Truce does not equal peace…writes Michael Kuttner

August 22, 2014 by Michael Kuttner
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One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

Very few people expect politicians, especially those who manage to get themselves elected to Parliament, to acknowledge hard facts especially when these run counter to preconceived fantasies or contradict perceived political correctness. After all, most politicians are desirous of preserving their perks and those few whose honesty comes before expediency are thin on the ground.

The current situation exemplifies exactly how once again seemingly intelligent individuals whether political, academic, journalistic or just a brainwashed public can succumb to the most inane nonsense. We have seen this right throughout history and unfortunately the Jewish People have most often been at the receiving end of this insidious and persistent malady.

In order to clarify exactly what we face let me try to explain it in as simple a way as possible so that even the usual suspects who condemn Israel and offer gratuitous advice which endangers every citizen can perhaps understand it.

Here are three definitions which it is vital to internalize if one is to even begin to see what must be done.

TRUCE: “an agreement between enemies to stop fighting for a certain time.”

LULL: “a temporary interval of quiet.”

ARMISTICE: “an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time.”

As at the present moment the only two Arab/Moslem countries which have signed a peace treaty with Israel, thereby recognizing the legitimacy of borders and guaranteeing an absence of war are Egypt and Jordan. That means Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the Palestinian Fatah/Hamas Authority as contiguous neighbours of the Jewish State are either in a state of armistice, lull or truce with us. In effect they are still in a state of war and according to the above legal definitions they reserve the right to recommence hostilities at any time. Other Arab/Moslem States in Africa as well as Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia do not recognize our legitimacy and thus can be deemed as enemies. Some of them are on record as inciting our demise and some provide the wherewithal for terror groups to act as proxies in a war of attrition.

Those in the international community who deliberately turn a blind eye and deaf ear to this are as guilty of and complicit in the murder of Jews whether in Israel or elsewhere as the perpetrators themselves. Those politicians and so called statesmen and women who because of political correctness cannot bring themselves to condemn and act against the terror groups and hate organizations which threaten to engulf not only Israel but all civilized society are latter day appeasers who would rather sweep the problem under the carpet.

Let me spell it out clearly. Those countries and terror groups which engage in terror and hate against the Jewish State have declared war on us. Any illusory period of quiet is merely temporary until they can find the ways and means to deliver a fatal blow and bring a final solution to the democratic State of the Jews. A truce, lull and armistice which have officially existed since 1948 is an ever present danger because it signifies that those who refuse to make a permanent peace are determined to destroy us, something they have tried on a regular basis since 1948.

Once we internalize this reality the solution becomes clear. No country should be forced to live with terror and destruction hanging over its head. Those who declare themselves at war with Israel must face the inevitable consequences. At the same time we must be firm and clear as to our course of action. In a war situation only one side can win. Churchill knew that which is why he told the British people the only way to defeat the evil of Nazism was to fight until the Germans and their allies surrendered unconditionally. There can be no compromises when faced with unadulterated hatred and an ideology which promotes death.

Hamas, Hezbollah and all the other associated merchants of Islamic terror which are plotting and causing genocide in various parts of the world must be sent a clear message. No truce, lull or armistice can be contemplated during which time, as history should have taught us, an artificial fake peace is used to restock, rearm and regroup for the next inevitable round.

Unfortunately this lesson is ignored by those who should know better. Thus, North Korea was allowed to develop nuclear capabilities and export rocket technology as well as threaten its southern neighbour. Taking their lead from a confused and defeatist White House & State Department, the rest of the democracies at the UN have allowed terror groups to flourish and cause misery and mayhem in many countries. Resolutions and feeble minded gestures will not save millions from rape, pillage and murder. Illusory declarations of lulls, ceasefires, truces and armistices will only embolden these genocidal forces of hate.


It is therefore sickening when Israel which is on the frontline of combating terror actually takes steps to stop this scourge is pilloried, condemned and pressured to desist.


Now is the time for Israel’s leadership and Jews worldwide to issue a resounding clarion call rallying the forces of democracy and human rights. Instead of being threatened with international censure Israel should be congratulated for standing up to terror.


We are at war. It is as simple as that. We cannot and dare not falter because at the end of the day unless these terrorists and their State sponsored supporters are unconditionally defeated we and our children will never be able to live in peace and tranquility.



5 Responses to “Truce does not equal peace…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Gil Solomon says:


    Your articles are becoming the political correct sermons to the already converted that I for one was hoping to never read from you.

    Your opening line says it all: “One of the problems we face these days is the inability to recognise reality even when it smacks us in the face.”

    The following is some reality for you.
    For the good of the country, Netanyahu and the entire top echelon surrounding him need to step aside. They have been proven incapable of handling the conflict with Gaza. With the nonsense of the “Purity of Arms” doctrine, the entire IDF is left at a tactical disadvantage. It will never win a war at this rate. All this doctrine did was to protect those who sympathise with Hamas, put Israeli soldiers lives at risk and ensured that for now and ever, Hamas & Co (unless defeated), will forever use human shields when facing down Israel.

