgeon Harry Frydenberg was the first Presenter on The Shtick way back in 2004. So, it seemed appropriate for Henry Greener to invite him to be his final Guest on C31, as he and his wife Dr Erica Frydenberg Zoom in from Lorne, where they have been living during the lockdown. Read more

Meet Josh Burns and Tim Watts

Federal MPs Josh Burns and Tim Watts  Zoom in from Parliament House in Canberra to chat with Henry Greener on topics of interest that keep them engaged as Labor Members of Parliament, including Child Care, Housing Industry support and the need to keep Community TV alive. Read more

Meet Natalie King

Professor Natalie King was awarded an OAM in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her dedicated work as Curator for Contemporary Art and Visual Culture. She talks with Henry Greener on Zoom. Read more

Jeffrey Rosenfeld talks with Henry Greener on medical bridges between Israelis and Palestinians

Professor Doctor Major-General Jeffrey Rosenfeld pops in to do a 30-second endorsement video for Project Rozana and ends up doing an entire segment in Henry’s Lounge Room Studio. Read more

Meet Dr Sue Silberberg

Dr Sue Silberberg has released a History Book entitled “A Networked Community – Jewish Melbourne in the Nineteenth Century”, an Academic Publication of her PhD Thesis at Melbourne University…she talks with Henry Greener. Read more

Meet Vered Harel

Vered Harel initiated the Circle of Health, an awareness and activities program connected to Australian Friends of Rambam, of which she is the Executive Director. Read more

Shade Zahrai talks with Henry Greener

Shade Zahrai, an award-winning corporate strategist, career development expert for women, motivational speaker and life coach helps organizations navigate disruptions, inspires and motivates us in these times of uncertainty. Read more

Founder of Limmud meets Henry Greener

Educator, Author and Scholar Clive Lawton is the Founder of Limmud UK in 1980, with the aim to foster Jewish education. Read more

A happy serious dentist

Dentist Dr Harry Marget has a great sense of humour but is very serious about the research, application and outcomes of his work in the field of dental care…he talks with Henry Greener. Read more

A GP talks about Coronavirus with Henry Greener

GP and Author Dr Leon Massage discussing the health aspects of the coronavirus. The more we know, the less likely are we to contract it… Read more

Henry Greener meets Deb Filler

Henry Greener discovers the many roles DebFiller has filled in her Brilliant Career as a writer, performer, actor, comedian and musician. Read more

Meet Helen Light…a video interview

November 28, 2019 by  

Dr Helen Light is a multi-cultural consultant with a very long list of positions she has held during her brilliant career in Melbourne over the past 40 years. Read more

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