Visit of senior US official to PA – preparing for resumption of negotiations with Israel?

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Palestinian and Arab sources have reported in recent days on accelerated diplomatic activity in preparation for the resumption of the diplomatic process between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Israeli government, mediated by Egypt and Jordan. Read more

Ahead of peace plan, Israeli and Palestinian leaders meet in Hebron over kosher Iftar meal

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In the context of the Trump administration’s plan to roll out a Middle East peace proposal after the end of Ramadan on June 4, businessman and aspiring politician, Sheikh Ashraf Al Jabari has sent a clear message: Palestinian and Israeli business leaders are ready to cooperate towards a shared economic future. Read more

Trump administration reportedly ramping up Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

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The Trump administration is reportedly ramping up preparations for the unveiling of an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, although a timetable for its release remains unclear. Read more

The peace process from the inside

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Over 300 people recently attended a talk in Sydney by Ambassador Martin Indyk for the New Israel Fund, addressing the topic, “The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process – From Inside the Negotiating Room.” Read more

Way Off Key

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I predicted at the time New Zealand replaced Australia on the UN Security Council that the latter’s realistic attitude and voting records concerning Israel and peace would be abandoned once NZ took up its seat. Read more

The elusive path to the negotiating table Part 2; Israeli and Palestinian delegates head to Washington.’

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After a four year stalemate, the Palestinian and Israeli parties laid the groundwork to resume negotiations on the so-called “final status” issues that must be resolved to end the dispute. Amidst much hype, the first ‘peace talks’ commenced in Washington this week…writes Gabsy Debinski. Read more

Palestine: Kerry Commits Harakiri…writes David Singer

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US Secretary of State John Kerry has fallen on his sword in attempting to seek a renewal of negotiations designed to culminate in the creation of a new Arab State between Jordan and Israel for the first time ever in recorded history. Read more

Indyk: a disastrous choice for mediator…writes Isi Leibler

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The US State Department has floated a trial balloon to test the idea of former US Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, serving as mediator in the forthcoming peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It is not surprising that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has signaled his approval. What is incomprehensible is that Prime Minister Netanyahu has done likewise. Read more

Peace initiative welcomed

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Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully has welcomed the announcement by US Secretary of State John Kerry that agreement has been reached on a basis for direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Read more

New Zealand coaching rugby in Ramallah and Jerusalem

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New Zealand Foreign Minister has met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. He also addressed the US/NZ Pacific Partnership Forum announcing an offer of help to get both parties involved in the Israel-Palestine dispute back to the table. Read more

NZ gets involved in the peace process

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New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully will meet U.S. Secretary for State John Kerry in Washington today…and offer his services to help broker a breakthrough in reestablishing peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Read more