    Instead of prosecuting this war with ferocity and determination to ensure that THIS TIME the war ended with the unconditional surrender of the enemy, Israel gave those insane advance warnings to the enemy, called off legitimate strikes at virtually the last second and in the process prolonged the war which in turn invited a hostile world media and propaganda machinery to mobilise.

    Stop wasting your time and space. All sane people know the difference between unconditional surrender and ceasefire, but the reality is that unfortunately with Netanyahu a “negotiated” ceasefire is all he has the courage to contemplate.

    The man is simply not the right person for these perilous times and it is therefore, in my opinion, time for him to go. Sooner rather than later for the good of the country.

    Additionally, man has NEVER ONCE in all the years, called to question the fictitious “Palestinian” narrative.
    He could have done this easily, not even having to go into too much detail of ancient history explaining that the area was first called “Philistina” by the Romans as a way of rubbing salt into the wounds of the defeated Jews by calling the defeated Jewish homeland in honour of its ancient enemies the “Philistines”. Over the centuries “Philistina” was anglicised to “Palestine”. Instead, all he had to do in any public forum or discussion was to ask some simply questions, like:
    If it existed, then who were the leaders of this so called country of Palestine?
    What were its borders?
    What was its currency?
    Was it a Sharia run Islamic country?
    Did it have a king as a ruler?
    I could go on but I think have made my point.

    But no, this man has failed dismally on ALL counts and must go.

    Israel must get its house in order and now.
    That Michael is the new reality that you have to come to grips with.

    • Paul Winter says:

      Yes Gil, Bibi the bozo must go. But other things in Israel must also change. The general staff who plan police actions rather than ways to win wars. The police force which is dedicated to keeping the peace instead of enforcing the law even-handedly. The high court which is super-liberal and allows subversives to stand for the Knesset and rules in favour of Arabs without proof of claims. An attorney-general who makes decisions to prosecute on the basis of his politics. A callous military establishment who place less value on the lives of soldiers than on an ideology, the purity of arms which the world derides. And most of all an electorate which votes for such a pack of gutless ghetto graduates and ignores the safety of its sisters and brothers in the south. A leadership that refuses to tell the truth about the “Palestinians” and the right of Jewish people to everything west of the Jordan. A nation that refuses to follow the example of every other people: expel any group that is disloyal to the nation. Implacable jihadis are unappeasable.

  2. Paul Winter says:

    Right Michael, but you left out Hudna, which is what the Arabs are demanding. A Hudna is a cease-fire which can extend no longer than 10 years and which the mohammedans can terminate either when they are strong enough or when they can find an excuse to blame the other side for violating the terms of the hudna.

    Your comment about cynical politicians brings to mind the NSW Premier who sacked a Jewish Community Relatons Commissioner for telling the truth about the Gaza situation to a local Jewish audience and that upset the local peace-loving Hamas supporting mohammedans.

    The point is that in currently no Western nation fights to win and as long as it is opposed by enemies who neither are willing to surrender nor due to the West’s policies compelled to do so, fighting will go on until either the West is beaten or its citizenry get rid of leaders who are prepared to let them bleed while pursuing PC ends to stay in power.

    And that applies to the clowns of the Knesset who are busy fighting over perks and power bases while the country is ripped apart by attacks from without and sedition within. Most at fault is the PM who hasn’t the guts to finish off Hamas when 85% – 85%!!! – ant him to do so. And then we also have the hochems who think that leaving weakened Hamas in place is a good idea because destroying it would make Israel responsible for running Gaza again. (As a holocaust survivor, I am ever so glad that that mentality did not operate in getting rid of Hitler.)

  3. Kevin Walsh RFD says:

    Wars are not always fought to the death.
    It takes a special kind of crazy to take on a nuclear power in a fight to the death.
    The so called Saudi Initiative offered peace with much of the Arabic world on the basis of land for peace.
    A two state solution is achievable using this as a framework.
    A nuclear armed Israel together with suitable UN supervising forces ought to be able to achieve this.
    When Israel unilaterally left Gaza it left a no established security force to fill the whole.
    That said even a one state solution is better than war without end.
    There are terrorists, accepting war without end facilitates them because it is a recruiting tool but this is a separate issue from Palestine and peace with the Arab states.

    • Paul Winter says:

      If wars are not fought to a conclusive end they erupt again. It is the jihadis who whose only alternatives are victory or 72 virgins in their version of paradise. Israel has no alternative but to fight the barbarians.

      The Saudi Initiative Mark 1 was half reasonable. It was turned into Mark 2 by the Arab Conference and version is not a basis for any negotiations. Everybody pressures Israel to accept the Saudi plan pretending it is Mark 1 while what is on offer is actually Mark 2.

      It is inconceivable that any serious person suggests that the UN supervise anything bearing in mind their failure in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.If anything they are a threat, being anti-Israel forces which would impede Israel’s action when fighting broke out again.

      Don’t pretend that Israel pulled out of Gaza without some security forces in place. The Arab forces supposed to be under PA command were led by Mahmoud Dahlan. They were defeated by Hamas gunmen in 2007.

      Facts beat fantasy any time. Get real.

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