Israel begins work to make Cave of the Patriarchs accessible to disabled

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After years of legal battles and delays, Israel’s Ministry of Defence has commenced with construction to make the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron accessible to the disabled. Read more

‘The woman’ … and her one-sided view of two peoples

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Ilana Hammerman was not a familiar name. But the subtitle of her new book was irresistible: One Woman’s Story of Challenging Borders in Israel/Palestine. Read more

Defence Minister approves establishment of new Israeli neighbourhood in Hebron

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Defence Minister Naftali Bennett has ordered the IDF’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and the Civil Administration (CA) in Judea and Samaria to notify the Hebron municipality of Israel’s plans to build a new neighbourhood in the city. Read more

Ahead of peace plan, Israeli and Palestinian leaders meet in Hebron over kosher Iftar meal

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In the context of the Trump administration’s plan to roll out a Middle East peace proposal after the end of Ramadan on June 4, businessman and aspiring politician, Sheikh Ashraf Al Jabari has sent a clear message: Palestinian and Israeli business leaders are ready to cooperate towards a shared economic future. Read more

Always in the news

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Since time immemorial Jews have always been in the news. Read more

Hebron: The city without a solution

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision not to extend the mandate of an international observer group in Hebron is likely to be denounced as yet another obstacle to peace, as well as being politically motivated. Read more

Swiss ambassador issues lukewarm apology to Hebron Jews after activist slaps child

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Switzerland’s ambassador issued a half-hearted apology to the Jewish community of Hebron in Judea on Friday, two days after a Swiss man from a radical-left observer group slapped a 10-year-old Jewish boy from the city. Read more

A politically-guided tour

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An article featuring Israel and the West Bank entitled “Hope in a Divided Country” by Sandra Hall appeared in the “Traveller” section of Sydney’s Weekend Herald  and Melbourne’s The Saturday Age (October 17-18): Read more

The word from Hebron…from David Wilder

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There are many people in Israel who feel like these past two weeks have been the longest two weeks in their lives. Since the moment the abduction became public knowledge, the tension is palpable. Read more

Baruch Goldstein – 20 years on…writes David Wilder

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The past week or so has witnessed a spate of “Remembering Baruch Goldstein” articles and video in the international media. Read more

David Wilder writes to Isi Leibler

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David Wilder heads The Committee of The Jewish Community of Hebron…he is responding to an article by Isi Leibler published in J-Wire… Read more