Germany to produce three new submarines for Israel

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The Israel Ministry of Defense and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems have signed an agreement for the development and production of three advanced submarines for the Israeli Navy. Read more

Who is Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s new foreign minister?

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Annalena Baerbock’s career as the first female foreign minister in Germany was introduced to the Jewish community with a Jewish-inspired hiccup. Read more

German antisemitism, real and perceived

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There were more than 2,000 reported antisemitic incidents in Germany in 2020 and just under 2,000 the previous year. That’s around or five or six incidents, some of them involving violence or verbal abuse, every day. Read more

Incoming high tide warning

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The high priests of climate change are predicting that in the near future we may be engulfed by rising ocean levels. Read more

European Union and Germany plot to see Jerusalem divided

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The decision by the European Union (EU) and Germany to launch the East Jerusalem Tourism Development Programme is in reality a blatant attempt by them to see Jerusalem divided by creating political facts on the ground under the guise of helping promote tourism in East Jerusalem. Read more

EU, Germany launch program to ‘Maintain Palestinian Identity’ of Jerusalem

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The European Union and Germany have launched the “East Jerusalem Tourism Development Programme” and inaugurated the Tourism Development Hub in eastern Jerusalem, with the objective of “maintaining the Palestinian identity of the city.” Read more

In the face of European hypocrisy, time for Israel’s supporters to remake the cultural weather

The European Commission released on Tuesday its first official strategy on fighting antisemitism and promoting Jewish life. Read more

German elections see rise of centre-left as Merkel-era comes to end

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The Social Democratic Party (SPD) headed by Finance Minister Olaf Scholz has emerged as the victor of Germany’s federal elections that took place on Sunday. Read more

IsraAID assistance on way to Germany after country recovers from deluge

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In the wake of devastating heavy rains and flooding that killed more than 150 people last week in western Germany, the nongovernmental humanitarian agency IsraAID is sending staff members to affected areas to provide much-needed clean-up and disaster-relief assistance. Read more

Germany’s lessons for BDS

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Three incidents in three different countries during the last week graphically illustrated the ease with which anti-Zionism can serve as a vehicle for antisemitism. Read more

German parliament passes resolution aimed to outlaw Hezbollah activities

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The German parliament passed a resolution on Thursday calling on the federal government to outlaw activities by the terrorist organization Hezbollah. Read more

German Jewish beauty queen launches ‘Shalom’ campaign on social media

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A German-Jewish beauty queen is launching a campaign to raise awareness about racist and antisemitic incidents and rhetoric afflicting Germany and Western Europe. Read more

Germany bans Hezbollah

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The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has welcomed the decision of the Federal Government of Germany to ban the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah terrorist militia. Read more

Worthless words and shameful silence

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The unfolding tragedy now enveloping the Kurds, recent massacres of the Yazidis and current persecution of Christians & Bahai’s should be a stark reminder to Jews that history does indeed repeat itself. Read more

European rabbis take to the streets in Ulm, Germany

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BERLIN: Forty rabbis from all over Europe walked the streets of the German city of Ulm on Tuesday, a couple of days after Germany’s antisemitism commissioner, Felix Klein, advised Jews against wearing kipot, or skullcaps, in public areas because of rising antisemitism in the country. Read more

President Rivlin ‘deeply shocked’ by German Official’s recommendation that Jews hide their identity 

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said he was “deeply shocked” by a statement made by Dr. Felix Klein,  the German antisemitism commissioner, that it would be preferable for Jews not wear a kippa, a Jewish head covering, in public in Germany out of fear for their safety. Read more

Germany to pay additional $88 million to Holocaust survivors

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Germany has agreed to pay another $88 million to fund social-welfare services for Holocaust survivors, according to the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany on Tuesday. Read more

Europe is not antisemitic, but there is antisemitism in Europe

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Anti-Semitism in many parts of Europe is on the rise not because of government policies, but rather due to pervasive sentiments among various sections of the public, the most senior Jewish community professionals from France, Germany, and Hungary said this week at the World Jewish Congress’ 5th annual National Community Directors’ Forum. Read more

Jewish Life in Germany

Melbourne’s Jewish Holocaust Centre is to present a new exhibition: ‘Jewish Life in Germany Today’. Read more

After the Anuism, the Euorism?

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In medieval Spain and Portugal, Jews hid their true identity to avoid the Inquisition and led double lives. They became known as the Anusim…writes Ron Jontof-Hutter. Read more

Just when you think you have heard it all

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It seems there is no limit when it comes to covering news about Israel and Jews. This week in particular has served up yet more examples of the absurdities we face…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Teach passengers on future ‘Anne Frank’ train the history of Holocaust deportations

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Following reports that Germany’s national railway plans to name a high-speed train after Anne Frank, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder urged Deutsche Bahn to contextualise its decision and provide passengers of the ICE Inter-city Express with information about its predecessor company’s role in the deportation of Jews during the Holocaust. Read more

Demonisation and broken glass

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The resurgence of anti Jewish manifestations thinly disguised as anti Israel protests and the anniversary of Kristallnacht should remind us of the lessons which still need to be learnt…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Far-right AfD party’s rise highlights a ‘fine line’ for German Jews and Israel

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The rise of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in the country’s recent election has been described as a “political earthquake,” while Jewish leaders’ immediate reaction was to express concern about AfD’s views. But what are the broader implications of the party’s electoral showing for German Jews and for Israel?…writes Alina Dain Sharon/ Read more

Does P5+1 = nuclear deal? Examining Iran’s negotiating partners

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After more than a decade of intermittent negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the so-called P5+1 powers—the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, and China—are nearing a June 30 deadline to finalise the Framework for a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was reached in April, or in other words, a final nuclear deal with Iran. Read more

My Deutschland 2014 Diary…writes Michael Danby

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The Greeks may fear and loathe Frankfurt as a crass citadel of German capitalism. Not me. Read more

Achtung! – All Jews Out…writes Michael Kuttner

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Once upon a time not so many years ago, German politicians were telling Jews to get out and go to Palestine if they valued their lives. Well we all know how that eventually ended. Read more