UNbridled, UNbelievable HYPOCRISY…writes Michael Kuttner

December 4, 2015 by Michael Kuttner
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When it comes to Israel it seems that there are no depths to which the United Nations and its associated agencies will plummet.

Michael Kuttner

Michael Kuttner

The recent performance however of this corrupted organization must earn it first prize in the double standards and hypocrisy categories. For far too long this dysfunctional organization has been treated as some sort of sacred cow which must be protected and kept immune from criticism by the legions of the politically correct. However the time has arrived when the blatant double standards must be exposed and condemned.

There are two primary examples which I want to concentrate on. They are the UN General Assembly and UNRWA.

While the General Assembly of the UN has little power to enforce its outrageous and one-sided decisions on Israel there is the undeniable and pernicious tendency for the Security Council to often waste its time on resolutions passed in the General Assembly. Additionally, of course, the media and therefore public opinion are negatively influenced by continual condemnations and malicious accusations. After all if Israel is regularly pilloried for any and every crime against humanity it must follow that there is some veracity attached to the fact that more resolutions against the Jewish State are passed than against any other country. Dirt sticks if enough of it is thrown and as we all know there is plenty of dirt thrown on Israel at the UN every time it meets.

Last week was a classic example. Six resolutions, proposed by the Palestinian Arab and Syrian representatives singled out Israel for special treatment yet again. Look carefully at the details and note in particular those countries which voted against them. This will give you some sort of indication as to the toxic level of hypocrisy pervading the organisation.

Resolution:  continue to exert all efforts to promote the realization of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination, to support the achievement without delay of an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 and of the two-State solution on the basis of the pre-1967 borders…” 

VOTE: 102 in favor; 8 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, USA); 57 abstentions.

Resolution: “Considers that, by providing substantive support to the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People in the implementation of its mandate, the Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat continues to make a most useful and constructive contribution to raising international awareness of the question of Palestine…”

VOTE: 99 in favor; 8 against (same countries as above); 59 abstentions.

Resolution:  “Considers that the special information programme on the question of Palestine of the Department is very useful in raising the awareness of the international community concerning the question of Palestine…”

VOTE: 155 in favor; 7 against (same countries as above MINUS Australia); 7 abstentions (Australia, Cameroon, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, South Sudan, Tonga).

Resolution: “Expressing grave concern about the extremely detrimental impact of Israeli settlement policies, decisions and activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, including on the contiguity, integrity and viability of the Territory …”

VOTE: 155 in favor; 7 against (Australia, Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Palau, USA); 7 abstentions (Cameroon, Nauru, Honduras, Paraguay, South Sudan, Tonga, Togo).

Resolution: “Reiterates its determination that any actions taken by Israel, the Occupying Power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever, and calls upon Israel to immediately cease all such illegal and unilateral measures.” 

VOTE: 153 in favor; 7 against (same as above); 8 abstentions (Australia, Cameroon, Panama, Papua, Paraguay, South Sudan, Tonga, Togo).

Resolution: “Determines once more that the continued occupation of the Syrian Golan and its de facto annexation constitute a stumbling block in the way of achieving a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the region.”

VOTE: 105 in favor; 6 against (Canada, Micronesia, Israel, Marshall Islands, Palau, USA); 56 abstentions.

It is instructive to note that although Australia voted with the moral minority in most cases it did not do so with the resolution relating to the Golan. One has to question, given the realities of ISIS and Assad’s slaughter of his own people, why Australia would not vote against this preposterous resolution. As for New Zealand’s miserable voting record where it either abstained or voted with the immoral majority in every case, what can one deduce? No wonder it is perceived as a flawed fair weather friend and totally unsuited to assume any role in achieving peace between Israel and those who seek its demise.

The second glaring example of UN hypocrisy and double standards revolves around UNRWA, the agency created to perpetuate eternal misery for Palestinian Arab refugees. Much has been written about this body previously but the latest revelations take it to even greater levels of incredible imbecility.

