A referendum on Netanyahu

Israel is trembling with uncertainty ahead of today’s election, whose outcome nobody can predict. But, unlike previous Knesset elections, this one—the fourth in two years—is not seeing the arrival in droves of foreign journalists. Read more

Corbyn unmasked: He brought flowers to terrorists

August 17, 2018 by  
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Even a reaction to an accusation of antisemitism can be antisemitic…writes Fiamma Nirenstein/JNS. Read more

Trump opens door for talks with Iran to isolate the ayatollahs

U.S. President Donald Trump’s manner, in which he initially puts forth his most ferocious face and then an extended hand, creates a situation that the interlocutor doesn’t expect…writes Fiamma Nirenstein/JNS. Read more

Syrians flee towards hospitals of the ‘enemy’

The strong winds in the Golan Heights blow pain and come from tent cities in which displaced Syrians are clustered together a few meters from the steel-and-barbed-wire fence with Israel…writes Fiamma Nirenstein. Read more

Who’s right? Not the left in Europe!

If someone showed British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn or Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan footage of the waving of Israeli flags during a speech in front of a mass of people made by Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Interior Minister, at the his party’s (the League) annual gathering a few days ago in Pontida, Italy, both would undoubtedly interpret this in their own way…writes Fiamma Nirenstein. Read more

All these years later, Netanyahu is finally vindicated

Jerusalem buzzes with joy in these hours, and so, too, does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. An amazing spectacle of fireworks above the City of David is being prepared, the streets are decorated with flowers, and the U.S. consulate has finally become an embassy…writes Fiamma Nirenstein/JNS. Read more