Netanyahu welcomes Bahraini tourism minister in Jerusalem

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Wednesday at his office in Jerusalem with Bahraini Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed bin Rashin Al Zayani, who is in Israel until Thursday leading a 40-member delegation. Read more

September tourism in Israel slumps 96% against same month in 2019

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In September, the number of tourists entering Israel continued to fall, with 15,100 tourist entries recorded. Read more

Tel Aviv makes Forbes’ list of ‘Top 20 Destinations For 2020’

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Tel Aviv’s numerous tourist attractions have received global recognition after Forbes listed it on the ‘Top 20 Destinations For 2020’. Read more

5779 ends with record number of tourists visiting Israel

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The number of 4.6 million tourists visiting Israel  has set an all-time record dwarfing the 3.9 million who came in 5778. Read more

Tourism: Israel’s 2018 report card

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The Israel Ministry of Tourism has published its 2018 Inbound Tourism Survey Annual Report, carried out by Mertens Hoffman based on responses by 15,000 tourists. Read more

Tourist number 4 million to check in next week

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The arrival next week of the 2018’s 4 millionth tourist in Israel sums up a year of record-breaking tourism – with an expected increase of 13% on 2017 and total revenue from tourism exceeding NIS 24 billion (A$9 billion). Read more

On the other hand

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Between the soccer world cup and a visit from Prince William, Israelis have had more than enough inducement to keep them in a state of continuing excitement…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Growth trend in tourism continues

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According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, 393,000 tourist entries were recorded in March 2018, about 34% more than March 2017. Read more

3,000,000th tourist arrives in Israel

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Israel’s three millionth tourist this year has landed in Israel, a new all-time record for incoming tourism in Israel…and received a very special guide in Jerusalem. Read more

This week Israel will welcome its 3,000,000th tourist for 2017

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The Israel Tourism Ministry is currently preparing for the arrival of the 3 millionth tourist with the ministry planning to surprise him/her and to leverage the event for its international marketing. Read more

Tourism to Israel up 27% in January 2017

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January 2017 incoming tourism statistics show an increase of 27% on January 2016 with a record number of 210,000 tourists. Read more

Tourist entries to Israel up 3%

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A massive 24% increase in tourism in Israel in December has spearheaded the annual figure for 2013’s rise by 3%. Read more

Australian tourists visiting Israel up 45%

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Israeli Ministry of Tourism figures released today reveal that 15,811 Australians visited Israel in the first six months of 2010. Read more