Lyons’ blatant twisting of an email demonstrates the shallowness and unprofessionalism of his latest monograph

October 8, 2021 by  

Sometimes the veracity of a piece of writing can be easily assessed from the way one source document is used or misused…writes Jamie Hyams. Read more

A response to Michael Kuttner’s Brick Wall

October 8, 2021 by  

I must respond to Michael Kutter and his Brick Walls story and I make the point that in recent years we have seen some changes here. Read more

B’nai B’rith Bargain Bazaar. For some it is a second-hand shop, for others it is a second home.

October 6, 2021 by  

Since its inception, Sydney’s B’nai B’rith’s Bargain Bazaar Charity Shop has become an institution…writes Ori Golan. Read more

John Lyons’ criticism of “the Jewish lobby”: A reader proffers an explanation

October 5, 2021 by  

As a member of the Australian Jewish community (Australian first and foremost), I agree with most of John Lyons’ complaints. Read more

ASIO head backs Hamas terror listing

October 1, 2021 by  

The head of Australia’s national security agency has backed listing the entirety of Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organisation. Read more

The Battle of Haifa

September 20, 2021 by  

On 23 September, India and Israel commemorate the decisive Battle of Haifa…writes Ian Dunwoodie. Read more

President Biden’s short road back

September 17, 2021 by  

On August 14, 2020, I woke up to a barrage of WhatsApp messages. Group conversations I’m in were buzzing. The UAE and Israel had just announced a peace deal. People wanted to know, was this genuine peace? Was it a joke?..writes Robert Gregory.

Read more

Leifer hearing: Cleaner saw Leifer at school with girls

September 16, 2021 by  

After days of testimony behind closed doors, a former cleaner at a Jewish school has given evidence in open court against Malka Leifer. Read more

Leifer allegations aired in closed court

September 14, 2021 by  

Former school principal Malka Leifer, who was extradited from Israel to face child sexual abuse charges, has heard evidence from her accusers in the second day of closed court hearings. Read more

Israel Police chief urges caution in face of remaining two ‘desperate’ terrorist fugitives

September 13, 2021 by  

Five days into a national hunt for six Palestinian security prisoners who escaped from a jail in northern Israel, police captured two of the fugitives—Yaqoub Qadri and Mahmoud Ardah—in Nazareth on Friday night. Read more

Lior Raz on new show shot in Brooklyn, remembering 9/11 and being called sexy

September 12, 2021 by  

Being an international action star might be enough for some, but not for Lior Raz…writes Alan Zeitlin. Read more

After 80 years, correct headstone to be erected on WWII grave of 15-year-old Jew

September 8, 2021 by  

In early 1940, thirteen-year-old Jacob Sorsky ran away to sea and joined the Merchant Navy, keen to fight the Nazis. Just two years later he was killed – the second-youngest soldier to die whilst serving in the Australian Army in WWII – and then buried in an unknown grave, on the other side of the world from his family. Read more

The Taliban’s Palestinian partners: Implications for the Middle East peace process

September 8, 2021 by  

The Taliban’s reconquest of Afghanistan, followed by the ISIS-K bombing that killed 13 U.S. military personnel and scores of civilians, underscores the far-reaching implications of the U.S. withdrawal from the country. The mujahideen’s takeover of Kabul, following a 20-year U.S. counter-terror campaign against Al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups in Afghanistan, has reenergized the global jihad’s slow and determined war against the West…write…Dan Diker and Khaled Abu Toameh. Read more

New president for the JCCWA

August 27, 2021 by  

A well-attended Jewish Community Council of Western Australia AGM last week saw significant changes to the Executive. Read more

Podcast: Morry Frenkel talks with Senator Sarah Henderson on the Burnside fallout, rising antisemitism and the ABC

August 22, 2021 by  

L’Chaim -To Life has focused once again on the world’s oldest hatred: antisemitism. Morry Frenkel interviews Senator Sarah Henderson (Liberal Victoria) on the fallout from the Burnside Nazi Israel tweet, the National socialist Network, the ABC, and online antisemitism. Read more

Why Israel’s Kashrut Reform Bill matters for the Diaspora

August 22, 2021 by  

In mid-July, Israel’s Minister of Religious Affairs proposed a bill that would introduce a reform to the country’s kashrut industry…writes Rabbi David Stav. Read more

BBYO: up and coming youth organisation

August 18, 2021 by  

As a new youth organization, only recently restarting in Sydney, BBYO NSW is moving in the right direction and becoming an “up and coming” youth organisation in Sydney. Read more

‘Thrill of victory and agony of defeat’? Paralympic athletes are already winners, say Israelis

August 13, 2021 by  

Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and the sports world, meet Pascale Bercovitch, Shraga Weinberg, Moran Samuel and Doron Shaziri…writes Howard Blas. Read more

Israel looks to iconic Australian Surf Life Saving model as drowning prevention solution

August 13, 2021 by  

The iconic Australian Surf Life Saving model made history when it was presented by Paul Hakim, a member of Sydney’s Coogee Surf Life Saving Club, to the Israel Knesset Parliamentary Committee for Interior Affairs and Environmental Protection…reports Sarah Vanunu. Read more

Two decades after Sbarro suicide bombing, survivors’ scars are still healing

August 10, 2021 by  

Twenty years ago, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Sbarro restaurant at the corner of King George Street and Jaffa Road in the centre of Jerusalem…writes Sharon Altshul. Read more

‘Fauda’ star has another smash hit on Netflix with ‘Hit & Run’

August 10, 2021 by  

Revenge is a dish best served Israeli. Read more

Remembering Lilly

August 5, 2021 by  

This is a really sad day for us who have been working with Lilly for a very long time – she was a such strong person – you were never unsure of whose presence you were in when you were with Lilly…writes Valerie Rubel. Read more

Me and Jackie

August 5, 2021 by  

I only met Jackie Mason once. Read more

Elon Gold dishes on Jackie Mason, COVID-19 and why Jews are so nervous

August 3, 2021 by  

Elon Gold, known as one of the best living Jewish comedians, spoke with great reverence of a Jewish comedy legend who died on July 24 at the age of 93…write Alan Zeitlin. Read more

Film about Israeli lawyer who advocates for terrorists gets double Emmy nod

July 30, 2021 by  

A controversial Israeli documentary about an Israeli attorney who represents terrorists received a double Emmy nomination on Wednesday. Read more


July 28, 2021 by  

If you’re looking for an opportunity to support and guide the next generation of Jewish leaders, there are opportunities for you to work at AUJS.

Read more

International lawmakers lay out roadmap to tackle anti-Semitism online

July 18, 2021 by  

Members of the Inter-Parliamentary Task Force to Combat Online Anti-Semitism released an interim report on Wednesday highlighting ideas to battle anti-Jewish hate online. Read more

Shabbat Matot Masei

July 9, 2021 by  

The Book of Numbers draws to a close with themes of tribes, journeys, and possessions, with the fight for survival, cities of refuge and vows, thrown in for good measure. Read more

Israeli President Isaac Herzog carries on a family tradition

July 9, 2021 by  

Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s path was paved by the generations that came before him…writes Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. Read more

Tzvi Ainsworth, 68, and Itty Ainsworth, 66: Devoted parents and Chabad community pillars

July 6, 2021 by  

Modest and dignified, Tzvi and Itty Ainsworth were beloved by all who knew them and were noted for their generous hospitality and devotion towards helping others in need. Read more

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