They came, they spoke, they marched

May 16, 2012 by J-Wire Staff
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Following a two hour battle in the Supreme Court on Monday, the Al-Nakba rally and march took place as scheduled in Sydney last night….with an estimated 150-200 protesters chanting to almost deserted streets.

Organiser Patrick Langlosch (rt) watches his demonstrators

Jewish activist Vivienne Porzolt addresses the crowd

There was no hint of trouble as the Al-Nakba, the Day of Catastrophe which marks the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, sympathisers peacefully walked along city streets effectively trapping homeward bound city workers in their car parks.

The chants were the same. “Palestine will be free…from the river to the sea” remains a slogan which does not entertain moves towards peace. Also on display were the yellow flags of Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based terror organisation committed to the destruction of Israel. March organisers have assessed the numbers as being around 500.

With the march completed, some protesters began to chant “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya-yahood, jaish Mohamed sama’ud”  (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return), but were told by organisers to desist, as in not now and not here.

Organiser Patrick Langosch spoke of his court success when he won the right to demonstrate and march at a time and a place the NSW Police had found unsuitable. The speakers also included Jewish activist Vivienne Porzolt.

Joining in the march and walking behind the Hezbollah flags was the”The Skull”, Ross L May, who joined the National Socialist Party of Australia in 1963.


 (rt)  in the march”]

Young supporter










Commemorating Al-Nakba


On parade

Vivienne Porzolt speaks at the rally


44 Responses to “They came, they spoke, they marched”
  1. “Ben” aka “Mark” aka ” The Parrot Troll”, stuck for rationale, is now trying, my friends, to tell us how to cook gefilte fish by reminding all and sundry the list of the most despised among us, all of whom he can keep…..

    • Ben says:

      Hello Waldman

      I had thrwon down the gauntlet to you to an honest debate. Pick it if you can. You are invited to soar like the eagle but seem content to hiss and cakle like the goose.

  2. Robert says:

    Cross section of the anti Israel crowd.
    Arabs,Leftists and Nazis

  3. Michael says:

    porzolt just like loewenstein even though play no part or associate with the main stream
    Jewish community use the fact they are born Jewish to make them selves
    Available to the Palestinian lobby , sbs , abc
    And fair fax to bag Israel , zionists and the Australian
    Jewish community
    Anti Zionist Jews are the best advocates the
    Palestinians,Arabs and Muslims have.

    • Ben says:

      She seems to be in emionent company – Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstien, Ralph Schoenmann, Lenni Brenner, Haim Beersheeth, John Rose, Tony Cliff, Israel Shahak, Tanya Reinhart, Jeff Halper, Uri Aveneri, Adam Kellar, Amira Hass, Anthony Lowenstien, Avigail Abrabanel, Neturi Karta et al – . Perhaps the Zionists will come around to dealing with the substance of what they say instead of pathetic slander and abuse. ; which incidentally only reveals the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of their cause.

  4. David says:

    Some people want to be liked; others get their kicks by being despised. Porszolt is one of the latter.

  5. Tully says:

    These comments are showing the some of the worst I have seen of my fellow Jews in dialogue on Sydney Jewish issues. You’re no better than the protesters.

    • Tully, your comments are some of the worst English I have seen. The “substance” of your truncated monosylabic rants is more worser….

      DO NOT attempt to correct me !!!!!

    • matt says:

      Go hate yourself a bit more Tully, I’m sure the rest of the Jews don’t need you. I don’t follow any religion so I’m free of that emotional baggage to examine them side by side for what they really are. From best to worst it goes -> Jews, Christians, Muslims.

      Try turning that self-loathing eye objectively at the others, and see what you come up with.

  6. michael says:

    So Limmud OZ will the Gaza Flotilla member be a presenter this year or not ?

    Vivienne Porzsolt: We don’t want to visit Israel, we want to visit Palestine .

    Vivienne Porzsolt, spokesperson for Jews against the Occupation Sydney, will be joining with activists from around the world as part of the second Freedom Flotilla to Gaza, to set sail June 2011.

