Magen David Adom’s grants a second wish to Raphael

June 13, 2021 by  

Seven-yr-old Rafael Yotam Cohen’s rare illness returned for the third time and to put a smile on his face – MDA enlisted and fulfilled one of his dreams of sailing a Navy ship on a day full of experiences and dreams come true. Read more

Ashdod will become the first city in Israel with MDA smart defibrillator devices in every apartment building

March 11, 2021 by  

A life-saving project initiated by Ashdod City Council member Adv. Hanoh Drach Erlich kicks off on Sunday and as part of it, the municipality requires every new building in the city to install a Magen David Adom smart device (defibrillator) as part of the construction permit process. Read more

A flyover to honour Israel’s coronavirus fighters

October 26, 2020 by  

The unique civilian salute flyover took off last Friday from Rishon Lezion air pad, in tribute to and to as a gesture of gratitude to the Magen David Adom teams, IDF, and all medical teams who are working around the clock in the national fight against the coronavirus and to raise awareness for the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for social distancing, masks and hygiene to reduce the spread of the virus. Read more

MDA is on highest alert for Yom Kippur

September 25, 2020 by  

Ahead of Yom Kippur which this year will take place during a national lockdown and the second wave of coronavirus, MDA is prepared with more teams and a high level of alert to provide emergency assistance during the fast day. Read more

The miracle of the twins of the Yosef family

August 10, 2020 by  

The birth of Gilat Yosef’s twins began at her home in Kiryat Ata but she did not expect the drama to come. Read more

An MDA EMT delivers his own baby in the middle of his shift

July 22, 2020 by  

When Abraham Ivri was on duty as an MDA Emergency Medical Technician in the Gilboa region, he did not imagine that his shift would end with the birth of his sixth daughter. Read more

Getting Coronavirus tests down to 15 mins

July 17, 2020 by  

As part of the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus by reducing the time for receiving Corona test results, Israel’s Ministry of Health and Magen David Adom a pilot scheme at the MDA “Drive and Test” complex in Lod attempting to test results within 15 minutes. Read more

Happy 90th birthday MDA!

June 9, 2020 by  

The story of Israel’s ambulance service Magen David Adom began exactly 90 years ago, on June 7, 1930, when the British High Commissioner approved the registration of the Association for Rapid Assistance as an association. Read more

MDA has been at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus

May 5, 2020 by  

Since the Coronavirus arrived in Israel, Magen David Adom, as Israel’s national emergency medical and blood services organization has been at the forefront of the national effort to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain public health. Read more

Magen David Adom reconnects Holocaust survivors

April 22, 2020 by  

Alongside the life-saving routine, and now in the wake of the national battle with the Coronavirus, MDA also operates a tracing unit for locating relatives, responsible for a large number of family reunions of Holocaust survivors and their families, with their relatives in Israel and around the world. Read more

After recovering from the Coronavirus: father and son return to MDA

April 2, 2020 by  

A month ago. Yoel Galtt (45) from Einav, a senior medic in MDA, began to feel unwell. Read more

Medical students will double the number of sample takers in Israel

March 17, 2020 by  

Approximately 700 medical students from five faculties across the country, who are in the clinical phase of their studies, joined the national effort in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in Israel. Read more

Race for life

February 14, 2020 by  

Exactly one year ago, Shachar David from Dimona was running in the Dead Sea Marathon, when his heart stopped beating, and he collapsed mid-race. Read more

MDA sends help to Chabad in China

February 4, 2020 by  

Magen David Adom has responded to the request of the Chabad organization in China sending 2000 masks and 200 full protection kits including special suits, masks, glasses, shoes and hats covers. Read more

Zion meets Yuval

October 25, 2019 by  

About 6 months ago, 3½ Zion Amit from Lod was diagnosed with leukemia and has now met Yuval HaMebulbal the star of the children’s TV show who put a smile on her face. Read more

Magen David Adom to the rescue…in India

September 24, 2019 by  

During a bus ride to a village on holiday in northern India, the driver abruptly stopped, and Magen David Adom EMT Daniela Yardeni immediately got off to see what was happening. Metres away, a truck had collided with a 50-year-old Australian motorcyclist. Daniela did not hesitate, and immediately took command of the incident. Read more

Blood tests and ultrasounds are now able to be performed in MDA’s new unique Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

September 24, 2019 by  

In addition to the MDA ambulances, MICUs, motorcycles, bicycles and MERVs in the Gush Dan area,  another vehicle which will reinforce the teams providing a particularly advanced medical response in which a doctor can perform procedures that can only be performed today upon the patient’s arrival to the ER. Read more

Sad success

September 5, 2019 by  

Last month, 19-yr-old Dvir Schnerb was severely wounded close to the Binyamin community of Dolev. His sister Rena was murdered and his father moderately wounded. This week he was released from the hospital and completed his EMT training at Magen David Adom. Read more

27 drownings to date this summer in Israel

August 15, 2019 by  

Since the beginning of the swimming season, 161 people found themselves in difficulty at the beach and in swimming pools across Israel resulting in 27 drownings. Read more

MDA first responder delivers her own baby

June 12, 2019 by  

Magen David Adom Medi-Cycle First Responder Lita Barzan from Kiryat Ata woke one morning with contractions. Read more

Magen David Adom ambos special guests at a simcha

June 7, 2019 by  

Moshe Kahlon’s wife, Karnit, woke from her husband’s heavy breathing just before he lost his pulse and stopped breathing. Read more