Malka Leifer trial set for next year

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Former ultra-orthodox school principal Malka Leifer will stand trial on child sexual abuse charges in Melbourne next year. Read more

BREAKING: More sex abuse charges for Malka Leifer

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More charges have been laid against former ultra-orthodox school principal Malka Leifer, who has been ordered to stand trial over child sexual abuse allegations. Read more

Malka Leifer ordered to stand trial

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Former ultra-orthodox school principal Malka Leifer has been ordered to stand trial on 70 child sexual abuse charges. Read more

Third sister begins Leifer evidence

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The third of three sisters who allege they were abused by former ultra-Orthodox school principal Malka Leifer has begun her evidence. Read more

Video: Manny Waks in town to cover the Malka Leifer hearing

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Manny Waks gets out of lockdown quarantine after flying from Israel to Melbourne to be present for Malka Leifer’s court case. Read more

Support for victims as Malka Leifer’s court proceedings start on Monday.

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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria, Tzedek and VoiCSA are express their support for Nicole Meyer, Dassi Erlich and Elly Sapper, and all of the alleged victims/survivors of Malka Leifer ahead of the committal hearing starting on Monday. Read more

Australian government welcomes Leifer decision

September 23, 2020 by  
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The Morrison Government has welcomed a decision by an Israeli court that has paved the way for former Melbourne school teacher Malka Leifer to finally face due process back in Australia. Read more

Australia welcomes Leifer decision

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The Australian Government has welcomed the decision in Israel that Malka Leifer is fit to stand trial and be extradited to Australia. Read more

Will Tuesday be Decision Day?

May 22, 2020 by  
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In the Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday, Judge Chana Lomp is scheduled to hand down her ruling on Malka Leifer’s mental fitness to face the hearing seeking her extradition from Israel to Australia to face 74 charges of alleged child sexual abuse. Read more

Leifer hearings go in reverse

February 19, 2020 by  
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In the Jerusalem District Court Judge Chana Lomp has accepted the request by Malka Leifer’s legal team to allow them to bring two of the psychiatrists that they previously brought in testify on Leifer’s behalf in order to hear their views on the most recent psychiatric panel’s decision. Read more

Litzman: Hadassah Australia adds its voice

January 3, 2020 by  
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The Directors of Hadassah Australia have given their strong support to the President of the Zionist Federation of Australia, Jeremy Leibler who wrote to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemning the appointment of United Torah Judaism’s Yaakov Litzman MK, to the position of Health Minister in Israel. Read more

Dear Prime Minister….”a slap in the face”

December 29, 2019 by  
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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to be expected to announce United Torah’s Rabbi Yaakov Litzman appointment as Health Minister despite the police recommendations that he should be charged for the alleged role he played to prevent Malka Leifer being extradited to Australia…”a slap in the face to the Australian Jewish community”. Read more

Jewish leaders outraged on latest Leifer setback

October 4, 2019 by  
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Jewish community leaders in Australia have expressed outrage at the latest setbacks in the bid to extradite Malka Leifer from Israel to Australia to face 74 charges involving allegations that she sexually abused at least eight pupils under care while she was principal of the Adass Israel school in Melbourne. Read more

Leifer applies for bail

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The day after Rosh Hashana, the case to extradite Malka Leifer who is wanted in Australia to face 74 charges of child sexual abuse, will be in a Jerusalem court again as her lawyers apply for bail. Read more

Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce apologises for Litzman meeting

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In response to the outrage regarding Sunday’s meeting between a senior Australian delegation and Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, both the Israel-based  Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Premier of West Australia has apologised for facilitating the event. Read more

Leifer protest planned

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Child sexual abuse advocate Manny Waks is planning a public protest outside the Jerusalem court which will hear the next hearing in the battle to extradite Malka Leifer to Australia where she is facing 74 charges for child sexual abuse between 2003 and 2008 when Leifer fled to Israel. Read more

Zohar Rabbinical Organization issues call for immediate extradition of Malka Leifer

November 30, 2018 by  
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In a meeting with Dassi Ehrlich, Nicole Meyer and Elly Sapper, three sisters who have accused Malka Leifer of sexual abuse while the three were her students, Rabbi David Stav, Chairman and founder of Tzohar, expressed the organization’s full support for the sisters’ campaign to have Leifer extradited to Australia to stand trial for her alleged crimes. Read more

Leifer not expected to appear in closed court today

November 27, 2018 by  
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The ongoing saga in the legal stoush to extradite Malka Leifer from Israel to Melbourne where she faces 74 charges of child sexual abuse continues in a Jerusalem court without the accused and in a closed court. Read more

Dassi Erlich tells her story

June 27, 2018 by  
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JNFNSW, in collaboration of the Jewish House and The Australian Jewish News, raised awareness for victims of child sexual abuse and support for the Association of Rape Crisis Centres in Israel.  Read more

Malka Leifer: bail refused

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The Jerusalem District Court rejected a request by defence attorneys to release Malka Leifer, the former principal of an ultra-Orthodox high school for girls in Melbourne, Australia on bail. Read more

Malka Leifer: another psychiatric test

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Malka Leifer, wanted in Australia to face 74 charges of child sexual abuse, did not appear in court yesterday in Israel where Australian authorities seek her extradition. Read more

PM keeps his date with Dassi

September 29, 2017 by  
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Dassi Erlich met with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Melbourne today to discuss her campaign t0 fight for the extradition of Malka Leifer to Australia to face 74 criminal charges for alleged sexual abuse of school children under her care while she was the headmistress of the Adass Israel School in Melbourne prior to her sudden departure for Israel in 2008. Read more

Another student starts proceedings

September 18, 2015 by  
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Melbourne’s The Age newspaper has reported that a second former student has commenced proceedings against the ultra-orthodox Adass Yisroel School following this week’s judgement awarding over $1 million to a former student who allegedly suffered sexual abuse. Read more

$1m awarded to sex abuse victim

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A woman alleged to have been sexually abused by the principal of a Jewish day school in Melbourne has been awarded $1 million in damages. Read more

Danby supports arrest and extradition

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Federal Labor MP Michael Danby has told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper that an Israeli woman should face charges of child sex abuse whilst employed in Melbourne if allegations of her doing so were true. Read more