Thanks to UN Watch, an NGO dedicated to exposing the endless and unbelievable goings on which are the hallmark of the UN and its associated agencies, a startling exposé of UNRWA employees’ behavior has just been released to the public. Have a good look at the link below and see for yourselves how an agency, in this case funded by donor nations including Australia & New Zealand, employs individuals whose hatred for Israel and Jews knows no bounds. Note in particular Item #9 which exposes the activities of an official UNRWA goodwill “youth ambassador.” Despite frenetic denials, the clear evidence of a UN established agency supposedly dedicated to “resolving” the Arab refugee problem, is instead the vehicle for propagating vile hatred is a scandal of immense proportions. It is about time that donor countries conditioned their aid on a complete change in UNRWA’s activities.


I have emailed the Foreign Ministries of Australia and New Zealand on this very subject. As at this time, no responses have been received.

The above examples are merely the tip of an iceberg. What more will it take before fair-minded nations scream “enough already?”

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


9 Responses to “UNbridled, UNbelievable HYPOCRISY…writes Michael Kuttner”
  1. Gil Solomon says:


    What should be done and what will be done at the UN are two different issues. In addressing your final sentence: What more will it take before fair-minded nations scream “enough already?” What really fair minded and informed nations are you talking about?

    The so called “fair-minded” nations will never scream “enough already” and even IF one or two did, they would be an insignificant minority and their voice (like Israel’s) would be unheard above the rabble.

    As the diatribe against Israel will continue unabated no matter what facts are presented, the only thing that Israel can do is to show leadership and act unilaterally in its own self interest and do what needs to be done to give the barbarian masses of the UN something to really worry about.

    If that means incarcerating “Israeli Arab” Knesset members and Abbas & Co for inciting treason and violence, then so be it.
    If that means reclaiming the Temple Mount by force, then so be it.
    If that means incarcerating members of the WAQF then so be it.
    If that means scrapping the insane “Rules of Engagement” and “Purity of Arms” doctrine under which the IDF operates then so be it.
    If that means loss of citizenship and deportation for masses of Arab so called “citizens” who refuse to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel, then so be it.
    If that means crushing Hamas and the PA with ruthless ferocity then so be it.
    If that means reducing parts of Gaza to rubble in the event of one more rocket fired in the direction of Israel, then so be it.
    If that means deporting all foreign staff working for NGOs and UNRWA and denying the local organisations of overseas funding, then so be it.

    It should be clear by now that when it comes to Israel, the world does not give a damn, so Israel better create new facts on the ground.
    This will take leadership and unfortunately many who think like me have seen nothing of the kind coming out of Israel, only concession followed by concession to relentless adversaries.

    Israel simply has to act and act NOW.

    • Lioudmila Levina says:

      Hi Gil, I agree with you 300%. But if Israel will do everything you did say it should do would not Israel left absolutely alone? How it can survive economically?


      • Gil Solomon says:

        Hi Lioudmila,

        I think your question is highly relevant and important and I’ll attempt to answer it the best way I can. No doubt my opinion will not be well received by numerous others.

        With what is going on around the world at the present time, if Israel does not act firmly now, it never will. This is the best time to act and be an example to European nations and the US which are now in their own mess with Muslim fanatics.

        The action I recommend will be denounced by many European leaders but in my opinion these objections will be drowned out by the “voices on the street” who will agree with Israeli action in countering terrorism. The European nations will be checkmated by everyday citizens who are sick and tired of political correctness running rampant worldwide with regard to Muslim rhetoric and violence. In short Israel will be a beacon of light and attract admiration for a firm stance.

        There is every chance that a Republican will be the next President of the US and I would expect that any one of the top contenders will be in Israel’s corner giving a green light on any military action taken and go out of their way to support Israel economically.

        Crushing its enemies once and for all will guarantee the safety of off shore gas findings and open the door to Israeli technical innovation being exported without objection from Universities and the like. Once the so called “Palestinian issue” is forever off the front page (dead and buried so to speak), I would imagine that economic opportunities would grow and not be curtailed. The world would know that Abbas and his ilk are permanently off the stage. They have had their day in the sun and now it is all over for them and their fictitious Palestinian narrative.

        So in this scenario, I would say that Israel would expand economically. Even now I would suggest that Israel take advantage of this window of opportunity and make every effort to create a strategic alliance with Putin, both militarily and economically. The IAF has an excellent record in this regard with the Russian Air Force over Syria and this co-operation should be expanded to other spheres. Who knows where it could lead.

