Following boycott on Israel, Unilever shares in unprecedented dive

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A half a year after notifying Avi Singer, the owner of Ben & Jerrys Israel, of the termination of his contract due to his refusal to boycott Judea and Samaria and refrain from selling ice cream there, Unilever shares are in an unprecedented dive. Read more

Hamas bedfellow of Australian BDS supporters

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All those who joined the boycott of the Sydney Festival created by its acceptance of a A$20,000 sponsorship by the Israeli embassy in Canberra have had a powerful Israeli enemy join their ranks. Read more

The real scoop? How Jews won’t lick the demonization of Israel

In attempting to defend itself against persistent bigotry, the Jewish Diaspora repeatedly thinks with its heart, rather than its head, and consequently misses the key point. Read more

Ben & Jerry’s distasteful BDS problem

To those who followed the saga of Ben & Jerry’s social-media silence, the outcome was never going to be sweet. Read more

No Aldi Boycott

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Reports on the Internet claimed that popular supermarket chain Aldi had stopped selling goods produced in Israel settlements. The company has denied that this is the case. Read more

The E.U. Boycott: an Unlikely Precursor to Peace Talks…write Gabsy Debinski

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Israel has been hit with a huge blow in the last 24 hours, with the EU issuing a directive banning its 28 members from providing funding to areas outside Israel’s pre-1967 borders.  Read more

Palestine – European Union Can’t Be Judge And Jury…writes David Singer

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The decision by the European Union (EU) to boycott Jewish organisations and institutions based in the West Bank and East Jerusalem will bring much joy to the Arab world’s on-going vicious hate campaign of denigration and demonization of the Jewish State. Read more

Palestine – Hawking Needs to do More Talking…writes David Singer

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The decision by eminent physicist Stephen Hawking to not attend the Presidential Conference organised by Israel’s President Shimon Peres has aroused dismay by his Israeli hosts and applause from the Palestinian academic community. Read more

The Australian Council of Churches suggests Israeli boycott

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The National Council of Churches in Australia has asked its members to consider boycotting Israeli goods made in the Occupied Territories…and received an immediate response from The Executive Council of Australian Jewry. Read more