Penny Wong special guest as NIF celebrates 10 years in Australia

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New Israel Fund Australia celebrated ten years since its establishment last week with hundreds of supporters and donors coming together to hear from leading figures in Australia and Israel, including Labor shadow foreign affairs minister Senator Penny Wong. Read more

Boycotters’ fiesta

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Fiestas originated in pagan traditions and became celebrated events under Spanish rule. Read more

The New Israel Fund’s misplaced generosity

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The New Israel Fund (NIF) has been much in the news lately, with its supporters here holding high profile meetings in Sydney and Melbourne…writes Bill Rubinstein. Read more

More than just bad optics on immigration?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has had a lot of bad days recently…writes Jonathan S. Tobin/JNS. Read more

Asylum seekers in Israel

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Both Israel and Australia face challenges regarding asylum seekers and refugees and, in both countries, there have been attempts by some to dehumanise asylum seekers. Read more

Questions for the New Israel Fund

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Some time ago on J-Wire I suggested that the controversy about the appearance of the New Israel Fund in Australia might be simply resolved by publishing a list of current recipients of funding with their website addresses. It now seems that this may not be enough. Read more