Do-gooders who do bad – NGO problems exposed at AIJAC webinar

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With terrorism and antisemitism ever-present threats, the latest webinar from the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) featured NGO Monitor Vice President Olga Deutsch, whose topic was “Following the Money Trail: An Insight into the Funding of Terrorism and Antisemitism”. Read more

Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev underscores Israel’s diplomatic potential in AIJAC webinar

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Peace deals between Israel and the Arab world, Israel’s relations with the UK, the US and the Iranian threat – these were amongst the wide variety of topics discussed by Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s international media spokesman Mark Regev in an online webinar hosted by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) this week. Read more

Jewish and pro-Israel groups welcome Israel-Bahrain normalization agreement

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Jewish and pro-Israel groups instantly applauded Israel and Bahrain for agreeing on Friday to normalize relations between the two countries—the second of its kind between Israel and a Persian Gulf nation in the wake of the United Arab Emirates. Read more

AIJAC asks government to reconsider its position on Hezbollah

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The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) has welcomed the German government’s decision to join a growing list of countries that proscribe the entirety of Hezbollah as a terrorist group and again urges the Australian government to seriously reconsider its stance on the organisation. Read more

An AIJAC online discussion with Dr Einat Wilf

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Rather than a classical unity government between two ideologically opposed parties, Israel’s National Emergency Government “reflects a broad consensus that has emerged in Israeli society in the last decade or two,” at least when it comes to the conflict with the Palestinians. Read more

Dr Jonathan Schanzer participates in AIJAC webinar

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Dr Jonathan Schanzer told an AIJAC webinar 2020 will be the year of Iran’s Precision-Guided Missile. Read more

Senior Israeli defence official visits Australia, speaks to AIJAC

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The head of Israel’s Political-Military Bureau at the Ministry of Defence, Zohar Palti, was recently in Australia. Read more

Christian clergy address AIJAC supporters in Melbourne

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Six Christian clergy from around Australia addressed Melbourne supporters of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) to reflect on their recent participation in AIJAC’s Rambam Israel study program. Read more

Polish Olympian refuses to coach Malaysian swim team due to anti-Israel policy

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Four-time Polish Olympic swimmer Bart Kizierowski has rejected an offer to coach Malaysia’s national swimming team, saying that he would not train the Malaysians after they refused to admit Israeli athletes into the country. Read more

A visit to Israel

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Queensland Senator Anthony Chisolm and New South Wales’ newest voice in the Senate Kristina Keneally have shared their impressions of Israel at an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) event in Sydney. Read more

Senator and union leaders report on their visit to Israel

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Liberal Senator for Queensland  Amanda Stoker is a recent graduate of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) Rambam study program to Israel, and addressed an AIJAC function in Melbourne to discuss impressions of her visit to Israel in June.  Read more

AIJAC thanks Danby

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The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council has praised Michael Danby who yesterday announced his retirement from federal parliament. Read more

Jonathan Spyer briefs Sydney journalists

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Dr. Jonathan Spyer, Middle East expert and Executive Director of the Middle East Centre for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA) and columnist at The Jerusalem Post briefed journalists on the current situation in the Middle East this week in Sydney as part of an AIJAC-sponsored visit  of Australia and New Zealand. Read more

AIJAC thanks Australian government for principled stance at UN

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Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) National Chairman Mark Leibler and Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein have written to Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to express AIJAC’s “sincere appreciation for Australia’s principled stance at the UN General Assembly by voting in favour of the US amendment to the unbalanced motion on Israel, and then being one of only eight countries to vote against the motion when the amendment failed.”  Read more

AIJAC applauds government’s principled vote against UNHRC resolution predetermining Israel’s guilt

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AIJAC has applauded the principled stand the Australian Government took in opposing the one-sidedly anti-Israel resolution to set up an inquiry into the violence in Gaza at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) last week. Read more

Leaders praises Trump’s leadership

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The World Jewish Congress on Monday enthusiastically welcomed the United States’ move of its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, calling it a “critical moment in history” and a “precedent worthy of emulation” by all of Israel’s allies.  Read more

