They still don’t get it…writes Michael Kuttner

August 25, 2017 by Michael Kuttner
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Despite the recent terror events in Spain and elsewhere it is patently obvious that most politicians and communal leaders are still in a state of blissful self induced denial.

Michael Kuttner

Predictable expressions of outrage followed by sympathy for those murdered and injured poured forth on cue but a closer look at what was actually articulated revealed a chasm between reality and wishful thinking. A common theme was discernable and it once again exemplified a refusal to face up to what is in fact menacing the future of many countries, particularly in Europe.

Here are extracts of statements issued by politicians from various countries. See if you can work out the one vital word which is missing in all of them.

SPAIN (Royal Court): They are assassins and criminals who won’t intimidate us.

USA (Donald Trump): We condemn the terror attack.

(Rex Tillerson): Terrorists around the world should know – the USA and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice.

GERMANY (Angela Merkel): We are thinking of the victims of the “revolting” attack.

RUSSIA (Vladimir Putin): Uncompromising battle against the “forces” of terror.

UN: Condemns the terrorist attack.

EUROPEAN UNION (Jean Claude Junker): Expressions of sympathy for the victims but no mention of the perpetrators.

FRANCE (Emmanuel Macron): French solidarity following this “tragic” attack.

Paris Mayor: Heinous and cowardly act of terrorism.

UK (Theresa May): “Terrible” attack in Barcelona.

London Mayor (Sadiq Khan): “Barbaric” attack.

THE NETHERLANDS PM: “Cowardly” attack against innocent people.

TURKEY Foreign Minister: “Heinous” terrorist attack.

THE VATICAN: The Pope prays for the victims of this attack.

CHINA President & PM: China opposes all forms of terrorism.

PHILIPPINES: Disturbing act of terror perpetrated by extremists.

HUNGARY PM: “terrible” attack.

NEW ZEALAND   PM (Bill English): “Horrendous” attack in Barcelona.

Only ONE leader got it spot on: Australia PM (Malcolm Turnbull): We stand in absolute, resolute solidarity with the People of Spain in the fight against Islamist terrorism.

Almost without exception the actual source of terror was conveniently ignored and deliberately hidden. As far as most world leaders are concerned the perpetrators are anonymous individuals without a common ideology and agenda.

It gets better however.

Palestinian Arab Authority President, Abba, proclaimed in all sincerity: “We underscore the importance of combating terror wherever it exists.” This glorious gem fell from the lips of someone facilitating the payment of salaries and pensions to terrorists and their families who murder Israelis.

The NZ Herald in an editorial managed to mangle reality: Sadly, there seems to be no shortage of alienated young Middle Eastern migrants, or sons of migrants, in European cities who do not need a signal from Isis to strike at the West.”

 In reality, terrorists are either Islamic home grown and radicalised or migrants from North Africa and other places, not exclusively from the Middle East. However when political correctness is the order of the day anything goes. The next fantasy of course is to believe that once Israel has surrendered to Islamic denials of any legitimacy, universal peace and love will break out.

Politicians and the media are not the only ones who “do not get it.”

Many Jewish communal leaders are still in a state of denial despite painful lessons from the recent past. When the Chief Rabbi of Barcelona expressed his doubts as to the future for Jews in Spain and indeed Europe, all hell broke out. The spokesperson for the Barcelona Jewish Community stated: “Barcelona is a city where Jews have been living for one hundred years and of which they are proud. We Jews will not leave our city,” 

Ignoring the Inquisition and subsequent expulsion from Spain, precarious life under the Franco regime and the rapid growth of Islamic extremism in the country today, this declaration might sound good but is detached from facts on the ground. This denial disease cropped up again with news that Brazilian Jews are fleeing that country. Faced with economic collapse, kidnappings, rampant crime and anti Jewish manifestations many who had not previously left are now escaping to Israel. They have had to leave apartments, cars, material possessions behind. Of course if they would have recognized the early warning signs a few years ago things may have been easier. Nevertheless in the face of all this stark reality the President of the Jewish Federation of Sao Paulo declared: We Jews have experienced a fair share of suffering throughout history. Maybe we can help Brazil through these tough times. We have been very welcome in Brazil and owe our loyalty to this nation, which, I am sure, will overcome this challenge sooner or later.”

These patriotic but futile gestures follow the same doomed paths trodden by communal leaders in pre war Europe.

A letter written by Albert Einstein in 1938 at the height of Chamberlain’s appeasement campaign predicted Europe’s impending doom.

It doesn’t need a genius of the stature of Einstein to predict that unless today’s leaders acknowledge what it is they are facing they will be leading their countries down the same dead end road.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.


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  1. Monty Pogoda says:

    I worry for humanity.Shabat Shalom

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