        Unfortunately my words will probably mean squat as long as Israel is led by Netanyahu and his fellow appeasers in the cabinet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it is my view that Israel is a deadlocked political basket case of a country bereft of leadership and until real leadership emerges, Israel is going to find itself in a bigger hole than it already is in. In short, Democracy Israeli style needs to be shelved for a few years.

        • Lioudmila Levina says:

          Hi Gil, who do you see as a lider in Israel? Do not you think that forming alliances with Putin who is a supporter of Iran is kind of dangerous? Putin will sell his own mother to achieve his imperial ambitions. And he definitely does not care about Jews and Israel. He is a KGB! I am from Moscow so have some experience.
          In Israel I don’t see anyone who can take these drastic measures.

          • Gil Solomon says:

            I think you’re absolutely right on Putin. However, an alliance must first and foremost be to Israel’s benefit. My point is that if there if some co-operation with the Russian Air Force and the IAF then this could be something to work on and as I said “who know where this could lead”. I am not naïve about Putin and know exactly his background and his reputation for ruthlessness. Nevertheless, if there’s a chance of an agreement with him, then I’d take it maybe in the hope that Israel could influence other Russian policies in the Middle East that are not to its liking.

            As far as a leader in Israel is concerned, I can recommend no one. I do know however, that the country cannot go on as is with the Attorney General having the power to over rule the elected Government in matters of security. Even some of the modest changes proposed by Netanyahu were deemed inappropriate by the Attorney General, who seems to be accountable to no one, not even the Knesset.

            No one even proposes some of the changes I have stated and so I think Israel will just muddle along, with business as usual with Hamas, and Abbas. Israel even has resumed allowing tens of thousands of tons of cement to enter Gaza. Maybe someone in the Cabinet thinks this time this material will not go into tunnel construction.

            • Lioudmila Levina says:

              Hi Gil, the same can be said about the Supreme Court. I like their Justce Minister, this very attractive young woman, but there is a very strong opposition from the Judges and this awful attorney general.
              By the way I have read a very interesting article about resolving conflict with the so called “palestinians”. Will try to send you a link.


              Just wondering what do you think about this suggestions.



              • Gil Solomon says:

                Hi Lucy,

                Thanks for the link.
                I try to follow all Dr Kedar’s speeches and have copied and pasted the link below of a classic interview he had on Arab TV, which I’m sure you and anyone reading this will like.

                The entire Israeli Foreign Ministry should be under the control of this man and learn what it means to speak facts in the international arena with no punches pulled.

  2. david singer says:


    As usual an excellent well researched article and spot on.

    Saving face without actually admitting they were wrong is the only way this highly “immoral majority” can get out of the quicksand into which they continue to slowly sink.

    Syria is collapsing before the UN’s very eyes with many of those same UN member States being totally unable to end the horrors there for the last five years. Nor have those member States been willing or able to persuade the PLO to accept more than 90% of what they have been demanding for the last 20 years and was offered to them by Israel in 2000/1 and 2008.

    This immoral majority now need a lifeline to get out of the mess they find themselves in by passing these one-sided biased resolutions referred to in your article.

    I believe there is a lifeline and face saver for the UN General Assembly – that it resolves that the Gazan and West Bank Arab populations be allowed to vote in free and fair elections denied to them since 2007 by both Hamas and the PLO.

    When one understands there has been only one such election in the 95 years since the 1920 San Remo Conference – then one can in some measure appreciate how the many offers made by the Jews and Israel since then to resolve the Arab-Jewish conflict have been rejected time and time again by the then unelected leaderships.

    General Assembly resolutions such as you have highlighted only serve to increase continuing rejection of Israeli offers by the Palestinian Arabs. A different leadership might take the same hard line but then again it might not. The only way to find out is by fresh elections.

    Whilst the General Assembly continues passing these farcical resolutions without not one resolution demanding elections – it cannot escape responsibility for the consequences that have ensued and will continue to ensue until the people have their say.

    Australia and New Zealand should be among the countries working towards the passage of such a resolution.

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