How not to remember the Holocaust

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While Israel and Jewish communities commemorate the Holocaust with a Yom Hashoah on the 27th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan (which this year falls on May 2), the rest of the world does so on Jan. 27, which marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945. Read more


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The World Jewish Congress has launched its second annual #WeRemember initiative to combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred, genocide and xenophobia.  Read more

Remembering is a tool for the future

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Messages about the importance of remembering the lessons of the Holocaust dominated UN International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration in Auckland. Read more

Netanyahu: “We will never allow another Holocaust to take place”

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has  addressed the International Holocaust Remembrance Day at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Read more

Strength to Strength – International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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‘Strength to Survive’, recounts the stories of Melbourne Holocaust survivors who did whatever they could to escape the atrocities surrounding them. Read more