Jun-17 11:10 pm SBS-World Movies: Fanny’s Journey

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Fanny, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl, and a group of eight children attempt to escape Nazi-occupied France. Read more

Israeli film ‘Asia’ wins awards at Tribeca Film Festival

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The Israeli movie “Asia” won three awards at the Tribeca Film Festival, including one for Israeli actress Shira Haas and the Nora Ephron Award. Read more

Israel Film Archive digitalizes extensive collection, starts to release films online

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After years of work on digitizing its collection of Israeli film clips, the Israel Film Archive (IFA), part of the Jerusalem Cinematheque, is beginning to share its collection online with the goal of eventually digitalizing its entire archive of more than 5,000 hours of film. Read more

Denial: J-Wire giveaways

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J-Wire has double passes for Denial the riveting drama about the real-life showdown between historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) and notorious English Holocaust denier David Irving (Timothy Spall). Read more

JIFF creates Short Film Fund

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Eddie Tamir, Artistic Director, Jewish International Film Festival, (JIFF) has announced the Festival’s inaugural Short Film Fund.

Read more

Silence – a movie review by Glen Falkenstein

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Silence is about as far as you’ll get from Hollywood fare in a February release from an A-list director. Read more

JIFF 2016

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The 2016 Jewish International Film Festival’s Lindy Tamir speaks to Henry Greener…a video presentation. Read more

New Zealand Signs New Film Co-Production Agreement with Israel

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A new film co-production agreement between New Zealand and Israel was cemented this week at the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) in Wellington. Read more

Eastern Boys – a movie review by Roz Tarszisz

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At Paris’s Gare du Nord station, a group of boys – some teenagers, some younger – are hanging around, constantly moving and regrouping. There are at least dozen, fluidly crisscrossing the station.  Who are they? What are they up to? What language are they speaking? It’s certainly not French. Read more

The Gambler … a movie review by Roz Tarszisz

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Watching this straightforward drama, I was struck by the madness of gambling addiction. Read more

Penguins of Madagascar…a movie review by Roz Tarszisz

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Taking a small child to the movies is about so much more than just what’s on the screen; it’s an outing, and the movie can easily end up the least of it. Read more

Film withdrawn from the Israeli Film Festival

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A Melbourne-based patron of the AICE Israeli Film Festival complained to the organisers that the message delivered by one exhibit was in fact anti-Israeli. Read more

God’s Neighbours – a film review by Michelle Coleman

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It was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch Gods Neighbours, an Israeli film by Meni Yaesh about a group of young members of the Breslov Chassidic sect who take it upon themselves to police their neighbourhood and protect it from the scourge of immodestly dressed women, stores that are open on the Sabbath, and purveyors of pornographic material. Read more

Trouble with the Curve 2/4: a movie review by James Berardinelli

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Following his starring role in 2008’s Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood decided to step away from appearing in front of the cameras. His self-imposed acting hiatus lasted four years. Read more

Asia Pacific Screen Awards for Israeli Movie

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“Lebanon”, a film made about an Israeli tank crew in the 1982 Lebanon war, has won the Screen International Jury Grand Prize for its writer/director Samuel Maoz at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. Read more

Paquin up for Golden Globes

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New Zealand actress Anna Paquin has been nominated for a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of a woman who rescued about 2500 Jewish children in WWII. Read more