Jewish Care’s Windsor home receives vaccine

May 31, 2021 by  

Federal Labor member for Macnamara Josh Burns asked Prime Minister Scott Morrison why no vaccine had been supplied to Jewish Care’s age centre in Windsor. Read more

Former ADL head says he’s cancelling NYT subscription over front-page ‘blood libel’

May 31, 2021 by  

Abraham Foxman, the director emeritus of the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League, tweeted on May 28 that he was cancelling his New York Times subscription because the paper had printed a “blood libel” on its front page. Read more

Bennett from the Right says he will head left-wing government

May 31, 2021 by  

Member of Knesset (MK) Naftali Bennett, head of the Yamina (to the Right) party, announced Sunday night that he will head a minority government comprised of several small left-wing parties and will oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Read more

Israel to Hamas: No Ceasefire Deal Without the IDF MIAs

May 31, 2021 by  

Israel will “not allow a situation in which the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip will enable Hamas to reconstruct its terrorist capabilities, nor without a resolution of the matter of returning the missing and captive Israelis being held by the Hamas terrorist organization,” Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi told his Egyptian colleague, Minister Sameh Shoukry at the Tahrir Palace during a meeting on Sunday. Read more

Can you forgive a war criminal?

Ask the rabbi? Read more

Critical Race Theory, Jews and Israel

May 31, 2021 by  

According to the command of the Lord, the Israelites journeyed and according to the command of the Lord they camped. Read more

Domestic Violence: Mum for Mum hosts panel discussion

Mum for Mum has organized an event to promote “awareness-raising” for those working in the field of Domestic Violence. Read more

Netanyahu meets in Jerusalem with Egyptian head of intelligence  on Gaza ceasefire

May 31, 2021 by  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met on Sunday at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem with Egyptian General Intelligence Service head Abbas Kamel and a delegation of senior officials. Read more

Boycott of Israeli products declared in eastern Jerusalem and PA

May 31, 2021 by  

Another campaign to boycott Israeli products will begin on June 6 for a week, in all areas of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and eastern Jerusalem. Read more

In first in 13 Years, Israel FM in Cairo for talks on ceasefire

May 31, 2021 by  

Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi landed in Cairo on Sunday to meet with his Egyptian counterpart Sameh Shoukry and to discuss a possible long-term ceasefire with the Hamas terror organization. Read more

Franz Kafka Collection now accessible online through National Library of Israel

May 31, 2021 by  

The National Library of Israel’s Franz Kafka Collection is now online for the first time, following an intensive years’-long process of conservation and restoration work, cataloguing and digitization. Read more


May 31, 2021 by  

This week’s cartoon…Asymmetric Lawfare.

Read more

New York Times and Washington Post bash Israel with false claims

May 31, 2021 by  

The New York Times and the Washington Post have once again engaged in Israel bashing – spewing out fake maps and phony history about Israel, its origins and indeed its continued existence as the Jewish National Home – first articulated in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine and confirmed in article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Read more

On Emily Wilder, and why no one believes the media

What befell Emily Wilder could not have happened to earlier generations of journalists. Read more

What does ‘justice for Sarah Halimi’ mean?

There was a particularly nasty incident that was reported in the crime sections of the French press this week. Read more

To confront antisemitism, American advocates say it’s time for Jews to unite, mobilize and take action

May 30, 2021 by  

Tens of thousands of people logged onto their computers at 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday to make it clear that they will no longer stand by as Jews are assaulted, harassed, threatened, spit on and cursed at in public, while at the same time synagogues, Jewish shops and cemeteries are vandalized and desecrated….writes Faygie Holt.

Read more

You can’t be ‘even-handed’ about condemning those who hate Israel and Jews

On Thursday, both Democratic and Republican congressional leaders joined with the Anti-Defamation League and the major Jewish religious denominations to hold a Zoom rally against antisemitism. Read more

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder calls resolutions targeting Israel shameless

May 30, 2021 by  

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder reacted on Thursday to the passage of two recent anti-Israel resolutions by the World Health Organization’s Assembly and United Nations Human Rights Council, labelling them as “shameless” and declaring that they sully the reputation of the United Nations and the bodies that operate under its auspices. Read more

WHO resolution accuses Israel of violating health rights of Palestinians

May 28, 2021 by  

The World Health Organization held a special session on Tuesday singling out and passing a resolution against Israel for allegedly violating the health rights of Palestinians. Read more

Litzman to face court

May 28, 2021 by  

Israeli media has confirmed that Israel’s Attorney General, Mr Avichai Mandelblit, officially notified former Israeli Health Minister, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, that he will be indicted for interfering in the Malka Leifer case by trying to prevent Leifer from being extradited to Australia to face justice. Read more

Robert Goot re-elected as World Jewish Congress Policy Council Co-Chair and Steering Committee member

May 28, 2021 by  

The 16th World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly has voted to re-elect Robert Goot SC, Deputy President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ), as Co-Chair of the organization’s Policy Council and a member of its Steering Committee. Read more

Until we meet again

May 28, 2021 by  

Listening to the inane babble emanating from politicians and international groups following the so-called Gaza ceasefire reminds me of the opening lines of the song made famous by Dame Vera Lynn during the blitz. Read more

Israeli media call on Facebook, Twitter to stop incitement against reporters

May 28, 2021 by  

The top 14 media outlets in Israel have demanded that Facebook and Twitter take action in curbing the increase in online threats and incitement to violence against journalists, Reuters reported. Read more

UN Human Rights Council approves measure to permanently investigate Israel over war crimes

May 28, 2021 by  

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) approved a measure on Thursday to permanently investigate Israel for war crimes, while also calling for an embargo against it. Read more

Qatar offers Hamas-ruled Gaza $500 million to rebuild

May 28, 2021 by  

Qatar’s foreign minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, announced on Wednesday that the Gulf state would give $500 million to help rebuild the Gaza Strip after an 11-day conflict with Israel. Read more

Report: Hamas leader’s niece receiving medical treatment in Tel Aviv hospital

May 28, 2021 by  

The niece of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has reportedly been receiving treatment at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, Ichilov Hospital for more than a month, according to a report by Channel 12 on Thursday. Read more

Two Israelis retell how they battled against attack by pro-Palestinians in New York City

May 28, 2021 by  

Snir Dayan and Amit Skornik were hoping for a quiet bagel breakfast last week on a typical day in New York City…writes Alan Zeitlin Read more

Actions, not bromides, are how the West must confront rabid antisemitism

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and his counterpart, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, visited Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week to offer help in building on the ceasefire with Hamas. Read more

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Former Ambassador David Friedman: ‘Trump administration would have given Israel free reign to defend itself’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was dispatched to Israel by U.S. President Joe Biden this week in the direct aftermath of an acute conflagration highlighted by 11 days of indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli population centres and pinpoint Israeli airstrikes on Hamas installations in Gaza in retaliation. Read more

New Zealand rallies for Israel

May 28, 2021 by  

Simultaneous rallies were held in Hastings, Wellington and Auckland facing bitter cold in all centres, in support of the Jewish State. Read more

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