Meet Jo Silver

Jo Silver has recently been appointed CEO of Stand Up, a Growing Movement for Social Justice, furthering the Jewish Commitment to a Better World…she talks with Henry Greener. A video report. Read more

Behind the medical cannabis industry

Tommy Huppert, CEO of CannaTrek and Ian Abramowitz, CannTrust Head of Global Partnerships are working together to facilitate the expansion of the medicinal cannabis industry. They talk with Henry Greener. Read more

And now meet a producer of Kosher wines…

Winemaker Mark Sztar chooses varietal grapes from selected local vineyards to make Kosher Wines. His Label is 6 Parallels South (, named after the latitude in the Yarra Valley region from which he confines the vineyards that he procures the grapes from. The grapes are processed in line with the Laws of Kashrut. Read more

Kosher beer? Henry Greener asks Shaya Rubinstein

Head Brewer Shaya Rubinstein has created the Brew that is True at Urban Alley Brewery. Always making new and improving Craft Beers is Shaya’s great passion.  A video report. Read more

Ingredients for cook books

Gaye Weeden and Hayley Smorgon have worked as a team to produce four cookbooks which evoke memories, emotions, stories, experiences and unique recipes.    Read more

Life at Luigi’s

A couple of weeks ago, J-Wire published a story about disabled persons working in a Melbourne café []. Henry Greener has visited Luigi’s with his film crew… Read more

A Jewish safari tour guide

Henry Greener meets Ranger Sean Rubinstein Guides who runs safari tours of southern Africa, where he has taken many tourists through the glorious landscape where wild animals roam. Read more

Queen’s Birthday Awards: meet two honourees

Henry Greener talks with Les Kausman and Vivien Brass. Read more

Save a Child’s Heart

Henry Greener interviews Hannah Wollan is the Executive Director of Save A Child’s Heart, an NFP established in 1995 at the Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon, Israel. A video presentation. Read more

Meet Vanessa Cohen – a video interview with Henry Greener

Vanessa Cohen, Executive Director of Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University, is driven to deliver successful outcomes for Projects that combine strategic planning and commercial partnerships. Read more

Meet Sandra Jason

Celebrant Sandra Jason creates soulful celebrations for any Life Event, especially Jewish funerals for those that want an alternative to the customary religious service…a video report. Read more

Henry Greener chats with Michael Danby

Michael Danby discusses the important election issues relevant to the forthcoming federal elections….video interview. Read more

A chat with Deborah and Willie

Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier talk with Henry Greener about their past experiences, how they met and the journey they have travelled together for the past 27 years. Read more

Medicinal cannabis: first crops on their way

February 18, 2019 by  

Tommy Huppert, CEO of Cannatrek, a local producer and distributor of pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis, talks to Henry Greener about the potential for the future of a new medical cure for several ailments. Read more

Cannabis: a professional take

February 13, 2019 by  

Henry Greener interviews psychiatrist Dr Nigel Strauss. Read more

Chanukah in Caulfield

December 4, 2018 by  

Chanukah in Caulfield Park has been a tradition for the Melbourne Jewish Community for 26 Years. A video report from Henry Greener. Read more

Shir Madness: Song of Songs

October 21, 2018 by  

Song of Songs is the Shir Madness Finale, after a full day of music, it is a ritual to put together a line-up of top performers who perform their chosen song written, performed or recorded by a Jewish person. Read more

Dr Kerryn Phelps talks to Henry Greener

October 18, 2018 by  

Independent Candidate for Wentworth, Dr Kerryn Phelps, on a visit to Our Big Kitchen, finds a few minutes to speak to Henry Greener about her political views, her connection to community work and her attempt to make a difference through entering politics as the Member for Wentworth. Read more

Shir Madness – The Video

October 11, 2018 by  

The Shtick’s Henry Greener travelled from Melbourne to film last Sunday’s Shir Madness at the Emanuel Synagogue….and here’s the result. Read more

Henry Greener talks with Josh Burns

September 7, 2018 by  

Josh Burns is the Labor Candidate for the Federal Seat of McNamara. Read more

Greg Sheridan book launched in Melbourne

Journalist and Author Greg Sheridan has recently written a new book, “GOD IS GOOD FOR YOU”, which he speaks about at Sukiert Hall, Caulfield Shule, co-hosted by AIJAC and UIA. Read more

Henry Greener talks with Rabbi Zevi Slavin

Meet Biblical Scholar Rabbi Zevi Slavin, Resident Scholar at Spiritgrow has been studying Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism, observing Contemporary Echoes of an Ancient Wisdom. Read more

Sir John Monash

To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the knighting of General Sir John Monash on the Battlefield by King George the Fifth, a special event was held at St Kilda Shule to celebrate the life and amazing achievements of our most decorated war hero and entrepreneur…Henry Greener filmed it. Read more

Meet Shai Israel…a Henry Greener interview

JNF Vic Shaliach Shai Israel is the Victorian Education Officer for the Jewish National Fund, being the emissary for the first environmental organisation in the world. Read more

Meet Kabbalah artist David Friedman

Kabbalah Artist and Teacher David Friedman, a resident of Tzfat, Israel, creates his mystical works of art using symbols that relate to the deeper meaning of Judaism, which he uses to teach how letters, numbers, shapes and colours are significant in understanding Kabbalah. Read more

Manny Waks talks with Henry Greener

July 20, 2018 by  

While Manny Waks was in Melbourne recently, he spoke with Henry Greener about his journey as a victim, and now the globe-trotting advocate for justice in the field of child sex abuse….a video report. Read more

Meet Vered Harel

Henry Greener meets Vered Harel is the Executive Director of Australian Friends of Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel. Read more

Breaking away

Ari Herschkowitz tells his story of breaking away from a strictly traditional ultra-orthodox Jewish sect in New York to the transition of finding support from groups such as Footsteps and Pathways. Read more

Posh Shoppe gives $550,000 to special needs

Melbourne’s The Posh Opp Shoppe  recently handed over a cheque for $550,000 to Jewish Day Schools and permanently supporting the Melbourne Jewish Children’s Aid Society. Read more

Meet Brad Klibansky

Brad Klibansky, Funeral Director at Melbourne’s Tobin Brothers Jewish Funerals tells Henry Greener about the new initiative undertaken by his firm. Read more

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