Dunedin residents exposed to holocaust denial literature in letterboxes

July 29, 2018 by  

Dunedin residents found leaflets dropped into their letterboxes, promoting antisemitic, Holocaust denial material. Read more

Steven Sedley recognised in New Zealand Queen’s Birthday Honours.

June 4, 2018 by  

Wellington resident Steven Sedley has been named in this year’s New Zealand Queen’s Birthday Honours.   Read more

Protests in New Zealand by pro-Palestinian activists over Ben-Gurion screening

May 28, 2018 by  

Pro-Palestinian activists in Wellington and Auckland have demonstrated threats and actions to sabotage the screening of a new film about Israel’s founder and first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Read more

Police restrain protesters in Auckland

May 15, 2018 by  

A line of police prevented conflict restrained a small group of Auckland Peace Action protesters at an Israel 70th anniversary event. Read more

Shofars to blow in 100 NZ locations to bless Israel

April 30, 2018 by  

New Zealand Christians joined together to Bless Israel across the nation and around the world. Read more

Israeli Olympic Swimmer visits New Zealand to swim in Cook Strait open sea event for Parkinson’s research

April 30, 2018 by  

Alon Mandel is an Israeli Olympic butterfly swimmer who represented Israel at the 2008 Summer Olympics and is the national record holder (2014) in 50 and 100 metre butterfly. Read more

New Zealand MP addresses Yom Hashoah commemoration event

April 19, 2018 by  

New Zealand MP Michael Wood, Under Secretary to the Minister of Ethnic Communities addressed the audience at this year’s Yom Hashoah commemoration event. Read more

New Zealand Green MP supports anti-Israel rally

April 19, 2018 by  

An Anti-Israel rally held in Auckland on Sunday heard Greens MP Gorliz Ghahraman falsely accuse Israel of genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. Read more

New Zealand paramedic receives award for six-hour rescue of Israeli tourist

April 15, 2018 by  

A St John intensive care paramedic has received the New Zealand Search and Rescue Council’s gold award for a six-hour rescue mission last year. Read more

Pop Poetry launch event celebrates Jewish culture on Auckland’s Karangaphape Road

March 25, 2018 by  

Pop Poetry launched on Auckland’s well known Karangahape Road this week and runs for two further days, finishing on Sunday. Read more

Auckland landmark synagogue for sale

March 13, 2018 by  

An Auckland CBD landmark historic building dating from 1885 which played a focus in early Jewish life for almost a century, is now up for sale. Read more

Auckland high school student wears ‘inappropriate’ striped pyjamas with Jewish star to athletics day.

February 23, 2018 by  

A Bosnian living in Auckland has laid a complaint about an Auckland high school student who wore a Holocaust victim costume to school. Read more

Anne Frank: ‘Let Me Be Myself’ Exhibition tours New Zealand

February 12, 2018 by  

The Wellington-based Holocaust Centre of New Zealand (HCNZ) has welcomed the exhibition Anne Frank: Let Me Be Myself to New Zealand which has opened in Auckland. Read more

Israeli travellers sentenced in New Zealand for drug smuggling

December 22, 2017 by  

Three Israeli men in their mid-twenties have been sentenced in a New Zealand court for trying to smuggle millions of dollars worth of the drug MDMA, or ecstasy, into New Zealand in January this year. Read more

New Zealand school targeted by antisemitic vandals

December 21, 2017 by  

Mana has been restored at a North Island primary school New Zealand.  Read more

New Zealand pop icon Lorde faces backlash for upcoming Israel concert

December 21, 2017 by  

Kiwi pop icon Lorde is facing backlash for scheduling a concert in Israel for 2018. Her fans demanding that she boycotts the country completely. Read more

New Zealand Pop icon set to perform in Israel in 2018

December 20, 2017 by  

New Zealand pop icon Lorde will play one concert in Tel Aviv next year. Read more

Auckland Domain will be home for a new Holocaust Memorial made of Jewish ghetto cobblestones.

December 7, 2017 by  

Auckland is receiving its first ever Holocaust tribute in the shape of a living garden formed by using cobblestones from a Jewish ghetto. Read more

Diplomatic freeze between New Zealand and Israel seen as a “blemish” on World Stage

December 1, 2017 by  

The diplomatic freeze between New Zealand and Israel is being labeled a “blemish” on New Zealand’s reputation internationally. Read more

Auckland’s only cemetery catering for Jews running out of space

November 15, 2017 by  

The Waikumete cemetery located in Glen Eden, Auckland, was established in 1886 to replace the Symonds Street graveyard in central Auckland and is the only place that provides for Jewish burials. Read more

Dame Susan Devoy speaks out about Anti-Semitic Hate Speech from Iranian Embassy in New Zealand

November 1, 2017 by  

Race Relations Commissioner, Dame Susan Devoy says racism in New Zealand should be ignored “at our peril”. Read more

Anti-Semitic blogger Brendon O’Connell arrested on arrival to New Zealand

October 29, 2017 by  

Brendan Lee O’Connell, 46, was jailed in 2011 in Perth after being found guilty of six racial hatred charges – and has failed to claim political asylum in New Zealand. Read more

Historian travels New Zealand to recount Holocaust Denial experience

October 17, 2017 by  

History aficionados attended an event at University of Otago’s Wellington Campus on the weekend to hear a famous historian share how he overcame an infamous Holocaust denier. Read more

Israeli students receive New Zealand citizenship in Dunedin

October 7, 2017 by  

Israeli siblings Ari and Michelle Fridman pledged oaths as two of the sixty-eight people to officially become New Zealand citizens at a ceremony in Dunedin this week. Read more

Innovation funding agreement underway for New Zealand and Israel

October 7, 2017 by  

A new innovation agreement is currently being forged between the New Zealand and Israeli governments. Read more

Wife Murderer Colin Bouwer paroled and to be deported

September 7, 2017 by  

South African Colin Bouwer, the psychiatrist who killed his wife with poison, has been released on parole in New Zealand. Read more

Kiwi teen drives awareness around sustainability

July 7, 2017 by  

An Auckland teenager has been a proactive environmental campaigner and has some ambitious plans to raise awareness around the environmental movement through local festivals. Read more

New Zealand Queens Birthday Honours: Avon Cook

June 7, 2017 by  

Auckland businessman Avon Cook has been named in the New Zealand  Queen’s Birthday Honours. Read more

Offensive Facebook post reinforces Jewish racial stereotypes at Auckland bar

May 8, 2017 by  

A bar in Auckland has advertised a meal deal on Facebook and accompanied it with a photo of an Orthodox Jew. The caption on the post reads: “now that’s a bargain.” Read more

New Zealand Foreign Minister Brownlee committed to restoring NZ-Israel relations

May 3, 2017 by  

Recently appointed New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Gerry Brownlee is now actively working to restore diplomatic relations with Israel. Read more

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