The last Jew in Afghanistan

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For several years now Zebulon Simantov, “The last Jew in Afghanistan,” has garnered sympathetic press attention. Read more

American culture

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The debacle in Afghanistan has proved how difficult it is to change another country’s culture. Read more

Rescuing Afghanistan’s last Jew

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One of the most extraordinary stories of the Afghan pullout is the rescue of Afghanistan’s last Jew—Zebulon Simantov, who lived in and took care of Kabul’s synagogue. Read more

President Biden’s short road back

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On August 14, 2020, I woke up to a barrage of WhatsApp messages. Group conversations I’m in were buzzing. The UAE and Israel had just announced a peace deal. People wanted to know, was this genuine peace? Was it a joke?..writes Robert Gregory.

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I was brought up to despise the word appeasement. It was the ideology favoured by much of the British aristocracy and political leaders before the Second World War. Read more

Can the West be honest about the Islamist threat?

It was only two months ago that the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, boasted on Twitter about flying a gay pride flag to signal its support for “supporting civil rights of minorities including LGBT persons,” and added the hashtags #Pride 2021 and #PrideMonth. Read more

Strategic Vacuum…writes Michael Kuttner

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We have been informed by no lesser an authority than the President of the United States that he has no strategy formulated for dealing with the pandemic of terror now spreading across the Middle East and soon to erupt in the USA, UK and Europe amongst other places. Read more