Rambam returnees address AIJAC in Sydney

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Federal Labor MPs Meryl Swanson, Milton Dick and Liberal MP Tony Pasin addressed an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) luncheon in Sydney on their return from Rambam study visit delegations to Israel. Read more

Meet Joel Burnie: a Henry Greener interview

AIJAC’s Joel Burnie has a political pedigree going back to his student days. A video interview. Read more

Jones takes Judaism to Java

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Jeremy Jones, Director of International and of Community Affairs of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, has completed an intensive programme of dialogues, discussions, meetings and seminars in the world’s most populous Muslim nation, Indonesia. Read more

Be’er Sheva Dialogue Participants Address AIJAC in Sydney

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Major Israeli military and public figures addressed an AIJAC luncheon in Sydney as well as a public event at Sydney’s Central Synagogue on Wednesday following their participation in the 2016 Australia/Israel Military to Military Dialogue (the Be’er Sheva Dialogue).  Read more

Newspaper column Goers beyond the pale

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The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council has expressed concern after columnist and ABC radio host Peter Goers published an inflammatory anti-Israel piece in Adelaide’s Sunday Mail on October 9. Read more

Australian reporters report on their trip to Israel

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Three senior Australian journalists and a prominent academic who visited Israel in November as part of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council’s Rambam study program have discussed their experiences in luncheon meetings with AIJAC supporters in Australia.

Read more

Journalists’ report card

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Journalists who participated in this year’s NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ annual Journalists Study Mission to Israel will report to the community at a public meeting in Sydney next week. Read more

Malcolm Fraser: Community messages

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The Executive Council of Australian Jewry and The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council have issued statements following the death of former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser. Read more

On Denmark

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The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council has expressed its sincere condolences to the victims and their families of the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen on the weekend. Read more

An evening with Einat

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Dr Einat Wilf, former Labour MK and Foreign Policy advisor to Shimon Peres, has addressed a packed-out gathering at Sydney’s Central Synagogue. Read more

From Breaking the Silence

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Jamie Hyams and Adam Shapiro of The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council have claimed on these pages that allegations aired on the ABC 4 Corners Program “Stone Cold Justice” were “old – some going back to incidents that were alleged to have occurred almost a decade ago.”

Specifically, Hyams and Shapiro were referring to the story of an array of settler attacks on Palestinian children in 2005 that led IDF soldiers to escort the children to their school in the village of at-Tuwani in the South Hebron Hills.

It is spectacularly ironic that just a couple days ago, on April 9th, the same settlers from the illegal outpost of Ma’on Farm attacked a group of 18 young children on their way to school. Two young girls had to be evacuated and hospitalized due to the settlers’ barrage of rocks. At the time, the IDF escort was in their vehicle rather than escorting the children on foot and made no effort to exit the vehicle to prevent the attack. The next day, on April 10th, the IDF failed to arrive to escort the children so they were forced to take an alternati ve path that cut near Ma’on Farm. An international activist caught two young settlers on tape attacking the children once again. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this altercation.
Hyams and Shapiro of AIJAC first claimed that our testimonies were anonymous and unverifiable. When that turned out to be wrong, they changed gears and referred to our testimonies as dated and irrelevant. Now that this has turned out to be wrong, we look forward to the next line of argument AIJAC will cook up in order to avoid contending with the harsh reality of daily life in the Occupied Territories.
Yehuda Shaul

Bob Carr – AIJAC has its say…and Danby watches the 7:30 Report

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Executive director of The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council Dr Colin Rubenstein believes he always enjoyed a healthy relationship with former Foreign Minister Bob Carr. Rubenstein has returned home from overseas and read Carr’s comments on the Jewish lobby. AIJAC has its say… Read more

AIJAC add its voice to proposed to criticism of new legislation

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The Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council has expressed its disappointment following the release of the exposure draft outlining the changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Read more

Senior Journos Report on Israel visit

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Four senior journalists who participated in the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ recent Journalists Study Mission to Israel reported on their experiences at a well-attended public meeting at Sydney’s Central Synagogue last night. Read more

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