Time to sober up

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On Shabbat Zachor we reminded ourselves again about the agenda of the Biblical Amalekites and on Purim we celebrate our escape from Persian genocidal catastrophe. Read more

Where there is a Halachic will for change there is a Halachic way to create this change

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This week is one of the highlights in the Jewish calendar as we celebrate the joyous festival of Purim.  Read more

Purim or Poor Them

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Purim is the happiest and craziest day in the Jewish calendar and the only festival that celebrates an event in the Diaspora. But is it really? Read more

The Unknown Chanukah Megillah

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Chanukah and Purim are often compared. But the differences are substantial. Read more

AUJS celebrates Purim

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Hundreds of Jewish young adults attended the NSW Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) Purim party celebration at El Topo Basement, in the heart of Bondi Junction in Sydney. Read more

Persia, Iran, Haman and Khamenei

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Once again our annual commemoration of Purim is taking place and its relevance for today could not be clearer…writes Michael Kuttner. Read more

Jewish Halloween: On Dressing in Drag in the Holy Land…writes Gidon Ben-Zvi

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Should you suddenly find yourself surrounded by a bunch of young girls dressed up like Catwoman during the month of March, you may well have stumbled into a Purim street party. Read more

Purim Paradoxes…writes Michael Kuttner

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Jewish communities worldwide have this week been celebrating the Festival of Purim which commemorates the deliverance of Persian Jews from genocidal intentions. Read more

Haman and Mordechai – a Purim story from Rabbi Raymond Apple

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Countless generations have found it amusing. Some are completely scandalised. The halachah tells us that on Purim one should imbibe “until one does not know the difference between ‘Cursed be Haman’ and ‘Blessed be Mordechai'”. Read more

Another Purim warning

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With the approach of Purim, the Rabbinical Council of Victoria reminds the community of its obligations to the Mitzvot of Purim. Read more

The real story of Purim

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We ask the rabbi to give us the background on Purim… Read more

Celebrate Purim Safely

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Talia Zimmerman writes on the importance of drinking safely on Purim…with tips and a tale. Read more

AUJS and Hagshama Purim Party Photo Gallery

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2014 saw one of the biggest young adult (ages 18-26) Purim parties on record, with more than 200 attendants packing into beautiful Set Bar for a night to remember! Read more

From Shushan via Berlin & Moscow to Tehran…writes Michael Kuttner

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As we celebrate Purim this year it is imperative that we take time to remember what it is we are exactly celebrating and why it has relevance for us today. Unfortunately, this Festival in our religious calendar has become for too many a time to get drunk senseless and therefore an ideal opportunity to suffer from amnesia as to why we are celebrating in the first place. Read more