Abass’s office: ‘We will continue to support the prisoners in Israel and the families of the martyrs’

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The issue of prisoners is a top priority for the “Palestinian presidency,” and it demands their release at every official meeting, with Israelis or Americans or any international body. Read more

Abbas runs rings around Biden & Bennett

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It didn’t take long for President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to be shown up as inept political leaders following the much-publicised visit by President of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Chairman of Fatah its largest faction – Mahmoud Abbas – to the home of Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz. Read more

In the face of European hypocrisy, time for Israel’s supporters to remake the cultural weather

The European Commission released on Tuesday its first official strategy on fighting antisemitism and promoting Jewish life. Read more

Israel authorizes deducting $180 million from Palestinian Authority over ‘pay for slay’

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The Israeli government led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has deducted more than $180 million from the funds it collects for the Palestinian Authority over its refusal to cease payments to prisoners and families of terrorists as part of a long-running campaign called “pay for slay.” Read more

Palestinian Authority introduces new way for terrorists, families to get cash

July 9, 2021 by  
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The Palestinian Authority has announced a new mechanism for disbursing payments to terrorists and their families by using ATMs at P.A. post offices, according to a report by MEMRI. Read more

Esther Horgen’s killer can count on Abbas

January 6, 2021 by  
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To circumvent Israeli anti-terrorism legislation that went into effect on Dec. 31, the Palestinian Authority rushed to transfer a lump sum to its “prisoners’ fund.” Read more

Israel loans millions to help Palestinians avert virus-related crisis; will they use it for terror?

In what can be considered an unusual turn of events for the Middle East, former Fatah terrorist Mohammad Aref Massad has asked Israel’s High Court to prevent the government from transferring tax-revenue funds to the Palestinian Authority. Read more

UK to release ‘pay to slay’ audits after Freedom of Information request

October 4, 2019 by  
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The branch of the British government responsible for administering overseas aid will disclose audit reports regarding aid money allegedly used to pay salaries to convicted terrorists, after abandoning its appeal against a ruling by U.K. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. Read more

Trump should send Hamas, PLO and United Nations a clear message

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The barrage of more than 700 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza this past weekend and the “pay for slay” policy pursued by the PLO to reward those Palestinian Arabs who murder and maim Jews cannot continue to be met by only pious condemnations from the United Nations or even from President Trump himself. Read more

Abbas rejects tax money from Israel, insists its funds go to terrorists and their families

February 24, 2019 by  
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Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has rejected tax revenues collected by Israel following the Jewish state’s decision on Sunday to reduce 5% of what it gives to the P.A. due to the latter’s support for paying terrorists and their families. Read more

Abbas declares Israeli legislation won’t stop him from paying terrorists

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In a meeting with Fatah Party leaders on Sunday, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas declared that he would not stop paying salaries to convicted terrorists and their families, despite new Israeli legislation withholding funds in the amount paid to killers and attackers from taxes collected for the P.A. Read more