Trees for Cairns planted for Tu B’Shevat

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Cairns Jewish Community celebrated Tu B’Shevat by planting trees for the council. Read more

Why is support for ‘freedom of worship for Jews’ on the Temple Mount so controversial?

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Maybe it was just the product of the ongoing civil war between the different political parties on the Israeli right. Or maybe it was just time that an Israeli prime minister said something that, in a saner world, wouldn’t be considered controversial. Read more

VIDEO: Israelis ascend to the Temple Mount on Tisha B’Av – Muslims attempt to block them

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Over 1,400 Jews ascended to the Temple Mount during the morning hours of Sunday during the Tisha B’Av, despite threats by Gaza-based terror organizations and despite attempts by Muslims at the holy site to block them. Read more

Lessons from Tishah B’Av

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Why do Jews blame themselves?…ask the rabbi. Read more

Tu B’shevat – a message from Jerusalem

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