  7. Shirlee says:

    Last year Vivienne Porzolt presented at Limmud Oz in Sydney. They also gave the floor to Naomi Chazan, but knocked back Peter Slesak. It’s rather odd they would allow two such people, but not the third. I had to give my presentation with the latter staring straight into my face. It was most disconcerting.

    Now the Shalom Institute is allowing the abominable New Israel Fund to avail themselves of their facilities. Hopefully It should be a fizzer, as there are a fair number of other events that evening, not the least being the launch of the JCA major appeal. It’s also Yom Yerushalayim

    Vivienne Porzolt was at most BDS actions last year in Newtown and was a keen supporter of the Marrickville Council’s Israeli boycott. Anthony Loewenstein was also a great supporter of Marrickville Council .

    With this enemy within, we don’t need to worry about outsiders !!! There are sadly many more where these came from.

    • Limmud-Oz says:

      The Limmud-Oz Sydney Board wishes to clarify that Vivienne Porzsolt was not in fact a presenter at Limmud-Oz 2011. She and Peter Slezak were one of over 1100 participants at the event, as every member of the Jewish community (whether they be at its centre or its periphery) can and should be. Respectful disagreement is a core Limmud value.

      • Rita says:

        “…Respectful disagreement is a core Limmud value…

        Respect then is perhaps in the eye of the beholder, but this beholder has not seen much “respect” in the actions of Frau Porzsolt and her assorted judeophobic gangs when they descended down on Brenner Cafes and their anguished staff.

      • Mr. Limmud Oz Sydney/Michael

        I sent a formal complaint yesterday to Limmud Oz Melb. organisers in respect to Vivienne Porzsolt’s acceptance as a presenter. In their heading Limmud Oz undertake to reply “senders”.
        Could you remind them that I expect a relevant reply.


      • Shirlee says:

        You say “Respectful disagreement is a core Limmud value.”

        Well may people don’t agree with you and that you would host the NIF is astounding.

      • Rita says:

        Respectful disagreement is a core Limmud value…

        Respect then is perhaps in the eye of the beholder, but this beholder has not seen much “respect” in the actions of Frau Porzsolt and her assorted judeophobic gangs when they descended on Brenner Cafes and their anguished staff.

  8. Vicki says:

    Is that the extent of the protesters?!?! Even the upward number (read, imagined number) of 500 is a dismal show of support for the “cause”. Especially given that Al Nakba commiserations were held at universities on Tuesday during the day. The university that I work at had posters up everywhere calling for people to join their “information and film” hate-fest in one of the lecture rooms. So given that the student numbers attending Sydney universities must be in the tens of the thousands (my university has over 3000 alone), the organisers couldn’t entice (or incite) more than a dismal couple of hundred! And this, even given the media coverage of the event that would bring all manner of nutters out of the woodwork! What an outstanding “failure” this event was. I can’t wait until next year until the organisers show once again how woefully tiresome they are.

  9. Indeed, it is amazing that Limmud Oz have accepted someone who has been known for decades as one of the most unwanted voices of hatred towards Israel and Jews in generl emerging from our community.
    Vivienne Porzsolt does not add, in fact, any substantial value to the anti Zionist agenda. Just imagine Hamas ideology including the Porzsolt “story” : “….. we are the defenders of Jews who survived the Nazi Shoah ! ” What she, most definitely brings is the astonishment that anyone would debase our identity by fraternising with dedicated criminals who are the current generation of nazi ideology. Palestinian ideology is IDENTICAL in its anti Semitism to what all nazi type mobs were prommoting.
    How Porzsolt ended up in it makes for interesting contemplation, in spite of the detestable fragrance of it.
    I strongly suggest Melbourne Limmud Oz should be addressed in a serious, concerted way, regarding the suitability of Porzsolt being a part of it. Such a move should commence with real strength and resolute voices at once !!!
    To this extent and others, the aqba demo has revealed a few valuable features for us wo work on, not least the manner in which sometimes the Judiciary works etc.
    Furthermore, if need be added, interventions of the “Ben” type are a reminder that the opposite camp is completely devoid of any relevance, one of the wellcoming features the palestinian advocacy doesn’t fail to reveal. What sort of “intellect” constantly jumps to scattered references trying in vain to continue an argument just for the sake of being present in a political situation/dialectic where ESSENTIALS are of a completely distinct nature. It is the very nature of visceral hatred attemptimg to act as “reason”. I, for one ,am constantly amused and even entertained by it….

