The real scoop? How Jews won’t lick the demonization of Israel

In attempting to defend itself against persistent bigotry, the Jewish Diaspora repeatedly thinks with its heart, rather than its head, and consequently misses the key point. Read more

Israeli envoy on anti-Israel protest: ‘The dogs bark and our melody continues’

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Anti-Israel protesters on Sunday attempted to disturb a performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. Read more

Labelling Jews Again…writes Michael Kuttner

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During the last 2,000 years Jews have at various times been forced to wear distinctive clothing marking us as Jews plus badges or labels usually of the yellow variety. Read more

AJDS crosses a red line

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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria has disassociated itself from its constituent member  the Australian Jewish Democratic Society on the issue of boycotting Israeli goods. Read more