Turning away from the Greens

July 10, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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In the lead up to this weekend’s State conference, two prominent State Labor MPs with a record of supporting Israel and Jewish causes – have expressed their formal support for NSW ALP General Secretary, Mr Sam Dastyari’s statement distancing Labor from the Greens.

Walt Secord

Eric Roozendaal

The statement was issued by NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel Deputy chair and Upper House MP, Mr Walt Secord and NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel executive member, former State Treasurer and Upper House MP, Mr Eric Roozendaal.

This weekend, the NSW ALP at its annual conference in Sydney will debate a motion on relations with the Greens.

Mr Secord and Mr Roozendaal have both spoken in the NSW Parliament against the Greens on their calls for a global boycott, divestment and sanctions [BDS] campaign against Israel.

Further, Mr Secord and Mr Roozendaal have taken public stands in support of the Max Brenner outlets, which have been the subject of Green-inspired protests.

Mr Secord and Mr Roozendaal said they both want to see Labor take a tougher position against the Greens – especially with regard to their position on the State of Israel, which was brought to light by the BDS campaign.

“The Greens will carry forever the stain of their support for the BDS campaign and their attempts de-legitimise Israel and the Jewish community – and this one of the reasons why we must stand strong against the Greens,” Mr Secord and Mr Roozendaal said.

“The BDS campaign was simply part of a campaign to demonise Israel.

“The basic theory of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign is that it removes the only Jewish state in the Middle East.”
Mr Secord and Mr Roozendaal have both expressed their support for a two-State solution for the Palestinians and Israel.

”We believe that the final outcome to the challenges in that part of the Middle East will be a two-State solution. What the final boundaries will be is something to be resolved, but we do not support the Greens or their BDS campaign, which does not seek a two-state solution,” they said.

smh.com.au is carrying a report from AAP quoting Dastyari as saying the Greens are “bordering on the loony” after they made claims that the ALP had no values.

The NSW Labor secretary has said that the Liberals, Nationals and Labor should become vocal regarding the Greens’ activities describing them as “a cold-hearted political party”.




5 Responses to “Turning away from the Greens”
  1. Otto Waldmann says:

    Let’s take it easy !!!

    Labor oppsoed the Greens in Marickville simply because they were a serious threat to their seat and what a seat, the vey wife of the very anti Israel Labor head kicker !!!! Suddenly Mr. Husband was defending…….Israel !!!!!!
    Calls for a rupture with anything Green on the Labor Convetion floor were at least satirical. And the ever tireless negotiator/compromiser PM had a completely different take. It was the take that will take power at any necessary cost. The PM , as wee all should, knows what saved her and Labort’s bacon at the last election and maybe , she thinks, at the next one. So, her continuous conciliation is the top top priority and not confrontation.
    Curent Labor strategists, faced with unemployment come next year, reckon that destruction is assaulting them from all four corners of the world. Greens are a political party with ambitions and, they reckon, great prospects. The only prospects would be disenchanted Labor supporters, hence a greater diminution of the Labor electoral base. Thus war was, partially declared. And who is to know best what desastrous defeat looks lke if not our own NSW Labor. By coincidence at the last State elections NSW Greens engaged idiotically in matters not quite essential to the Greens, a poor little gescheft of pickles and matza from Israel. Fiona proved incredibly uninsipred and Marickville became the call of war of common trenches of the most unlikely allies, the good doctor John and bad leader of the House, Anthony.
    That Walter Seccord is by far the nearest and dearest man we have had in the NSW Parliament goes without saying, but, let’s face it, our other man, Eric, has been incredibly shy on matters Jewish in the same establishment considering also his much longer tenure there. Let’s hope that he will be a more vocal supporter from now on.

    Conclusion: do not count on the chicken BBQ dinner feast with our “comprehensive” Labor pro-Israel implicit supporters as they are clutching straws of electoral dispair !!! I’d rater stick only with the reliable Seccord best !!!

  2. john nemesh says:

    Finally, finally
    the kid gloves with which so many in the ALP were treating the Greens in NSW may be off.

    About time!.

    The Greens in NSW had no problems in trying to silence those who opposed them in Marrickville, especially when they thought they were jewish, , and do so in the middle of the night, with enforcers and thug tactics.

    Then when their intimidation did not work they had me charged for what their own leader Milne had also done.
    Hypocrisy, racism, anti-semitism, racial profiling, and pure thuggery and intimidation…none of that worked for the Stalinist led Greens of Rhiannon.
    And now finally the ALP publicly recognizes the need to expose these rock spiders to the glare of sunlight and open enquiry.

    The time has come for the Rhiannon Greens to pay .

    • Shirlee says:


      This should lighten your heart

      Yesterday afternoon, early rush hour, I was on a fairly full bus returning from the City.

      A man at the back with a very ‘ocker’ accent and an even louder voice, started rubbishing the Greens. He listed every one of their vices

      It was a voice from heaven. I was amazed. It seemed that even those yacking and playing with their iphones stopped doing it.

      Someone started clapping and then the whole bus erupted with clapping and ‘good onyas’ from so many people.!

  3. Rita says:

    At last!

    How any non-suicidal Jew can still not see the real agenda of the Greens is beyond me.

  4. Robert says:

    The economic irresponsibilty and student rebel mentality of the Greens was obvious in their Marrickville Council BDS rule . They did not bother to check the costs,which were later shown to be 3.5 million dollars,probably more than enough to bankrrupt the council,let alone use the money to better the lot of the ratepayers, whom the Greens claimed to stand for.
    Greens are infiltrated by Marxists, Stalinists, Internationalists and other ultraleftist ideologues who do not reflect the aspirations of the wider Australian community.

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