    • Rita says:

      I would not be surprised that “Ben” was Porcsolt in Drag and I even more strongly suspect that neither is Jewish.

      Porzolt probably puts on the “jew-hating Jew” persona because it’s the “new black”, and she craves attention, in my notsohumble opinion.

      • 1st Rita you have been absent for same time and it has been felt !

        2nd the notion that “Ben” would be Porcolt is not that outlandish, yet, while there are blatant similarities, particularly in the area of lack of comprehension of complex issues cum blunt adherence to one dimensional notions, “Ben” has a significantly deep visceral rejection of all matters Jewish akin to the worst type of traditional anti Semites. Porzsolt does not contain the same virus. She seems to be dominated by an exacerbated affection for the palestinians to a suficient extreme to reject any possible negative trait in their morphology. Porcolt has embraced their cause in a Freudian way of a seemingly unbroken umbillical emotional cord. She sees herself as a genuine Jew charged with the “maternal” protection of, what she considers, an imperilled, unprotected infant. This is precisely how she will be perceived realistically, as an irretrievable one-vector centrifugal element. What could be even more interesting is that the palestinians themselves may not accept her as a befitting piece in their emotional structure. The palestininas would be intrigued by Porzsolt’s irrational behaviour, not to mention the uncomfortable sitting of a Jew within their purist dogma. The classic ” useful idiot” syndrome comes into play. “Ben”, on the other hand represents EVERYTHING evil found in the palestinian psyche, capable of surviving only by expressing openly, no stops barred, no rhyme or reason either, the indoctrinated compost of a determined criminal mob.

        • Ben says:

          Hello Waldman

          Thank for the standard slander, smear and abuse. Here is an offer you cannot resist. You can argue and show that Israel is not a colonial, aparthied and racist state and I will show that it is and disprove your thesis.

          Here is the great opportunity to vindicate your cause. There will be no slander, smear or abuse from my side, I am confident I can make a principled, honest and rational argument. I will support my arguments I make with evidence. We can use this forum here. Now for some action.

        • Rita says:

          1st. Thank you Otto 🙂 – am living overseas (part-time) now – and I am utterly horrified by what is happening in France on so many levels. Many French Jews are leaving.

          2nd. Frau Porcolt would probably be happy in France…

  10. JonS says:

    And all the while Israel grows from strength to strength and their terrorist haven produces NOTHING with the billions thrown at it. Instead of doing something useful and educating and growing they stay in there self induced squalor.

    Nice crowd too. The usual suspects who add nothing to Australia.

  11. Stephen says:

    When a Jew is seen to side with extremists masquerading as a victim siding with the agrieved; there is no greater prize for the extremists. If these so called Jews for Palestinians truly cared for the disparate group of people now called Palestinians they would focus their efforts on the real cause of their plight; Hamas, Hezbollah, the various Arab states, Iran and Turkey, the special UN body that has an interest in maintaining refugee status, the UN so called ‘human rights council’ that protects despots from the complaints of their victims. The Jews for Palestinians are simply Jews for Genocide.

  12. michael says:

    Jewish Palestinian Activsist Vivienne Porzolt will be one of many Jewish Anti- Zionist speaker/ Presenters at this years Limmud Oz in Melbounre
    I wonder Ben, how many Zionist, anti- Palestinian , anti Muslim speakers are invited to Arab/ Muslim Talk fests..

    ahh, we Jews are so democratic>>>>>

    • Nathan says:

      Yes Michael ,we Jews are truly a democratic race of people as is Israel the only true Democracy in the middle East. Personally i have no issue of a Jew speaking out against Israel at an anti Israel rally .Not only does this happen in Australia but happens in Israel too.
      The question I ask is how many Muslims would dare speak out agsinst the regimes of Iran , Syria , Saudia Arabia at rallies within those countries . What would happen to these people if they did ? Would they live long enough to speak at the next anti regime rally ? Me thinks not !
      Muslims who speak out against Islam ,the arab regimes or terrorists groups in the west put there on lives at risk and do so knowing that they may be assasinated by either terrorist organisations such as Hamas or those attached to regimes such as Iran etc.

