Poway Chabad rabbi: ‘Fight darkness with light,’ urges Moment of Silence in schools

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The founding rabbi of Chabad of Poway in Southern California spoke at the White House on Thursday, less than a week after his synagogue was attacked, with one woman killed and three others injured. Read more

What if there’s no way to stop another synagogue shooting?

Who caused a madman to enter a synagogue in Poway, Calif., and begin shooting? And what can we do to stop another such extremist from committing the next atrocity? Read more

World Jewish Congress delegation arrives in San Diego to mourn with local community

April 30, 2019 by  
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A World Jewish Congress delegation has arrived in San Diego to stand in solidarity with the local Jewish community in the wake of the horrific shooting at the Chabad congregation of Poway that claimed the life of Lori Gilbert Kaye and wounded three others. Read more

Sderot residents among wounded in California Chabad synagogue shooting

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Two of the victims of Saturday’s shooting at the Chabad synagogue in Poway, Calif., were former residents of the rocket-beleaguered Israeli town of Sderot, and had come to the United States for respite from the fear of attacks. Read more