While Iran shoots protesters, Europe schemes to enrich the murderers

The news out of Iran should shock the conscience of the world. As The New York Times reported in a front-page article published on Monday, when Iranians tried to protest their government’s arbitrary decision to drastically raise gasoline prices, the regime responded with unprecedented force. Read more

Behind Europe’s antisemitism ‘perception gap’

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A comprehensive survey of European attitudes to antisemitism released last week by the European Union displays what its authors call a “perception gap.” In this context, the term means that Jews in Europe regard the problem of antisemitism as far more immediate, pressing and urgent than do their non-Jewish fellow citizens. Read more

The lethal error in appeasing Iran

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When the Obama-brokered Iran nuclear deal was signed in 2015, one of the many spurious reasons offered for that agreement was that it would help the supposedly moderate Iranian President Hassan Rouhani draw the sting of the Islamic regime’s extremism…writes Melanie Phillips/JNS. Read more

Prepare for the overdue “big one”

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Anticipated major earthquakes both geophysical and political are long overdue…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Who’s right? Not the left in Europe!

If someone showed British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn or Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan footage of the waving of Israeli flags during a speech in front of a mass of people made by Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Interior Minister, at the his party’s (the League) annual gathering a few days ago in Pontida, Italy, both would undoubtedly interpret this in their own way…writes Fiamma Nirenstein. Read more

High time for Israel’s flagship medical cannabis conference to go global

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While international interest in Israel’s groundbreaking medical cannabis sector grows, a leading Israeli player in that space will take its flagship annual event overseas later this month…writes Adam Abrams/JNS.org Read more

Anti-Semitism and Aliyah

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Political correctness still seems to impel us to continue chanting the mantra that we are prohibited from relating to antisemitism as a cause for settling in Israel and insisting that the only motivation for aliyah today is to enable a committed Jew to lead a truly Jewish life in his homeland…writes Isi Leibler. Read more

EU to combat antisemitism

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Australia’s B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) has welcomed the appointment of Ms. Katharina von Schnurbein as the EU’s first coordinator on combatting antisemitism. Read more

Shuffling the deckchairs…writes Michael Kuttner

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Current events in Europe evoke memories of shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic as the superliner steamed its way towards its catastrophic fate. Read more

Antisemitism in the 21st century…writes Julie Nathan 

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The murder in Denmark of a Jewish man outside a synagogue is just the latest in a long series of acts of violence and murder directed at Jews in Europe over the last few decades. Only last month in Paris Jews were targeted and four were murdered at the Hyper Cacher Jewish supermarket. Read more