      I recently heard a young man by the name of Mossab Yousef , a son of one of the leaders of Hamas ( Hassan Yousef ) speak out against Hamas, Iran and many of the current Islamic Clerics . He truly is brave can you imagine how he put s his life at risk

  13. Rachel says:

    Would you believe that this lunatic Vivienne Porzolt, who marches alongside Nazis and Hezbollah supporters chanting “Palestine shall be Free from the River to the Sea”, is a guest speaker of Limud Oz conference in Melbourne in few weeks time?

    This coming Limud Oz conference should be boycotted unless they withdraw Porzolt from their conference program. I will definitely not be going to the conference this year.

  14. Sonny says:

    How dare our court system allow these people to march in our AUSTRALIAN streets in support of these TERRORISTS and their BARBARIC BELIEFS AND PRACTICES… If they don’t support peace or like our peaceful Aussie lifestyle, they should ALL be deported back to the very country they support. Our jails here in Australia are 85% full of these Muslim criminals, they offer nothing toward our country, communities and way of life and are nothing but a drain on our Social Security System, they are against the Jewish race of people that have the only civilised State in the Middle East, the Jewish state of ISRAEL that is riddled with Arab settlements throughout, the entire state of Israel is only about 8 hours drive North to south and 4 hours drive East to West. The Jews have offered so much to the world in Technology, Medicine, Science to mention just a few things, just google Noble Prize winners to see that the majority of awards have gone to Jews who are only 1.5% of world population. SHAME ON THESE IDIOTS WHO CONDEMN A BRILLIAN RACE OF PEOPLE!!!!

  15. Michelle says:

    I wish i could get my hands in this bitch and maybe one day I will, I don’t care if I will be charged, she should be charged in the name of the ashes of my family !!

  16. Ronit says:

    This Vivienne Porzolt, does she not understand that she, by virtue of her heritage (which she so blatantly betrays) would be on the “hit list” of those she so vehemently supports? A case of serious cognitive dissonance wouldn’t you think?

  17. Rita says:

    I find it offensive that Porzolt is not wearing a muslim veil.

  18. Ben says:

    Protestors chanting to almost deserted streets! Blows to pieces the litany of lame excuses trotted out to suppress the rally. One posters was even complaining here husband would be delayed from reaching home!

    • Dan Lewis says:

      “Ben”, you are being dishonest. There was no attempt to “suppress” this bunch of Jew-haters and Neo-Nazis at all. They were simply told to have their little parade in a park, rather than in the middle of the street.

      In Syria, protests in the middle of the streets are dealt with quite swiftly I hear, yet funnily enough none of these people seemed too concerned with that. No Jews involved I guess.

      • Ben says:

        Hello Dan

        Why should the police tell protestors where they can have a rally ?Fortunately Australia is not Syria. I presume you support the uprisings against Mubarak, Syria and the possible toppling of the king in Jordan. You are welcome to join the solidarity rallies with them.

        How pathetic – does one go and tell the pro-democracy activists of Burma, rawanda, East Timor et al to protest against Israel ?

        • Robert says:

          Because people have a right to go home after work unharrassed, instead of being held up by protestors, who on the radio said the inconvenience is nothing compared to what the Palestinians suffer.
          Their allegedly fellow Australians,they WANTED to inconvenience them.they wanted to march during peak hour. Isnt it time you people left your baggage at the border?
          What next a bomb in Pitt st. to make their point?

          • Nathan says:

            A bomb in Pitt Street ? Been there done that

          • Dan Lewis says:


            Apropos baggage I resent being felt-up and having to remove my shoes every time I travel by air, entirely because of Islamic terrorists.

            If they are being held up at borders or inconvenienced because of their support of terrorism, I for one will shed no tears.

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